Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dr. Judy Wood

Dr. Judy Wood has some very interesting things to say about 9/11.  Literally everything we hear on TV and from the government surrounding the Zionist FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB on 9/11 is a lie.

(h/t Video Rebel's Blog)


  1. This has become very tiresom. We all know what the WTC was caused by, and no amount of further discussion and beating a dead horse to another death is going to amount to anything. All talk on AM radio and elsewhere has become useless and silly. Either drop it or act.

  2. I want to follow up on the above comment by Anonymous.

    What's more tiresome to me is shoving stuff in people's faces from people who are obviously in the disinfo camp.

    Dear John, don't you do any research on the people that you repeatedly feature?

    * Doesn't Judy Wood push an energy-beam bullshit theory for the Towers' demolition? Didn't Jesse f'n Ventura take up that same bs?

    * Adrian Salbuchi. Look at his website. They don't name anybody but him. One of his 5 "Principles" is to "Audit the Fed." Lame. He has more than a hundred "founders" who are anonymous, yet he begs for money. Do a Search on his website, and you'll find exactly and only one page with the word "jew," and zero occurrences of the word "Rothschild." He appears on disinfo GlobalResearch. He has a radio show on the same place as Rense and SibelEdmonds.

    Really. Why feature them without major cautionary notes for readers? Why link them without major cautionary notes?

  3. I do a lot of research into the people that I feature on this blog. I thought the interview Dr. Wood did was fascinating. I'm extremely interested in 9/11, and I think she has some very interesting things to say about that particular event.

    Salbuchi's analytical abilities are top notch. Listen to the interviews he's done with Daryl Bradford Smith at He exposes Zionism and the criminal Rothschild network. His videos offer good, basic explanations of what is commonly referred to as the New World Order, or whatever you want to call it. Global fascism is a good way to describe it. And Zionist Jews are the driving force behind this.

    I do agree with you about Alex Jones, and looking back on it, I wish I wouldn't have posted that video. The entire birth certificate issue is a major distraction, a manufactured conflict created by the Zionist owned mainstream media.

    But Dr. Wood and Salbuchi are great sources of information, and that is why I have posted them here on my blog. I'm not trying to shove anything in anyone's face. I collect information that I find interesting and worthy of note and feature it here on my blog for others to consider.

  4. John, your site just gets better and better. I like Salbuchi. The fact that he doesn't mention Jews is noteworthy, and I will look closer at him, but he may have his reasons. The host on 'coast to coast' sounds like he's getting paid a bonus for each time he mentions the word 'planes'.
    Well, I wont even argue the point, with anyone, no 'planes' hit the towers. Every word of the official version is BS. People who cling to planes are perpetuating the official version and are fraudsters. To me a typical 'truther' is a teenage new york Jew in a hoodie shoving a mic in a politicians face, and putting it on youtube. "hey man, you 'no planers' are discrediting the whole movement.

    1- there were no planes
    2 - there is no movement
    3- there will never be 'truth', the perps run the jewdiciary, it basically like USSR with more food on the store shelves, and you don't need a passport to travel to a different town, yet

  5. Thanks, I appreciate it. And you are correct- literally everything about the official story is false. There very well may have been no planes at all. Let's Roll 9/11 has some done some fascinating research in to the alleged victims of 9/11, and has proven that may of them are frauds. The entire thing stinks to high heaven.

    There is no movement, just people trying to wake others up to the lies about 9/11. I go to San Diegans for 9/1 Truth meet ups as often as I can, and all they focus on are the inconsistencies and distortions in the official narrative. No mention that the attacks were a Zionist operation from start to finish. It's pretty frustrating to tell you the truth.


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