Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new Emmanuel Goldstein

A new Emmanuel Goldstein has been announced by his handlers at the CIA and Mossad as the leader of 'al CIA Duh', the farcical bogey man presented to the American public as a major threat to their well-being, safety and freedom.

Over at today we learn:
Al-Qaida's longtime No. 2 leader, a doctor from a prominent Egyptian family who worked with Osama bin Laden for decades, has succeeded the slain terrorist as head of the global network, the group said Thursday.

Ayman al-Zawahri, who turns 60 on Sunday, has long brought ideological fire, tactics and organizational skills to al-Qaida. The surgeon by training was first behind the use of the suicide bombings and independent terror cells that have become the network's trademarks.

He is believed to be living somewhere near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and has appeared in dozens of videos and audiotapes in recent years, increasingly becoming the face of al-Qaida as bin Laden kept a lower profile.

Al-Zawahri had been considered the most likely successor because of his long-time collaboration with bin Laden, and analysts had said that few were likely to challenge the al-Qaida deputy leader for the top spot.

He and bin Laden first crossed paths in the late 1980s in the caves of Afghanistan, where al-Zawahri reportedly provided medical treatment to bin Laden and other Islamic fighters battling Soviet forces. Their alliance would develop years later into the terror network blamed for America's worst terror attack in its history.
The lies being told in this article are incredible. Do the people making these statements really believe what they are saying? I really wonder sometimes...


  1. jeez, I remember this profile in 2001. New head of "al Qaida" hahaha

    They aren't serious...are they? LOL

  2. Right?! I'm afraid they are serious! These people are living in a fantasy land.


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