Monday, May 16, 2011

Jim Condit, Jr. vs Carolyn Yeager

Jim Condit, Jr. has offered us an alternative explanation of the history of WWII and, in particular, Adolf Hitler.  I find it fascinating, however, I have not done the proper investigating and research to support 100% of his thesis.  He raises a number of interesting points, and cites numerous sources and hidden bits of information largely overlooked or suppressed.

Michael Collins Piper, among others, has dismissed Condit's argument, insisting Condit has misrepresented and distorted numerous sources he cites, and has argued Condit's research has relied on rumors and innuendo.  In the video below, Deanna Spingola conducts a lively debate between Condit and one of his critics, Carolyn Yeager.  In my opinion, Condit handles himself much more professionally than Yeager, and presents a much better argument for his interpretation of history.

Please have a listen and decide for yourself.  Full interview here.


  1. Condit is smooth, but really ignorant of WWII history. He can't cite any credible historian or historical fact, such as David Irving, but relies on obscure propaganda tracts. Condit was not even aware of the persecutions that ethnic Germans were suffering at the hands of the Poles and Communist, sometimes with the assistance of Polish army units, just prior to the Russian/German invasion of Poland. He is unaware of the good faith efforts that the German leadership was making to resolve the situation or the the desperate promises of support being made by Britain, France and the US of military support. Condit is not aware of the belligerent attitude of the Poles and their belief that the Polish army could take Berlin in a couple of weeks, and maybe parts of Ukraine from Russia as well. Condit it, in a word, ignorant - but a smooth propagandist.

  2. Back in the 70's the Jews were claiming everybody who was anybody was a Jew - including all the top National Socialist leadership. That finally fizzled. Next came a "Pink Swastika" histdisinfo, claiming all the top NS were really homo's, but since the West is becoming more homosexually oriented that line has been pulled. Is Condit gay ?

  3. I think Hitler was really a Lehman Brothers Reptilian shapeshifter - how about you, Jim ?


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