Friday, August 26, 2011


This is the New World Order in action here:


  1. Part of Agenda 21 which has now become law behind the backs of the people?

    Redevelopment or a 'green zone'?

    You just have to hate the NWO!

  2. Hey John Friend,...Excellent Post: That's fu@#$d-up man. I am so sick of these shit-heels crawling under our skin to pacify the yiddish khazar's lust for every fu@#ing thing they see!

    Those people in L.A. county are about as "Green conservationist" as anyone could be - they are forcing that guy to pay into their electricity grid - how is that good for the environment?

    Here in rothschalia we have a bitch being told what to do by a bunch of Greenies that don't give a fu@# about pollution and regularly state their desire for global governance to regulate their Carbon Dioxide tax!

    Oh, and don't go criticizing israhell for murdering children in gaza - you'll do time - because "the truth is no defense"! No shit, that is what they told a dude in court just prior to sentencing him!

    Fu@# our governments, they work for the satanists - time to get the gun down off the wall and the ammo out of the draw!



  3. It's really unbelievable the shit that is going on these days. I watched this video clip in absolute amazement, yet this type of stuff should not surprise anyone anymore.

    I didn't hear about the guy down in Australia being told that "the truth is no defense," that's pretty fucking outrageous.

    What we really need is for the police, intelligence and military people to wake up and recognize what is going on!


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