Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First radio interview with The Ugly Truth

I was interviewed on Mark Glenn's extremely valuable and informative The Ugly Truth podcast program along with his brilliant co-host Jonathan Azaziah of Mask of Zion yesterday.  I have embedded the radio program here if anyone is interested in checking it out.  I actually don't come on until the 45 minute mark or so, but Jonathan and Mark have some very important information to discuss at the beginning of the show, so do listen.

I did want to clarify a few things here though...

Anyone that has taken a look at 9/11 knows who did it. Israel (which actually controls the US government, media and banking sector) was and remains the prime suspect. The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive in this regard. What I find particularly important are the primary source government documents we have of the Israeli spy ring operating in the years leading up to 9/11, and on 9/11. The mainstream media reports highlighted by Mark in the program and which were posted today on the website are important, too. But the official government sources, in particular the Gerald Shea memo and the East Rutherford police report (proving the "dancing Israelis" were arrested on 9/11), 100% confirm everything we already knew from the media reports. The fact that these guys were clearly connected to 9/11, and yet were let go and flown back to Israel, should be enough proof for anyone to conclude that Israel did 9/11. Plain and simple.  For further proof, please examine the key officials in the Bush administration that were instrumental in not only getting these Israeli spies off the hook, but in virtually every other aspect relating to 9/11, including the destruction of the evidence and the coverup.  Many of them are in fact Jews with ties directly to Israel.

Right before the one hour mark in the interview, I got into how I felt when I first discovered a lot of the information shared on his website, radio program and other places. I said something along the lines of, "All the stereotypes of Jews, the world conspiracy, ect. is true." This was a blunder on my part, so I want to clarify. I meant to say that the typical stereotype of a "Jewish plot to take over the world," which was clearly laid out in the Protocols, is true. I definitely didn't mean to imply that stereotypes of Jews apply to all Jews, which is how it sounded after listening to the show today. I think the Protocols are one of the most important documents that anyone waking up to these facts can look at (after figuring out who did 9/11). And I am certainly not trying to stereotype Jews or anyone else for that matter. I worry about people's actions, and yes, many Jews are clearly involved in this conspiracy, but not all. I'm simply not afraid to say that anymore. And it's important to remember that the top level Zionist criminals at the apex of the global power structure have used the Jewish people as their pawns for centuries. Take a look at WWII for a perfect example, and how the propaganda and the distortion of history of that event has psychologically damaged not only the German and Jewish people, but much of the world. In fact, it's been shown that the top level Zionists worked in collaboration with the Nazis in an effort to get the Jews of Europe to emigrate to Palestine, which many did not want to do.

As for Dr. James Fetzer, Dr. Judy Wood and others exploring alternative theories in an effort to really understand what happened on 9/11, and what caused the buildings to basically turn to dust....

Jonathan and I had a disagreement concerning Dr. James Fetzer's work on 9/11.  I said on the show that I think it's important for people with this sort of expertise to be engaging in this sort of research. I think it's absurd to call these people disinfo, in particular Dr. James Fetzer. What I've discovered is that everything about 9/11, literally, is a fraud, including the videos, "hijacked airliners," Muslim terrorists, and many of the victims. There is just too much information to conclusively prove this. If we know the videos were faked, and I think it's been established that they were indeed faked, and we know the hijackings were faked, and we know it's impossible for Boeing 767s to pass through steel and concrete buildings and disappear, and we know there is absolutely no evidence of any Boeing 767s crashing at the Pentagon or Shanksville, what other conclusion do we have left? We know that the military industrial complex (including many companies from Israel) has developed technology to alter live video footage, and that the intelligence agencies regularly engage in psychological warfare, so is it really that irrational to conclude that these tactics were indeed used on 9/11? No, it's not. And it's not disinfo. It's the truth.  From my perspective, it appears to be conclusive that no Boeing 757s (Pentagon and Shanksville) or 767s (WTC towers) were used in the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB fraud.

Does it distract attention away from the culprits? Maybe. Which is why I always point out the fact that Israel did 9/11 in virtually every blog post I put up.  The fact of the matter is we don't know exactly what happened on 9/11, but I'm fascinated with the research that's been and is currently being done to figure that out. We know the government isn't going to tell us; we're going to have to do this ourselves.

