Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some videos

Saladin, who blogs at A Voice In The Wilderness, has made a video about Palestine that is quite heart wrenching.  It's titled "Dearest Palestine 0001."

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From IranContraScumDid911's You Tube page we learn about Adam Perlman and the Mossad front organization SITE Monitoring Serivce's latest attempts at very bad and outright silly propaganda:
Al-Qaeda is fake. This is the Jewish American spokesman of a muslim group dedicated to killing Jews and Americans. Coincidentally the videos all come from a Jewish owned Pentagon paid SITE intelligence group, and the group has yet to attack Israel decades aftyer proclaiming "jihad". This is all a zionist show dedicated to demonizing muslims, because every war needs a wicked bad guy to chase after. Adam Gadahn, who appears in the tape, converted to Islam from a Jewish-Christian family when he was 17 and a few years later moved to Pakistan. He was previously known as Adam Pearlman and grew up on a goat ranch outside Los Angeles.

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Interesting video below found via The Ugly Truth:

I'm planning on calling into Mike Rivero's radio show on Monday to ask him what he thinks about Vladimir Zhirinovsky's statements in the video above.  He'll probably hang up on me, like he does his other listeners who bring up this topic.  

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Dr. Lawrence Davidson has written a great article which was published at Veterans Today about Iran's nuclear program.  Below is Seymour Hersh on Democracy Now discussing his recent article clearly indicating that there is no evidence Iran is building a nuclear weapon.  Sadly, I doubt that will stop the psychopathic Zionists hell bent on wrecking and destroying that country though.

Well, very simply, it’s—you know, you could argue it’s 2003 all over again. Remember WMD, mushroom clouds. There’s just no serious evidence inside that Iran is actually doing anything to make a nuclear weapon. You know, making a weapon is a big deal. You have to have fabrication facilities. You have to convert a very toxic gas into a metal and then mold it into a core. It’s big stuff, and there’s no sign of any of it.
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H/t to Veterans Today, once again, for the video below.  See this informative article titled, "WMD Scientist, Dr. David Kelly, Suicide Coverup."

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