Saturday, May 21, 2011



  1. Damn I LOVE the Allman Brothers..
    Duane was a Legend..
    You gotta hear the Live at Fillmore East, if you haven't already, It's one of my faves.
    Thanks for this :)
    Cheers A13

  2. Ahh, your showing your age now! lol. Am familiar with the Almond Bros and of course CCR but String cheese Incident must have passed me by. I spent 6 yrs in FLA as a youth in the very late 70's early 80's listening to 98ROCK and smokin 3rd grade Columbian pot, filled with seeds which we deseeded on opened out Lynard Skynard album covers. Those were the days! Long featherd hair, flaired jeans Molly Hatched, 38 Special, Ted Nugent DISCO SUCKS!

  3. Haha, the Allman Brothers rule!! I absolutely love Southern classic rock. CCR is one of my favorites as well!! Not sure if I've heard the live at Fillmore East (how many great shows have there been at that location?), but I'll check it out!

    String Cheese Incident is a fairly newer group, been around at least ten years now though, probably closer to twenty. They are phenomenal, especially live. When I graduated high school, me and some buddies drove out to Tennessee for Bonnaroo, a major music festival here. Throughout college I would go to music festivals every summer. So many good times and great people!! Haven't been to one lately though, unfortunately.

    Elvis, I took your comment to imply that I am in the baby boomer generation. I'm actually 25!! I grew up with classic rock. My parents always had it on. Bob Seger, CCR, The Doors, Jim Croce, Allman Brothers, you name it. Music these days is lame compared to this generation. Glad you enjoyed the music!!

  4. I saw the brothers in '71 only months before Duane died. Then again in '72 right before Berry Oakley was killed. They've always been my favorite and the latest incarnation is still great.

    The 2011 Beacon Theatre shows can be grabbed here:

  5. Thanks for that link Kenny! Great blog over there!!

  6. Ah sorry, I made the false assumption that because you were familiar with that music you came roughly from that 'era' as well. It's good to see classic groups stand the test of time. You have good taste!


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