Friday, April 29, 2011

Michael Oren makes a joke

Michael Oren, dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel, currently serves as the Israeli ambassador to the U.S.  He made a joke recently about how Israel was the greatest ally of the United States.  
Michael Oren, a dual citizen of Israel and the United States, was born in New York, but later served in the Israeli army before becoming the Israeli ambassador to the U.S.  He made a pretty funny joke the other day, which was reported on by, a major Israeli online news source:
Amid looming tensions between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Ambassador to Washington Michael Oren claims the United States needs the Jewish State now more than ever.

In an article published by Foreign Affairs magazine, the ambassador lists the reasons behind the two states' strong alliance, saying that Israel "shares America's values, reflects its founding spirit, and resonates with its people's beliefs.

"From its location at one strategic crossroads," Oren added, Israel "enhances American intelligence and defense capabilities, and provides ports and training for US forces."

The ambassador also noted that the Jewish State "helps secure America's borders and assists in saving American lives on and off the battlefield. And an ally stimulates the US economy through trade, technological innovation, and job creation."

According to Oren, "Few countries fit this description, but Israel is certainly one of them. As US President Barack Obama told a White House gathering, 'The United States has no better friend in the world than Israel,' a statement reflecting the positions of Democrats and Republicans alike." [...]

"Rather than viewing Israel as a vital American asset, an increasingly vocal group of foreign-policy analysts insists that support for the Jewish state, including more than $3 billion in annual military aid, is a liability," he wrote.

"The surveys prove that most Americans do not accept the argument that US support for Israel provokes Islamic radicals or do not especially care even if it does," the ambassador added.

Oren clarified that the benefits the US gains from its relations with Israel far outweigh the costs: "In return for its aid to Israel, the United States receives not only an armed but an innovative ally, enhancing America's military edge. That contribution is real and requires no lobbyists to fabricate it.

"As Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro put it, 'Israel is a vital ally and a cornerstone of our regional security commitments,' and accordingly, the two countries have developed the world's most advanced anti-ballistic missiles," he noted.

The timing of the publication of the article, which was featured on the magazine's front cover, was carefully planned ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's scheduled visit to Washington next month and the annual American Israeli Political Activity Committee (AIPAC) conference, in which he is slated to be a keynote speaker.
Steven Walt has a thorough rebuttal to Oren's hasbara, but I found it disappointing, as always, because Walt leaves out so many crucial facts about the long history of Zionist aggression and war crimes, especially against the United States.  The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and 9/11 come to mind immediately.

Hey, Dr. Walt, don't you think those would be important subjects to bring up?  I know you'd probably get fired, but come on already.

Many dual citizen Israeli-American citizens occupy key positions of power in the U.S. government, both under former President Bush and now President Obama.  Zionist Jews own and control virtually all of the mainstream media and entertainment brainwashing industry not just in the United States, but in virtually all Western countries.  We're always made to believe that Israel is America's greatest ally, the beckon of light in the Middle East, the only stable, peaceful, dignified democracy in the heart of the tyrannical and authoritarian Muslim world.  It's all a bunch of non-sense, obviously.  These criminals represent the greatest threat to the United States and the free people of the world, and have proven themselves to be ruthless in pursuit of their interests, willing to preemptively and clandestinely attack civilians, including Americans.

It's probably time we start addressing this issue.  What do you think Dr. Walt?  

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