Wednesday, June 8, 2011

News to note

Mike Stathis has an excellent piece over at Veterans Today detailing the unabashed and blatant Zionist control of the U.S. government, a subject I've harped on numerous times here on this blog.  In the article, Stathis documents the full roster of Zionist Jews operating in the Obama administration.  A brief excerpt:
This widespread control over Washington by Zionist Jews explains not only U.S. Middle East policy, but also U.S. domestic policy. Together, with their domination of the media, financial system, Washington, think tanks, the educational system and corporate America, Zionists are able to manipulate the minds of Americans, commit collosal fraud on Wall Street and use this money to buy off Washington which effectively functions to enrich this powerful group and position the U.S. as a puppet nation of Israel. 
Here, I focus on the control of Washington by Zionist Jews using the Obama administration as an example. Although a similar level of control by Zionist Jews can be seen in previous administrations, one could argue that their power has never been greater, as evidenced by the current administration. [...]

...because Jews control key industries as well as virtually every aspect of the U.S., they have an ability to reshape the societal, moral, ethnic, racial, cultural and economic backbone of the nation. This becomes especially worrisome when we consider that most American Jews are dual-citizens of Israel.

Zionist Jews have effectively caused the societal and economic collapse of the U.S. This is a process that has been under way for several decades. Throughout this long period of deceit and subversion, they have created covers, distractions and deflections. They have transformed politicians into puppets. They have enslaved consumers using their banks. They have defrauded the entire population using their control over Wall Street. They have used their control over media, politicians and policy makers in order to shield any criticism of their crimes and their powerful crime syndicate.

To those Jews who may be reading this and do not wish to be categorized as Zionists, you need to speak out against the agendas and activities of the Zionist mafia. The more you distance yourselves from this mafia, the more you will be viewed with integrity.
Is it even remotely disputable that Zionist Jews run the U.S. government in every way that matters?

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Try figuring this one out:
The Israeli delegation to the United Nations has dispatched a complaint letter to the UN chief and the president of the UN Security Council condemning Syria's "dangerous provocations" on its border with Israel on Sunday.

Haim Waxman, the deputy chief of Israel's delegation to the UN, stressed in his letter that the Syrian government bears the responsibility for any harm caused to the individuals who tried to breach the disengagement line with Israel on Naksa Day, the anniversary of Israel's victory in the 1967 war.

According to Syrian media reports, Israel Defense Forces soldiers killed 22 protesters trying to cross from Syria into Israel on Sunday.
I mean really, how backwards is that?  So the Israelis open fire and murder 22 protesters, yet Syria is to blame?  The times we're living in are just amazing.

The world is really getting sick and tired of these murderous Israelis and their Zionist Jew agents who control much of the Western world's governments, financial institutions and media.  People around the globe are rejecting their narrative of events, which is basically the exact opposite of reality.

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No surprise here, President Obama is against the United Nations recognizing an independent Palestinian state:
Obama has said in the past that a unilateral UN recognition of an independent Palestinian state would be a meaningless empty gesture. 
During Tuesday's news conference, Merkel stressed that "unilateral measures are not helping at all" to bring about a two-state solution. 
Obama has repeatedly called on the Palestinians to enter negotiations with Israel and not appeal to the UN for statehood, calling the move a mistake. 
"The United Nations can achieve a lot of important work, what it is not going to be able to do is deliver a Palestinian state," Obama said last week in a joint conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron. "The only way to see a Palestinian state is if Palestinians and Israelis agree on a just peace."
Isn't that exactly what the Israelis did when they unilaterally declared themselves to be an independent state, despite the fact that the land they were claiming as their state was someone else's?

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  1. Keeping an eye on Syria, this move by Israel may be the pretext for an invasion.

    Because the knives are out for Syria, for sure.

    Russia and China have said no to censure, somehow that has to be gotten around.

    If Israel claims a right to "self-defence" The NATO nations will stand together.

  2. I'm really getting sick and tired of watching these arrogant Israelis and their puppets in NATO, the US, UK, and Western world bow down to their every demand. The only country the US, NATO or anyone really should be at war with is, in fact, Israel.

  3. Hey John Friend,..."Isn't that exactly what the Israelis did when they unilaterally declared themselves to be an independent state, despite the fact that the land they were claiming as their state was someone else's?" Yep, that is EXACTLY what the tribe of sex-offenders did!

    I too am fed up with the yiddish khazars and their shills. Here in rothschalia, we are about to become the guinea pig for the BS Carbon[dioxide] Tax; so that Polar bears won't drown! F Me! What a scam, I can see a helluva brawl developing soon. Peasants versus yids and their shills; problem is, will the sheeple in the Armed Forces obey their evil master's unlawful, immoral commands, or will they mutiny and overthrow these satanic monsters?


  4. Have you noticed the double standard wrt Israel.

    Their slaughtering protestors and that is ok?

    But Syria is bad, very bad, evil?
    (and I am having doubts about the extent of peaceful protestors)

    Cripes Israel is out and out admitting their shooting protestors

    It is sickening really


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