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Jeff Prager: Nuclear 911 - Detailed Exposure of the Thermonuclear Demolition

I'd like to provide this very interesting research paper written by Jeff Prager here on my blog for others to read for themselves.  Any thoughtful commentary or criticisms are welcomed in the comment section.  I find Prager's perspective extremely thought provoking, and possibly the best explanation of 9/11.

Jeff Prager: Nuclear 911 (2011) - Detailed Exposure of the Thermonuclear Demolition


  1. I had my "nest egg" (payment of 15k for 2000 oz of silver at about $6 an oz) stolen by an unscrupulous metals dealer who closed shop and never delivered the goods. This was in the late 90's.

    I launched my own investigation on behalf of myself and the 300 or so other victims of this dealer.

    I traced some of the holdings to a vault / warehouse in Delaware used by Standard Chartered Bank's "Mocatta Delivery Order" service, which has to do with the transfer of physical gold via certificates overseas (it's a little complicated).

    This vault got moved for some reason to the basement area of the WTC. I distinctly recall an article on the attacks which went over the gold in the basement. After the attacks, there were (as I recall) Federal Agents on site guarding this stuff until it got moved elsewhere (which was the Bank of Nova Scotia).

    There are also photos of the gold in the basement vaults with firefighters nearby.

    I'm OK with some theories as long as their sensible, but he's going to have to explain why this stuff did not melt or disintegrate.

    Of course, there's always going to be some clown out there who will claim that there "wasn't any gold in the WTC" (and they will be simply pulling that out of their ass with no evidence).

    As for me, I will stick with controlled demo and thermite, which seems to be the most logical.

    A lot of this speculation seems to be designed to keep people busy as to the "hows". It's "interesting" however I am not willing to be "kept busy" with a bunch of crap that essentially leads nowhere.

    What is far more important is "who did it" and what it has led us to (e.g. war in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. for Israel).

  2. Remember, THEY tell all in pop media. Bruce Willis movie "Die Hard" showed New York City terror panics obscuring a gold heist run by 'underground Reich Nazis' driving emergency heavy equipment, escape to Canada. Compare, 9/11/2001 was a heavy equipment gold heist by underground Nazis of while NYC was in panic, and Canada played in the 9/11/2001 wargames. It's all there.

    Also, still before 9/11/2001, came a Lone Gunmen TV espisode about hijacked aircraft crashing into WTC. Not only, but consider - official American terror plotting, decades ahead, of same plot.

    On 9-11 were many true explosions plus diversionary oil barrel smoke bombs on empty floors. William Rodriguez talks basement blasts - where gold sat. These blasts covered the heist. Witnesses saw machine gunners guarding heavy trucks rolling out of basement before collapse. That is "why this stuff did not melt or disintegrate."

    Think about it- you are a crook; do you steal gold first, or try after the building falls on top, rescue crews, newsmen arrive? Obvious answer. First thing you create serious deadly confusion (terror from sky, basement bombs), rob gold while people are stunned confused scared, then blow up building to cover tracks and supply mass TV spectacle.

    After heist, 150 kiloton nuke turned whole tower into airborne powder and tiny debris mound. Remember, city construction permit from 1950s-1960s had a nuclear demolition plan, when WTC complex designed. Dimitri Khalezov knew of it decades before 9/11/2001 as a Soviet nuclear officer. This plan was done. Khalezov says even how they put it in your face saying "ground zero" though he spends too much time on the word subject.

    9/11/2001 was a big criminal state project with many goals and covers. Many truthers hurl baseless insults 'disinfo!' because pet topic neglected or disputed. This is just silly ego. The Judy Wood space beam people do it; fail to understand nuclear physical evidences, especially China Syndrome, which they claim hydraulic machines cannot operate in (wrong, unless you lay piston down flat in lava itself, not just end effector shovel), never mind months of lava pools and radiation signatures with no external heat source even seen from space infrared photos. Space beams transmitting kilotons of coherent nondispersing energy through a hundred miles of atmosphere are much more ridiculous. Here on this site, andie531 has done the same nasty over gold crimes. These nastys are why 9/11 truth slows, not because someone distracts on intent.

    Gold is key aspect, and too neglected; but remember, it was not even sole financial crime of the day. Hundreds of billions in bonds due 9/12/2001, housed in WTC offices, went away. SEC lost floors of filing cabinets and so, fraud cases ended. So gold was important, but not the only financial crime. Also, fake gold bars corrupt world gold markets - tungsten core. Whether these matter to 9/11/2001 is hard to say. Anyhow you look at it, 9/11/2001 was financial warfare, so maybe.

    9/11/2001 also began shooting wars in obscure lands most Americans cannot place on a map, and permits underground Reich ministers to install a police state in USA "homeland," an old Nazi term. Before 9/11/2001 "homeland" to USA citizens meant old country Europe where ancestors lived. So another purpose of 9/11/2001 was to change language.

  3. Hey andie, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I read this article a while ago and was going to do a post about it, but never got around to it:

    There are so many angels and facets to 9/11, and the points you are raising definitely need to be addressed. I agree with most of what you said- we know who the prime suspects are. We need to arrest them immediately. That being said, I am very interested in the "how" about 9/11, and I think Prager offers an interesting take on this. I just send Dr. James Fetzer a message asking him to have Prager on his radio show to discuss.

  4. Looking at the pictures of the craters in the Nevada desert I was reminded of "sinkholes" and wonder if they could be caused by secret underground nuclear tests.

  5. Whoa, sorry Anonymous from 9/3. Your comment went to spam, and I only recently saw it. You provide very many interesting and thought provoking links. I am on board with much of what you're saying. Do you have links to videos of people saying they saw trucks leave the WTC before the collapse?

