Thursday, July 21, 2011

Israel manufactures propaganda in U.S. (duh!)

Video found via Daryl Bradford Smith's extremely valuable and informative site

And we wonder why we're killing all of the people Israel doesn't like...


  1. The majority of the American public have been dumbed down to the point they shouldn't handle sharp objects.

    Another Israeli-Firster, "I'll do ANYTHING" to protect Apartheid Israel, 'Slick Rick' Perry from Texas has entered the Rethuglican presidential race and the Zionist MSM are 'oohhing and awwing' over another Texas Zionist shill.

    Does this horror story never end?

  2. No surprise, the Republicans are psychopaths, the Democrats are phonies. There are no real men or women representing We The People, save Ron Paul, and I have serious doubts about him. I really hope Cynthia McKinney runs, or else I'm going to be writing in James Lafferty of the Equal Party blog.


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