Monday, August 15, 2011

Is Warren Buffett preping us for massive cuts to Social Security and other services?

Warren Buffett has an interesting Op-Ed in the New York Times titled, "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich."  He makes some legitimate points about the tax rates in this country, with the super-rich paying virtually no income taxes, but then adds this in at the end regarding the Super Congress:
Job one for the 12 is to pare down some future promises that even a rich America can’t fulfill. Big money must be saved here.
Is Warren Buffett implying here that we must cut Social Security, Medicare and all the other meager social services we've already paid taxes for?  It sure seems that way...

He's trying to set the narrative: be a good American and share in the burden of reducing the budget. The media and people like Mr. Buffett are trying to make it seem patriotic to give up the extremely modest and dysfunctional social services we've already paid specific taxes for, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And what exactly is the government using all of our tax dollars on? We literally spend all of that money on murdering the people of the Muslim world, military technology, weapons, Israel, and bailing out Wall Street criminal bankers.

We have a very fundamental structural economic problem, namely a private central banking system (the Federal Reserve) loaning fiat money at interest to governments, private corporations, and individuals. They've committed numerous documented crimes, and they are engaging in fraud. Until we address this issue, we will remain modern day serfs in a neo-feudal fascist economic system.


  1. He's correct about the rich not paying enough tax.

    But we are correct in saying that the government wastes money on wars and helping the crooks on Wall Street.

    A lot of money could be saved by cutting 'entitlements' for the rich and on making services such as education and health more efficient.

    - Aangirfan

  2. My answer to your title question ... yes.

    The narrative you speak of is the exact talking points I hear on our local neocon zionist talk radio. They pound on it daily.

  3. Hey John!
    You asked
    "You live in Australia?"
    Nope, Eastern Canada

    And yes alot of money could be saved by cutting entitlements to the rich and massive subsidies to big business.

  4. and getting riding of private central banking entirely.

    Currency MUST stop being issued as debt with interest owing.

    There will be less inflation and less hardship all around.

    The very mechanism of currency being issued as debt is inherently inflationary, though that doesn't get talked about much.

  5. Social Security Math Doesn’t Add Up

    Reposted from:

    Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid entitlements bear most of the blame for the $211 trillion shortfall, Coy said. As he spoke, C-SPAN moderator Susan Swain pointed to the article’s accompanying chart of the data, entitled “The Debt Deluge.” Seconds later, the wheels came off Coy’s talking points.“You’re saying Social Security is part of the solution,” commented Swain. “[But], in this illustration…it shows Social Security with a surplus…right?” She pointed to the chart where it clearly indicated a Social Security debt of $110 trillion and projected Social Security receipts of $132 trillion.“ Am I reading that correctly?” Swain asked politely.

    Weakly, Coy answered, “Yeah.”
    After fumbling for a better response, he concluded by telling Swain that he would look again at the data and provide an explanation the following week. But, the following week, Ms. Swain was not there–a male moderator appeared, instead. Coy did not revisit the $22 trillion surplus and did not offer a correction. Instead, Coy repeated his call for Social Security benefit cuts and added that he viewed the program as a “Ponzi scheme,” an allegation the Social Security Administration extensively refutes.

    Let's see, 22 TRILLION would be what we 'owe' the Fed gangsters, plus several tax cuts for the rich and a little left over to fund illegal wars.

    Sweet, if you're in on the deal and not the pack mules doing the work.

  6. Wow, that's pretty interesting Greg. Thanks for sharing. One of my really good friends is a major libertarian and works for the CATO Institute in DC. He keeps saying there is no money for Social Security, and I keep asking him how that could be if we pay specific taxes for this extremely meager retirement program.....

    I don't understand why everyone isn't pissed about the services they have already paid taxes for being the first to be cut in an effort to "reduce the budget deficit." Maybe we'll start having riots once the Super Congress gets done cutting everything.... everything except Israel's blood money, Wall St. bailouts, and our fraudulent, illegal wars.


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