  6. Anonymous said: "permits underground Reich ministers to install a police state in USA "homeland," an old Nazi term. Before 9/11/2001 "homeland" to USA citizens meant old country Europe where ancestors lived."

    Jews always LOVE to blame on the Nazis every chance they get. Don't believe this bullsh*t for its obfuscating roots are in Jewish bullsh*t.

    Why did you completely leave out the Jewish/Zionist piece of the puzzle? Jewish fingerprints are all over the 9-11 false flag terror event from start to finish, from the PNAC document drafted by the neo-Kahns in 1996 all the way to "Lucky" Larry Silverstein's (then) recent purchase of the WTC all the way to Isratzi "art students" (read: spies), who were shadowing the 19 Arab patsies, while other Zionist ratz were caught by police (after witnesses called to report) videotaping and celebrating from a distance in Liberty State Park while thousands of Americans were killed, wounded and suffering in the WTC inferno, and later admitted of Jew-TV in Israel that "Our purpose was to document the event." Document the event? That only means one, and only one thing: THEY HAD FOREKNOWLEDGE!

    People like you are nothing but shills for the Zionist state and will excuse, ignore all evidence that leads to the Mossad-orchestrated false flag terror to advance the goals of Israel. That is a historical FACT! Look it up.

    No Arab country benefited from the false flag terror attack by "our only friend and ally in the Middle East (puke!).

    Qui bono? Israel and this nonsense about so-called "nazis" in the Bush administration is pure Jewish bullsh*t designed to lead you off the path that leads to the true criminals.

  7. The 14 Israeli 'Art Students'

    Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World

  8. My theory has changed and is now that very, very small nuclear charges were used. Perhaps hand grenade sized nuclear weapons with small 100-200 foot radii. I've proven the nuclear aspect by following the decay path in a very technical book called "Dust" using the USGS Scanning Electron Microscope data of NYC sample dust. That's linked below. In 1960 we had the Davy Crockett, which was a nuclear warhead that was 11x11x17 inches and shoulder fired. That was 40 years before 911.

    Nano-technology applied to atomic demolition devices would be interesting, right?

    How many people would it take to leave a grenade sized device, a baseball sized device on every 3rd or 5th floor in two buildings? Not many.

    Dust: Full Version
    An examination of 12 sample locations of dust from the WTC. The samples, provided by the USGS are analyzed using chemistry, mathematics and physics.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

  9. Obviously my views have changed based on these newer books. However, my views on who and why haven't. And my forensic financial analysis describes and names everyone involved in the criminal Hollywood production.

    Jeff Prager~

  10. I am not convinced on the nuclear theory but I sure like the DEW theory proposed by Dr. Judy Wood.

  11. I've read Dr. Wood's book and have been her champion on many a forum. However, she isn't a matron saint and her book isn't without errors. She does have lots of nuggets of truth to be mined.

    To this end, a glaring error on Dr. Wood's part was to ignore completely the reports of radiation (e.g., the tritium report) as well as Dr. Jones' song-and-dance why nukes (supposedly) weren't involved that had obvious logic errors. This was a sign. Dr. Wood's brush-off of hot-spots is another.

    A complaint that 9/11 nuke peddlers have of Dr. Wood is that she collected all of the evidence of 9/11 having nuclear hijinx and wrapped it under her DEW & Hutchison umbrella. I think this is valid. If it was DEW, the DEW were nuclear powered by a reactor or something ala Project Excalibur, and it is very deceitful of Dr. Wood to not consider this more reasonable energy source rather than jumping to "free-energy from space" or "from Hurricane Erin".

    I haven't read Jeff Prager's work yet, but plan to very soon. I expect I'll be very much in alignment with his analysis, except for the fact that people complain he failed to provide adequate attribution from where he got his work.

    Also, the Anonymous Physicist makes a good point:
    "... the truth is that neutrons are neutral and basically the only force they are involved in—the strong nuclear force—operates only at distances on the order of the diameter of the nucleus itself. Any alleged neutrons, if they could have come out of the tower would not be able to detect metal in the distance and head toward them. ...
    "As I wrote, it was ONLY EMP from nukes that caused some of the cars to catch fire for no apparent reason, and the door of one car to fly off and hit EMT Ondorovic."

  12. John this is Gregg, NTS pal, do you know that Prager thinks the entire Sandy Hook deal was legit, he's on Barrett right now debating all that it wasn't a psyops ... wondered what you think?

    1. Hmmm... I'll have to listen to the audio file later on. I'd like to hear what Prager has to say. It seems rather obvious to me that Sandy Hook was a gigantic fraud.

    2. MY position is clear. As Cass Sunstein stated, they used "cognitive infiltration" meaning a government internet PsyOps team injected the media with lies to "capture" conspiracy theorists. They told us they would do this. The moment Adam Lanza fired his last bullet the government PsyOps team went to work and injected so many anomalies into the Sandy Hook narrative that 100s, 1000s of people were convinced it was a False Flag. Sunstein said they would do this. As it so happens, at that time I was involved in a rather large 911 email exchange with everyone who is anyone in the 911 truth movement—Judy Wood, Jones, Gage and many others—that had been infiltrated by government agents, as one might expect. I watched those people inject false memes into the Sandy Hook internet narrative. I saw them do it. I saw the Chris Rodea car thing develop, I saw the gun confusion develop and I saw the people who injected those false memes into the narrative as they did it. Sandy Hook was Adam Lanza. The rest was a sophisticated government PsyOp. They waited patiently and when an event occurred that was big enough, Sandy Hook, they jumped on it. The government cyber warriors went to work. No one thought of this. No one considered this. Everyone fell for the false memes. The government is laughing, for good reason.

      ~Jeff Prager 612-353-6045


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