Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gordon Duff and James Fetzer vs. 9/11 Shill

Great video below.  Originally found at Veterans Today:


  1. Everytime anyone expresses the factual link between 9/11 and Rothschild's israel the cry "antisemitism" is heard.


    I am 100% pro-semite. I am 100% anti-zionist. The Palestinians, not the israeli khazarian ashkenazis, are semites.

    The white, israeli, zionist false-jews are not semites and were called the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus in the book of Revelations.

    'Those who call themselves Jews, but who are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan.'

    9/11 was done by Rothschild through israel and US secret service for geopolitical gain - in order to implement a new world order where the zionist international bankers own and rule everything.


  2. Excellent Mouser, couldn't have said it better myself! I'm putting this up under my quote section. Hope you won't mind!!

  3. Most interesting show, John, thanks for posting it. I used to have a lot of respect for Richard Becker. Having previously lived in San Francisco, I attended a number of protests organized by his ANSWER coalition, but I have to agree with Duff, or maybe it was Fetzer--whichever used the word "gullible." Becker, like much of the old-guard left, is extremely gullible on the subject of Israel. As someone remarked recently, maybe the time has come we should start giving sets of Talmuds away as presents, maybe with the passages about non-Jews underlined.

  4. Yeah, it was a good segment. Duff and Fetzer are great. It was Fetzer who called Becker gullible by the way. I was curious: is Becker Jewish?

    I agree with your proposal of giving away Talmuds as presents!!

  5. Richard Becker surprised me, I go to many of the answer coalition demonstrations. I've read some of his articles from the website too and I didn't have any idea his stand on 9/11 and the Jewish issue. He is anti imperialist and I thought that wrapped it up. Have to watch out for these "peaceniks"...they'll hug the devil and tell him they love him if he says he wants peace.

  6. I agree with your proposal of giving away Talmuds as presents!!

    I have a better idea for the Talmuds.

    If you're dark-skinned or tan easily, have dark hair and live in a big city, go to the local titty bars and make a big scene.

    Say you're an Israeli national, that you have a pilot's license and that something ominous is about to happen to America, then leave the Talmud at the bar, but only after making a BIG scene :)

  7. Hey John, just for fun I pulled out the MSM/Israeli part of the Ugly Truth show you were on yesterday and posted it to youtube with a link back to the podcast.

  8. Hi guys,

    I'm sorry but I have to say something about Fetzer. He is a total shill, no question about it for me ... which brings Gordon Duff into question again, unfortunately.

    Fetzer is the one who set up the Scholars for 9/11 Truth with Steven Jones, and then had a major fall out with him which practically destroyed the then only "academic-looking" enquiry website into what happened on 9/11.

    [possibly this was a deliberate act on both sides to fracture the movement before it got enough momentum going.]

    He never talks about the Israeli angle regarding 9/11. He has also never talked about it regarding the JFK assassination either.

    He is a guy that seems to be sent in to coopt a seemingly well meaning inquiry into something, and then deliberately goes nowhere with it. I believe that that is his job.

    Dig a bit around the internet and I'm sure you will come up with more about what I am saying. He has done enough interviews over the years ... where he endlessly talks and talks and talks and gets absolutely nowhere, and lets noone else get a look in.

    So ... beware of Jim Fetzer. He is a no good son of a gun ... or something lol. And if you don't believe my word on it contact Vyzygoth (Keith Hansen) of late Grassy Knoll fame [now]. I'm sure he would put you straight in a second.

    Otherwise best wishes,

    Harvey Price

  9. Mr. Friend ... Heard your articulate comments on the Ugly Truth podcast with Mark Glenn today. Enjoyed the show. Came to your site and watched the video. If Becker isn't a jew, I'll eat my hat. Ultimately, it's always what's good for jews with these people. Becker isn't gullible. He's a deceptive subversive just like the rest of the kosher parasites.

  10. Hey Genie and RED, thanks! Becker and these Fake Left/Progressive/Anti-War types are a bunch of frauds if they aren't willing to confront 9/11. And yes, many of them are indeed Jews. It took me a while to wake up to this major flaw in my analysis of the geopolitical/historical scene. Glad you guys are on board!!

    Hey Greg, LMAO!!! I actually just did that this weekend....they told me if I ever show my face there again I'll be arrested!! LOL!!

