Friday, July 8, 2011

Two important videos

I recently stumbled across Mark Passio's work at What On Earth Is Happening via A. Peasant's great blog, Twelfth Bough.  Mark focuses primarily on human consciousness, mind control, natural law, and the Occult, and he has some very important things to say.  That is, of course, if you're interested in understanding what on earth is happening.

I highly recommend watching his presentation at the Free Your Mind Conference 2011, which took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania earlier this year.  Also, check out the radio program here.  You can download all past episodes on iTunes if you are a nerd like me.  Mark has delved deeply into subjects including Free Masonry, the Occult, and the dark forces operating in this world.

The second video I came across after visiting Hei Hu Quan's blog Undeleted Evidence...

For those still unsure as to who was behind 9/11, please see the video below.  


  1. Heyy John!!

    Many thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

    Gwad...I am awful when it comes to giving advice and such but all the things you're doing to wake people up from their fluffy pillows're truly a brave soul.

    You're doing am excellent job raising awareness, so my crazy hats off to you, my friend! ☺



  2. A rant.

    It's all about the jews stupid!

    It's all about the money.

    Woke up this morning and felt a sense of clarity about what is really happening.

    The USA and israel are siblings. Their common creator is the original city of London financiers.

    The ruling class on earth until around 1400 were the kings and queens and their families. They all intermarried in order to keep the money and power contained and controlled by the fraction of one percent of the population.

    As non-royal (normal) people began to be educated, first as priests and then in all manner of professions, the "royal blood line" justification for the rulers and serfs began to wear thin.

    The common man, as he became more educated and aware, was less and less inclined to accept a system where he toiled and the royal rulers kicked back and lived luxeriously 24/7 without doing anything resembling work.

    What to do? The ruling royal class didn't want to work, they wanted to party and pursue the arts at their own leisure.

    The fateful beheading of all the French royals naturally gave the royal family members living in the other countries serious reason to pause.

    What to do? How to keep control of the money and power and still keep your head? A conundrum.

    Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. The solution presented itself by its own volition. A goldsmith family in Germany had set up a very lucrative scam where they handed out more IOU's for gold than they had in their safe. This family had been so successful with this scam they had acquired many properties and companies and were trying to "buy" into nobility status in the countries where they successfully operated.

    A deal was struck. The goldsmith scammers would be allowed to integrate and marry into the ranks of nobility if they would use their scam to preserve the money and power in those same royal families.

    From the common working man's point of view this was the deal from hell because it entrenched he and his fellow (non-royal and non-scamming) man to a kind of peasant status forever. One where now both the royals and the scammers could kick back and party 24/7 with out doing any real work.

    When the new world was being settled this same royal scam was operating all over europe and in many other parts of the world. That is why the wise founding fathers put into writing that the issuing of money 1) shall be gold and coins only [not fractional fiat], 2) that no one except the government shall issue money.

    Patriotism is said to be tyrany wrapped in a flag, and religion is the justification of atrocities disguised as serving the "right" god.

    It is through fractional fiat and usury that the whole world is kept subjugated to the royal scammers.

    God created all men and women equal.
    Royal scammers are not more equal than others anymore than brown people are less equal than others.

    The fractional fiat and usury control of the people and their governments, and the acceptance of a priviledged nobility really needs to end.

    Bailouts, restructuring, etc. will never solve the problem. A one world government and a one world currency would entrench the problem even more (if that is even possible).

    Nope. The whole way the world is structured by man has to change. That means TPTB may all have to lose their heads in order to end the royal scam.

  3. Cheers musique!!

    Hey Anonymous, quite a rant indeed! Thanks, that was great. You've got it all laid out right there, I wish every single person in the U.S. would read that comment and truly give it some thought.

    The evil people ruling this planet have been exposed for the world to see. I guess we'll keep calling them out and see what happens...

  4. i agree with the rant 100%!



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