Thursday, August 25, 2011

A message to Ron Paul

I've called into Mike Rivero's radio program the past couple days now to talk about Ron Paul.  We've had some disagreements, and I'd like to clarify a few things here.

If I had to vote for president today, I would vote for Dr. Paul.  He is literally the only sane candidate we have running for president in the limelight right now.  That being said, I do have some valid criticism's of Dr. Paul and his campaign.  I recently wrote this comment on an article posted on Ron Paul's Facebook page:
John Friend- To Ron Paul and his staff: please, please stop perpetuating the official myth of 9/11. We all KNOW it was an Israeli operation, facilitated by criminal traitorous elements of the US government, media and private sector. Please go all the way. The revolution is starting, and it all starts with the official myth of 9/11 being destroyed. If you aren't going to address this issue, your efforts are wasted. It's time to start arresting these criminals in the White House, Congress, and Knesset.  Sunday at 11:20pm · Like · 4 people
I also recently signed the Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots Petition, and left this comment with my signature:
"The first thing Ron Paul should do once he's elected President of the United States is immediately order his Attorney General to arrest the criminals responsible for 9/11 and the Wall Street mortgage-backed securities fraud that wrecked the economy, end all foreign aid, especially to the criminal state of Israel (who was behind 9/11) and end all these criminal, fraudulent wars based on lies and deception." 
5789: John Friend
Ron Paul and his supporters like to talk about "blow back," a CIA-coined limited hangout term used to confuse the compassionate, yet extremely naive, segment of the American population.  Which is essentially any individual in this country that has a heart and brain to understand our foreign policy consists of our government ordering our military to attack, murder and otherwise destroy various nations around the world in order to plunder their resources, and destroy their culture and future generations, all the while "rebuilding America's defenses" and "securing the realm" for Israel.  I mean, we have been doing this stuff so blatantly for such a long time now, you'd think most people would recognize these facts at this point.

Anyways, these naive yet compassionate people that base their arguments off of the "blow back" theory, rather than on the understanding that covert black operations and psychological operations (through the media and entertainment industry) are pulled off all the time by criminal elements of the U.S. government and military, along with a certain illegitimate country in the Middle East that has a long history of engaging in these sorts of false flag style operations, and that these fascists even target their own populations (on 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid train bombings, the Mumbai massacre, ect.), are not confronting all the facts.

Thus, this "blow back" view and criticism of the foreign policy of the United States of America is inaccurate.

Also, as you can tell in the video above, Dr. Paul is simply misinformed in a number of areas when it comes to the history and nature of U.S. foreign policy.  For instance, right around the 3 minute mark in the above video, Dr. Paul dishes out a big scope of disinformation when he says that 15 of the alleged 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia, when in fact there is absolutely no evidence to support that statement (see here).  

Do Muslims and other people that our government orders our military to bomb get mad at us for murdering their family members, children and loved ones?  Yes.  Do some of them organize to fight back, in whatever little way they can?  Probably, but not very effectively.  Are there Mossad-CIA-MI6 terrorist groups out there engaging in sabotage, espionage, political and media subversion, assassinations, false flag attacks, and other dirty deeds?  Absolutely.

And we need to recognize this fact, otherwise the criminal elements that have control of the global power structure will continue to do what they do.  We need to start arresting these people, immediately.  And we need to start saying these things outright, including Ron Paul and other patriotic Americans.  

I suppose this is a rather radical concept for most people to accept, probably even Ron Paul and most of his staff.  But seriously, this upcoming 2012 election may be the last shot we have at taking these psychopathic Zionist pawns out of power here in the U.S.  If anyone other than Ron Paul or James Laffrey of The Equal Party wins the presidency, Iran will be invaded within one year, if we haven't already attack them by then. At this point in our history, we need courageous leaders and individuals to take a stand, speak the truth and not be afraid to do so.  If we're really going to over throw the Zionist Power Configuration that has complete and absolute control over this country, it's media, and banking system, we cannot base our arguments on half-truths at best, and disinformation at worst.  And we certainly won't over throw them if we don't enforce the rule of law.


  1. Ron Paul's intelligent and sharp as a whip. Whether or not he actually believes what he's saying about 9/11, IMO is his way of being able to get what little air time the Zionist MSM allows him.

    If he came out as a 9/11 Truther, he'd be banished from the media outlets at the same time, they'd be poking fun at his alleged insanity.

    That, or he'd get a bullet to the head.

    Paul started approaching seeking 9/11 Truth in the 2008 elections and shortly after, was banned from appearing on any more of those staged presidential debates.

    Hell, we're 15 months away from the next election and already, he's fighting for air time. By the first of next year, it will be "Ron who?"

  2. Excellent points in your call in John. Most important is that it was civil on both sides with no shouting and name calling. It's how a real debate is supposed to be. Agree to disagree with both sides making their case.

  3. Greg, you are most certainly right. My main point is that until we address the elephant in the room, and arrest those responsible for 9/11, Wall St fraud, torture, ect. we will not have a genuine revolution. I'm going to keep a close eye on Dr. Paul, and see how things shake out.

    Thanks kenny, we may disagree with Mike about some important topics (HAARP, the plane at the Pentagon, ect.), but he always lets me speak my mind on his show. I've brought up the Holohoax before, Jewish power, Zionism and have explained that Israel was behind 9/11, and he generally agrees with me (even on the Holohoax!!). He's never censored me or not taken my call, and I really respect him for that.

  4. there is no one who can arrest anyone, including FBI, they are all in on the crime

  5. maybe they should arrest Larry-demolition without a permit


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