Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News to note

My jaw literally dropped when I read this the other day in the New York Times:
Japan remains committed to nuclear power despite the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Prime Minister Naoto Kan indicated Sunday, as workers moved closer to repairing the crippled plant by opening the doors of a damaged reactor building.  [...]

Despite the crisis in Japan, Mr. Kan indicated Sunday that his government was not rethinking the nation’s energy policy. There had been speculation that the government might seek to shut down more nuclear plants after Mr. Kan requested last week that the Hamaoka nuclear plant in central Japan be temporarily closed because of safety concerns.

Mr. Kan told reporters on Sunday that he would not seek to close any more of Japan’s 54 nuclear reactors. He said the Hamaoka plant, 125 miles west of Tokyo, was “a special case” because it sat atop a major fault line. Government seismologists say there is an almost 90 percent chance of a major earthquake on the fault line within the next 30 years.
You'd think the meltdown at Fukushima would be a wake up call to the powers that be.  You'd think.

Now we have this from the New York Times today:
Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday that Japan would abandon plans to build more nuclear reactors, saying his country needed to “start from scratch” in creating a new energy policy. [...]

The announcement Tuesday came just days after Mr. Kan said Japan remained committed to nuclear power. His apparent pull- back may be driven partly by public opinion, which has significantly soured on nuclear power since the Fukushima accident. [...]
Mr. Kan seems to be backpedaling now to placate the masses of people in Japan and around the world horrified at the prospect of yet another nuclear disaster, but the real agenda, whose proponents use propaganda rags like the Times to push, is all about the bottom line (surprise, surprise):
Still, several experts and nuclear industry representatives said Tuesday that they expected demand in two important markets — China and India — to remain strong even though those counties had said they would proceed more cautiously. Both nations have rapidly growing demand for electricity, and neither has nearly enough domestic fuel to meet its needs.

Nils J. Diaz, a former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and a consultant for companies that want to build reactors, said he did not think the prime minister’s announcement would cause “a domino effect.” And Jonathan Hinze, vice president for international operations at the Ux Consulting Company in Roswell, Ga., which tracks the market for reactors, added that Japan’s suspension of new reactor building was less damaging than it seemed because many in the industry had doubted that Japan would have the demand to justify that much construction.

A downturn in reactor construction would hurt Japanese companies that export nuclear plant designs and components, including Toshiba, which owns Westinghouse, and Hitachi, which is in a worldwide partnership with General Electric. Companies in France and South Korea also have a big stake in reactor building.
Who cares about the side effects and negative externalities of the production of nuclear power?  Too much money to make.  Too many bombs to manufacture.

*     *     *     *

I understand why people say that Americans are stupid, ignorant assholes, generally speaking.  It's because of things like this:
A math teacher in Texas has been suspended amid accusations he made a Muslim pupil cry by mocking her over Osama bin Laden's death. 
In front of the entire class, he allegedly said, 'I bet you're grieving', and when she questioned what he meant, he said 'I heard about your uncle's death' 
The ninth-grade girl burst into tears, but according to a classmate's mother the teacher just smirked and walked away.
*     *     *     *

Apartheid Israel is celebrating it's 63rd year of independence theft of land, genocide of those dispossessed, and destruction of their indigenous culture:
Independence Day celebrations kicked off Monday night in Israel with the lighting of beacons at the official ceremony at Mount Herzl national cemetery in Jerusalem, which also marks the conclusion of Memorial Day.

The theme of this year's ceremony, for Israel's 63rd Independence Day, is "Looking after one another – the year of mutual care."

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin opened the ceremony with a political speech, calling on Israelis to forget the dream of a melting pot, and come to terms with the fact that Israelis will never be united as a people in their opinions, but they all share a joint destiny.

Rivlin also spoke about the uprising in the Arab world, in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, saying "although the destabilization has raised the fear of a new, extremist Middle East, we must recognize the courage of those fighting for their freedom."

"Brother and sisters, our heart is filled with pride today for what we have managed to build here with sweat and hard work," Rivlin said, adding "we must not belittle what we have achieved. Israel of 2011 is a Jewish democratic state, a shining beacon in the heart of the oppressing and cruel Middle East."

