Sunday, August 28, 2011

Addressing 9/11

Yesterday, I posted some excerpts of responses that I've sent to friends and others that I've had conversations with regarding my political perspective. I'd like to follow up with one more excerpt relating to a subject that I cover here all the time: 9/11.

Addressing 9/11, the overwhelming documented evidence suggesting the Israeli Mossad and military were instrumental in the events in New York City that day, and the crime network involved in 9/11:

It is an indisputable fact that the official government conspiracy theory surrounding the 9/11 attacks is completely fraudulent. Would you agree with that statement?

The article I cited over at Info Underground is one of the best sources documenting the obvious and blatant role Israel and criminal Zionists in the U.S. government, private sector and media had in carrying out, facilitating and covering up 9/11. I specifically pointed out 3 solid pieces of evidence that point in the direction that Israel was behind 9/11, the arrest of the "dancing Israelis" (who are confirmed Mossad agents) being one of them. The police report is available at my website under "Israel did 9/11." Other Israelis were arrested on the George Washington bridge with explosives in their possession on 9/11, and Dan Rather even reported it that day. All of these men (and others) were released and sent back to Israel at the behest of the U.S. federal government (probably with some behind-the-scenes prodding from Israel), specifically Zionist and dual Israeli-American citizen Michael Chertoff (who happens to have a family history of involvement with Israeli intelligence) of the U.S. Justice Department. You seem to be simply dismissing these facts. Are they not relevant? Is pointing them out irrational or flawed logic? If so, how exactly?

As for the "hamfisted argumentation" (I'm not sure what that means exactly) and "manipulative use of imagery (juxtaposing gigantic stars of david over the Jewish members of the Bush administration strikes me as pretty primitive)" in the article I cited: so what? Does that offend you? If it does, I suppose it should offend you every time you see Muslims and bin Laden being portrayed the way they are on TV and in the media, right? 

The facts and evidence are what counts. That is what I'm concerned about. And the evidence is all there, in that post, and in many other articles and documentaries you can find on my blog and on the internet. 

You specifically said that the "website features nothing but a number of tired and cliched (and mostly false) anecdotes about Israeli/Jewish involvement in the attacks and marshals them as incontrovertible evidence." If you are going to make that statement, please be more specific. What exactly is "tired and cliched" about exposing the criminals in the Bush administration (virtually all of whom that were in key positions of power to facilitate and cover up 9/11 were Jews with ties directly to Israel), the Israeli Mossad guys arrested on 9/11, the loooooong history of Israeli involvement in false flag attacks (including the King David Hotel bombing, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty to name a few), the fact that Israel is an illegitimate state founded on lies, criminality, terrorism and murder, the fact that the owners of the towers and their associates were Jewish with ties directly to Israel (not to mention the fact that they took out a major insurance policy right before 9/11, netting Silverstein BILLIONS of dollars after the attack), the fact that al-Qaeda and other "fundamentalist terrorist" groups are virtually all infiltrated and manipulated, if not outright run, by Israeli/American/British intelligence, and all the other overwhelming evidence presented incontroveritibly documenting who was really behind 9/11?

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  1. I'd likew to bring your attention to the super slow moton of UA flight 175 slipping into the tower..the left wing "should" be in front of the building in the background..thE fake JET'S left wing goes BEHIND THE BUILDING,WHEN IT SHOULD PASS IN "FRONT" OF THE BUILDING IN THE BACKGROUND..Spielberg and Co. F'd up when they did the phony 9-11 Jet animation at Dreamworks..a Zionist cartoon/special effects studio..Rivero knows aLL ABOUT THAT..RIGHT MIKEY?


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