    Thanks for that kenny, I appreciate it!

    Harvey, thanks for stopping by and sharing your insight. Obviously, I don't agree with you when it comes to Fetzer, which I actually just explained in my latest post clarifying a few things from the interview last night. Fetzer has indeed talked about the Israeli/neocon angle regarding 9/11. Not sure about the JFK stuff.....I mostly follow his 9/11 research, which is top notch in my opinion.

    Either way, I think he does great work. I've seen no signs to indicate that he is some sort of disinfo operative. However, I will definitely keep an open mind about this. I do respect your opinion though, and I thank you for sharing.

  11. Thanks for that JF. I shall listen to Mark's latest prog soon. Haven't done it in a while so I need to catch up lol.

    As for old Jim Fetzer, some thoughts:

    I think when it comes to human beings, its best to keep 10% of your thoughts about someone in the "he/she is a shill" camp ... and then you won't be too disappointed if that person does suddenly come "unstuck".

    I have seen it happen a number of times over the years myself. You put your trust in someone in the 9/11, or whatever, truth community, and then they say something or do something that makes your jaw drop and then you are left wondering why you were taken in by them in the first place (see alex jones, chris bollyn, eric hufschmid, alan watt, jordan maxwell ... the names go on and on).

    Case in point. I (and yes I will sound like a fruit cake to some for saying this lol) have been a member of the ufo community for several years (having seen something weird when I was a kid) and decided to dig into it a bit more.

    [I should add I have now pretty much retired from that field just to keep myself sane really. My god you think the 9/11 community is mad lol ...]

    Anyhow, there was a guy called Phil Imbrogno who left the ufo field recently. He was one of the good guys, a well respected man who thought about strange phenomena in an interesting way and did some really good research. He was one of the few seemingly decent people in the field having worked with some of the "legends" in the ufo research community for over 30 years (not that that says much considering noone actually does any real research in the ufo community, which is why I left it lol).

    But then somebody dropped a bomb shell. Someone had decided to do a bit of checking up on Imbrogno, and it turned out that this guy had not only falsified his educational qualifications (he claimed to have been an MIT alumnus etc) but also his military service history. And he had duped decent and reasonable people like this for over 30 years!

    I thought this guy was the bees knees. Someone you could trust who was down to earth and taking ufo research into new interesting territories. I was completely wrong. I like so many other people trusted him and completely believed in him.

    I am not saying there is anything like the lunacy in the ufo field in the 9/11 truth community, but this little episode just illustrates that you should never put all your hopes and trust in a person especially when it comes to one like Jim Fetzer who seems to be rather self serving, and inveterate self-publicist (in my opinion) and to me just never takes the research into more fruitful places but just gets stuck on the details.

    (wow ... long sentence lol).

    However, of course, this is my picture of him from several years back, and I will have a look at the articles he has written regarding Israel etc...

    People can change I guess but I still harbour suspicions about him considering how he almost knee capped the truth community a few years back.

    Nevertheless, thanks for your comments. I should comment more but health problems have waylaid me at the moment. Hopefully I will be back and firing on all thrusters soon and will be able to comment more about things.

    Hope the interview with Mark went ok. Best wishes and hope all is well at your end,

    Kind regards

    Harvey Price (Chch, NZ)

    ps and I must figure out my blinking google account login. Been called hasbara once already in the last month ... hehe.

  12. Harvey, thanks for your kind words and interesting comment. I'm open to exploring all subjects, including UFOs . I don't get into the UFO stuff really, but have seen some videos and read some articles. That is an interesting story about Phil, I didn't know that at all.

    I think we should evaluate people on what they say, write, advocate and stand up for, ect. Everyone is so paranoid and illogical about things these days. I have an open mind and want to hear what other researchers and individuals have to say about 9/11. The people who are engaging in disinformation tactics are those that do not use logic in their arguments and refuse to discuss certain aspects of 9/11 (video fakery, the obvious Israeli/Jewish angle, victim fakery, media fakery/complicity, ect.). I'm all about the free marketplace of ideas (which we actually have on the internet, right now at least). Present your case, be open to other perspectives and ideas, and ask questions. Simple as that. That's exactly what Fetzer does. Check him out.


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