He added that the last year of continuing boycotts against Israel and Israelis must end, and no Israeli, from the right or the left, should be boycotted for being Israeli.
Don't you just love it when everyone describes Apartheid Israel as a "Jewish democratic state, a shining beacon in the heart of the oppressing and cruel Middle East"?  Or when people like Michael Oren say that Israel is the greatest U.S. ally?  Pure fantasyland folks, if you're still able to do some critical thinking.  Here is a perfect example:

We learn more from The Jerusalem Post:
The official theme for Independence Day this year is "mutual responsibility," which Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin marked by dedicating the torch to Jonathan Pollard, together with captured IDF soldiers Ron Arad, Gilad Schalit, Zachary Baumel, Yehudah Katz, Tzvi Feldman, Guy Hever and Majdi Halabi.
Mutual responsibility, huh?  Sort of like the mutual responsibility the Zionist Jew Jonathan Pollard has towards his people, the Chosen People, while purloining intelligence and classified government information during his time with U.S. Naval intelligence?  Or did Rivlin mean dual responsibility, as so many in the U.S. government and media seem to have towards the state of Israel?

*     *     *      *

Over in Britain, they just wrapped up an inquiry into their version of 9/11, the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB on 7/7, and guess what?  Big time cover up, as is the case with all these events:
Families of the victims of the 7 July attacks have called on the government to overhaul Britain's security services after the inquest coroner yesterday described their handling of a critical piece of intelligence as "dreadful" and suggested another failure could have had "dire consequences".

Returning verdicts of unlawful killing on each of the 52 victims of the attacks, Lady Justice Hallett also expressed concerns about MI5's recordkeeping and about "confusion" in its system of assessing targets at the time of the attacks.

But, crucially, she exonerated the domestic intelligence service of any blame in failing to prevent the 2005 bombings, stressing that the evidence she had heard over 75 days at the high court in London "does not justify the conclusion that any failings on the part of any organisation or individual caused or contributed to any of the deaths".
Lady Justice Hallett continues:
"I am satisfied on the balance of probabilities that each of [the victims] would have died whenever the emergency services reached them," she said.

She saw no grounds for any future public inquiry, she indicated. "I am not aware of our having left any reasonable stone unturned," she said. "One would hope, therefore, that these proceedings will be an end to the investigation of what happened on 7/7."
Give me a break.

Kev Boyle has an excellent piece relating to all of this.  Clearly, a major fraud and cover up has just occurred, and I sure hope the good people in the UK make a big stink about it.

*     *     *     *

Barack Obama, along with the rest of the U.S. government and media, are really insulting my intelligence with this bin Laden assassination fakery.  This is such a ridiculous story, and the president is really making an ass of himself, especially when he says things like this:
Despite encountering some opposition worldwide for the way the American troops appear to have killed the terror chief while he was unarmed, Mr Obama said he still felt it was right to give the order. 
He continued: 'As nervous as I was about this whole process, the one thing I didn't lose sleep over was the possibility of taking Bin Laden out. 
'Justice was done, and I think anyone who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder on American soil didn't deserve what he got needs to have their head examined.' 
Mr Obama admitted the raid, which he monitored from the White House, was ‘the longest 40 minutes of my life’.
First off, bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, except for taking the wrap as the patsy for the Mossad, CIA and Zionist owned media who perpetrated and covered up 9/11.  Even the FBI says there is no evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11, so Obama, of course, is framing the debate under a false narrative, which the Zionist owned media uncritically reports as absolute truth.

Second off, the entire story about bin Laden's supposed assassination is a complete farce.  CIA Director Leon Panetta has even contradicted the narrative put forth by the Obama administration, including the fake "Situation Room" photos of Obama and many of his administration officials watching the supposed bin Laden operation in real time.  It's clear the U.S. government and media think the American people are complete idiots.  Kindly count me out of that category.  


  1. Mr. Friend honestly I had the same reaction when I saw the Japan quote.

    Here is pic of what is really going on there. I don't think it is going to be their decision. I am afraid the whole place with the ground liquifying is going under the ocean. The pic isn't pretty is it?


  2. WOW. The picture says it all. Thanks for the info.

    Notice how the Zionist owned mainstream media has basically stopped reporting on Fukushima, except to advance corporate and government propaganda.

  3. WTF kind of teacher is that?

    That is not a teacher. A teacher is learned and wise, A teacher is a role model, an inspiration.

    And yes, I have seen teachers like that.

    Of course I am a John Taylor Gatto fan too.

    But that teacher is a poor excuse for a human never mind a teacher.

  4. Yeah, this guy is an extremely poor excuse for a human. What an asshole. He should be banned from the teaching profession!!


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