Jonathan completely disagreed with me on this, and that's fine. I respect that. We aren't going to agree on everything. But if anyone sits down and reads through James Fetzer's work, or listens to the numerous radio interviews he's done with countless 9/11 researchers, they will know he's not pushing disinfo. He's even come out and said that Israel and the Zionist neocons are clearly connected to 9/11. See his articles titled "9/11 and the NeoCon Agenda" and "Is 9/11 Research 'Anti-Semitic'?" for proof of this.  He is not shill, although he is not as forceful or vehement in calling these people out as I or Jonathan or many others are. I think the major distractions in this movement are those who insist on calling others "disinfo" with little to no proof.

Cheers everyone and thanks for listening and visiting this blog!  If anyone reading this still thinks I'm pushing disinfo, please explain why in the comments section.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  


  1. "anti-Semite"


    Islamophobe, Arab (true Semite)- hating, Arab/Muslim murdering land thief, narcissistic "chosen-one" exceptionalist, sociopathic treasonous seditionist, zionist (Israeli or otherwise).

    'There is no greater nazi than an anti-Semitic ashkenazi.'

    "You who call yourselves Jews, but who are not, you are the Synagogue of Satan." Jesus Christ

  2. Hey John
    I am looking forward to listening to this interview.

    Noticed when you called into Rivero's show you are an extremely articulate individual.

    Which is very good.

    The label "disinfo" is wielded too often, by too many.

    I don't like to hear it overused and abused so much.
    That said, it is best ignored, just be true to yourself.

    When I get to listen, I will leave you some commentary. LIkely not till tomorrow

  3. Hey Anonymous, I agree.

    Thanks for listening Aangirfan, now when are we going to get you on?!?!?!

    Penny! Thanks! I agree, I'm so sick and tired of this disinfo canard that everyone likes to throw around. There are some people I would consider major limited hangouts, including Alex Jones, Sibel Edmonds, Webster Tarpley, and others. But Fetzer?! No, he does not always harp on and on about the Zionist Jews like I and others do, but he's doing very good work when it comes to 9/11. People may disagree with that assessment, and that's fine. But disinfo? Come on now...

    I think I could have done a much better job in the interview, but it was OK for a first shot at it. I really want to start my own radio show. It's in the works! Thanks for the kind words Penny!

  4. I never miss this podcast. Mark does insanely brilliant analysis of matters along with his very astute guests. Never a dull interview I have found.

    When Jonathan Azaziah joins in, dear lord your information level can go into overdrive between the wealth of knowledge he has and the passion when he speaks of it all.

    And you.... well golly I had to listen to YOU too. You got HUGE praise from Mark which is pretty darn good. You were chatting with the best of them babe.

    Well done.

  5. Hey Noor! Thanks!

    Mark and Jonathan are brilliant, they've got one of the best radio programs in the world in my opinion. It was certainly an honor being on the show.

  6. Fake planes, fake wars

    Is Libya a fake war? A hollywood-miiitary joint production with a cast of thousands? We've got rebels, loyalists, mossad apies, torture rooms, African mercenaries, journalists holed up in a hotel, and innocent civilians running for their lives. We got it all! Surely Gadaffi will have to make an appearance before this movie is over.

    How hard would it be to stage a few scenes of blown up buildings and some faked massacres? How about a fake journalist interviewing a fake rape victim?

    Compared to the major hollywood production that was 911, not hard at all.

  7. anti-semitism is racism.

  8. John Friend -- I did not acknowledge your response to my comment [http://theuglytruth.podbean.com/2011/09/06/the-ugly-truth-sep-5-2011/#comment-568461] at Mark Glenn's podbean site because he, or whoever runs it for him, removed my post -- as has happened in the past -- so I left it in the dust until checking again tonight. Obviously it was re-posted, along with your response.

    In short, WTC-7 requires a closed mind -- relentless hammering at this weakest link (by far) in the kikejew chain of evil which destroys us -- that which I years ago branded "the smoking gun of 9/11".

    To highlight any other facet of 9/11 is obfuscation to that extent. Too often it results in obfuscation by inundation. -- Bob


  9. John, I am in complete agreement with Jonathan Azaziah: the "no planes" nonsense is intentional distraction and disinformation, which is counter-productive, and you should stop talking about it.


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