Friday, August 12, 2011

Dylan Ratigan goes off

It's always refreshing seeing someone with access to mainstream elements of society actually speak some truth for once.  I don't think Mr. Ratigan is giving us the full story, or telling us who is behind the criminality we're seeing, but his recent rant was definitely encouraging to see, and worth watching.

Thanks to BuelahMan's Revolt for pointing this video out.


  1. To help the economy-

    Raise taxes on the rich

    End entitlements for the rich

    Close down the military

    Tax the big corporations out of existence

    Take power away from Central government and give it to the local areas

    - Aangirfan

  2. Hi, John.

    As good as this is, he didn't go quite far enough, imo. As I commented, Obama is part and parcel of the cabal. He would have no intention of EVER doing what Dylan suggests.

    But hearing even this much inspired me a bit about one little snippet of the MSM. Its a start.

    Thanks for the loving (link).

    PS: I see that another of my favs (Aangirfan) frequents here.

  3. soon they'll flush him down the

    'hi Lou'


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