Friday, June 17, 2011

Who are we?

The following poem was written by a close personal friend.  Entitled, "Who are we?", I'd like to share this interesting little poem here on my blog.  Enjoy!

*     *     *     *

Who are we?

Led to believe, regardless of what we see
Evident to few and ignored by many
Residents of a world deconstructed; a state of mind replaced
While those who exploit save face
The true leaders of our era patiently wait

The time will come when no man can deny
When he will finally see what has been long disguised
Nourishing our generation
Slaves to our wallets on a frivolous plantation

How can God let this go on?
What you fail to understand is that was the plan all along
So on, and so on
War, famine and disease
May I have some more please?

If it’s me or them… Them, they I say
How far will we get if we all think this way?
Oblivion for the powerful and the earth to the meek
What about me?
I am not wolf, nor sheep

Rest O’ masses your day will come
When every decision you ever made,
Comes down to ONE

-P.R. Parks


  1. It's good to see people writing poetry that has a political message. Far too many poets today seem content to churn out poems that essentially say nothing. My only suggestion for your friend would be just to say what's on his mind, and what he feels in the heart, without being overly concerned about trying to make every line rhyme. But he's got the truth-telling part down really well.

    Regarding the video by the woman from the FDIC: U.S. officials like her are either, a) really as stupid and brainwashed as they appear, or b) only putting on a show to dupe the masses. I used to think "b" was the case, but I'm beginning to think now that a good many American officials, possibly the majority, actually fall into category "a."

  2. Hey Richard, thanks for the feedback!

    I wanted to change some things with the poem after my friends sent it to me, but he was against it, so I kept it the way he originally wrote it. I think we're all on the same page though...

    I think there is a little bit of a) and b) going on, much more of b) though. So I guess we'd disagree about that. These people know what they are doing, and how ridiculous they look. I don't think anyone really believes the media or anything coming from the US government, at least not fully.

    Love you site Richard, take care and enjoy your weekend!


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