Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interesting video

Found this one at Mike Rivero's What Really Happened:

Mike gave a speech this past weekend in New York City for the 10th anniversary of that FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB event.  



    My intuition tells me this woman Lindauer is a deliberate plant who has learned her "story" inside out like a soapbox opera. The story is so rehearsed it is made real through her not unlike a perfectly portrayed character on TV or in film.

    Acting is what politicians do. Look at professional Regan - he didn't even have to change modalities.

    Lindauer comes out of nowhere with a self published book supporting the highjackings and planes.

    You know what - the were no planes anywhere. That is the first time I ever thought that so strongly. Therefore there were no highjackings. Therefore there was nothing for NORAD to shoot down.

    In her recent 90 minute speech on the 10th anniverary of 9/11 Lindauer repeatedly states "highjacking", "planes". The lady doth protest too much.

    Rivero needs to drop planes as do Dawson, Lawson, and a host of other 'truthers' because there is no more evidence that there were planes anywhere than that 6 million died in gas chambers. Yes I know the association just drawn.

    I've been fence sitting about planes for several years and Lindauer's evaisive answers while staing she worked for the CIA have clinched it for me.

    There were no planes. Yes controlled demolitions x3, video fakery, maybe a missle at the pentagon - but no planes anywhere.

    Listen to the questions from the audience and to Lindauer's evaisive responses.

    No planes.

  2. Correct link on Susan Lindauer:

  3. Interesting perspective Anon, thanks for sharing the link. I don't think Lindauer is a plant or anything like that. She does offer some good information, especially regarding the Pan Am flight 103 that Ghadaffi took the fall for.

    You write:

    "Rivero needs to drop planes as do Dawson, Lawson, and a host of other 'truthers' because there is no more evidence that there were planes anywhere than that 6 million died in gas chambers. Yes I know the association just drawn."

    I completely agree 100%. I'm not into calling people "disinfo" agents, but Rivero, Dawson, Lawson, Dr. Kevin Barrett, and others are just completely wrong about this issue.

    I always like to clarify specifically what "no planes" means, because many get so stuck on this issue, largely because of semantics. We have absolutely no evidence to support the official story regarding the Boeing 757s/767s, all of the flights (Flight 93, 175, 11, and 77), the passengers, many of the victims, and other aspects of 9/11. There were certainly no Boeing airplanes involved in any event. The "victims" and their "families" are the biggest psyop aspect of 9/11, followed closely by the "jumpers" and faked videos.

  4. 9/11 TRUTH seekers need to step lightly when outing the facts behind the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

    The only ones who really know what happend on that day are the murderous Neocon and Zionist scum behind that Israeli backed attack, and they're not talking, except to tell more lies and publish books to make big bucks off of their mass murders and treachery.

    Hopefully, we'll get to the truth in less than the 40 or so years it took to uncover most of the truth behind JFK's murder.

  5. Anon, According to Barbara Honegger there were bombs planted in the pentagon too. To watch the Honegger video scroll down. I don't think 1 missile can leave 3 exit holes.

    Mr. Friend, like you, I believe a lot of things about 911 were faked. What is your theory about the jumpers? How did they pull that off?

  6. Mike Rivero is very entertaining.

    - aangirfan

  7. Hey Greg, I think you're right, which is why I try to be very specific when discussing or writing about the planes on 9/11. We clearly still do not know exactly what happened, but we do know what didn't happen (every single aspect of the official government conspiracy theory).

    Hey Anonymous, I'm not sure exactly how they did the jumpers. Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams have speculated that the art students connected to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Arts Center that lived in the WTC leading up to 9/11 (who have also been alleged to be connected to the Israeli art student spy ring implicated on 9/11) may have been involved in this stunt. The art students living in the towers did some very bizarre stuff, including removing a window and setting up a makeshift balcony to have a helicopter take pictures of them NAKED posing on the balcony for an art project. I think they may be on the right track.

    Check out these links:

  8. Hey Aangirfan, I completely agree. I really like listening to Rivero. I definitely don't agree with him on everything, but he's very informative, entertaining, and funny at times. I call into his show quite often. Here is the Justin TV link for yesterday's program, I'm on for the entire second segment.

    I believe it's about 20 minutes or so into the show.

    Cheers buddy!

  9. I agree 100% with the first annon comment September 16, 2011 3:03 PM

    Lindaur looks like disinfo to me
    (sorry to disagree with our excellent host John Friend!) but she is CIA, did time in club fed and gets promotion that money can't buy. I didn't even check the link- i refuse to give her a second chance! she's always crying about prior knowledge, hijackers, planes, victims, stand down, all the usual affirmations of the official version, so i figurine -that's her job


  10. Hey eddy, I was wondering where you've been! Thanks for stopping by and offering your opinion.

  11. You guys are right about Lindauer. She is a regular writer at VT. Lots of jews/'ex' spooks at that site. I think she's both.

    Mr. Friend, thanks very much for the great links. Especially the letsroll forum. It's a real goldmine.

  12. Hey Anonymous, thanks for taking the time to check this stuff out. Many people don't want to and find it confusing when we say there is no evidence for virtually anything the government contends happened on 9/11. If you're really interested in this subject, please, please, go to and check out Dr. Fetzer's pasts guests like:

    Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams (2 separate interviews)

    Killtown (multiple interviews)

    Dennis Cimino of Pilots (recent interview, the best one I've ever heard regarding 9/11)

    Dean Hartwell (2 separate interviews)

    Christopher Holmes

    I would provide links, but eh, just go look through all his guests. They're all worth listening to, but for important 9/11 research check those interviews out above.

    And for the record I do think Susan Lindaeur offers important information to consider. We can agree to disagree about this. Cheers!


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