Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Truthful leader for once?

Video originally found at John Kaminski's website:

I know this is old, but it's worth recalling, especially in light of the absolute betrayal put on display yesterday at the U.S. Capital.  Watch and listen carefully.

Now think about the impression painted by the Zionist owned Western media of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian people specifically, and the Muslim world generally, who just happen to be living on the land containing a good portion of the natural resources coveted by the largest corporations of the world, which are dominated and controlled by the very forces trying to convince you the Muslims are bad.  Hmmm....anyone else starting to pick up on this?

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Speaking of betrayal, this has be the most brazen, in-your-face displays of it in modern history:

We are watching a foreign leader tell lies right to our faces as the people supposed to be representing us, the American people, mindlessly cheer and clap away.  It's time for a new government.

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Here's what Iranian news is reporting about who controls the US government. A bit more reality based than the Zionist mainstream media. Just a bit.

You'll notice at the beginning of the clip, Alison Weir of If Americans Knew gets her phone batted out of her hands by one of the shills for the Zionists and their murderous, psychopathic agenda. A brief excerpt of her recollection of the experience (h/t
We had just completed a CNI press briefing at the National Press Club, when the next group scheduled to use the room, “Israel Is Not Alone,” began to enter. One of their members saw our signs and began a discussion with a member of the CNI group. The conversation was heated but within appropriate bounds. Another “Israel Is Not Alone” member, however, then approached the CNI man in a somewhat threatening posture and loudly began to berate him.

At that point Lt. Col Karen Kwiatkowski, who had spoken on our panel, thought she recognized the man and he was asked his name. At first he only gave his first name, Jerry, but eventually also gave his last name: Boykin.

Lt. Gen Boykin (three stars) is known for making offensive statements about Islam and supporting Israel.

For some reason, I actually thought I might be able to convince him to rethink his positions. I told him I had been born at West Point and tried to tell him about Palestine. I was holding a booklet from our press conference, and asked him fervently to read it. He didn’t say anything.

As I was trying to describe the facts, another man came up and began haranguing me. He was almost shaking with fury. He yelled that Muslims tear the fingernails off Christians and similar things. I tried to answer him, but he shouted over everything I tried to say. I got my phone out and tried to video what he was yelling at me. I then tried to resume my conversation with Boykin and tell him about my first trip to Palestine, but the man continued shouting at me, drowning out my words, so I again tried to video what he was yelling at me. He suddenly violently hit my hand and phone, knocking the phone across the room.

I was stunned. A bit shaken, I asked someone to get security, which they did. Some of the “Israel Is Not Alone” group, probably realizing that their member had just crossed a serious line and was guilty of battery, brought me the pieces of my phone (fortunately, and surprisingly, it still works). The man (I haven’t yet learned his name) proffered an unconvincing apology. 


  1. Hey John Friend,...Haaargh! I have been trying to watch that vid all day, I downloaded it last night and I couldn't keep still because of work commitments, haaa, excellent work.

    I am saddened however at the attitude of james laffrey over at his place. I don't understand his aggression, I have said nothing wrong and he has decided to abuse me, then I see he has targeted you also, what's his game?

    Funny that you don't know it's a beast until you prod it with a stick. Remember the movie "The Thing" they had to stick a hot rod into the blood samples for it to react!

    Anyway, this fight is not getting any easier, keep up the good work, I respect your efforts; you are essential to our victory!


  2. I’m posting these links everywhere I can, please help spread the truth:
    Dr William Pierce - The Butchering of Ukraine! 1 of 2

    Dr William Pierce - The Butchering of Ukraine! 2 of 2

  3. Hey veritas, thanks buddy. I guess James and I have a disagreement in our mission. It's a good discussion to have, and I welcome it. James isn't afraid to criticize others, which is good. However, his is recent out lashes in your direction are unwarranted, so I'm not sure what's going on there. I wouldn't think too much into it though. The struggle continues.

  4. Hey John Friend,...Have you seen the latest comment by laffrey? That guy is off his head. I have no interest in a belligerent wanker like that, his arrogance, his constant criticism of, well, everyone; he is nucking futs!

    Cheers mate,



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