Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Host and The Parasite

Video originally found via Henry Makow's website:


  1. Interesting series. The guy has nads, to be sure. I have seen this before, and aside from his distracting nervous tick, I would beg to differ with him on a few points. This US movement toward zionism started way before Reagan. My god, do we forget Henry Morganthau? FDR? Harry Truman? The zionist assassination of JFK, RFK?...the list goes back much further than the 1980s. Thanks for posting this anyway.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you Timster. The Zionists have been running the show for a looooong time, way before Reagan. I think it's more accurate to say they came out in the open, running things in plain sight, beginning with Reagan and especially under George W. Bush.

    His idea that the only way to save the US from the Zionist forces that are destroying it is through military coup is probably correct in my view.

    Over at Henry Makow's site, Michael Sandeford reviews his book and writes:

    In "The Host and the Parasite," author Greg Felton concludes that only a military coup will save America from destruction by Zionist forces.

    Such a military government could:

    . Institute a Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunal to prosecute the leaders of the lobby and the junta for treason and crimes against humanity;

    . Declare null and void the Supreme Court confirmation of justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito, and void all fascist legislation passed over the last six years, including the USA PATRIOT act:

    · Call for a proper investigation into the September 11 attack;

    · Freeze and liquidate the assets of every Zionist Jewish and Christian organization and place the proceeds in a bank account for distribution to Palestinians, Iraqis and Lebanese; and

    · Declare military, economic and political war on Israel.

    Sounds about right to me!! The only country the US government and military are justified to be at war with is Israel.

  3. I would walk softly around Makow...and carry a BIG stick. That man is a gatekeeper. I would rather start with the jewish members of the SC...then hang the rest of those sycophants afterward. A military coup is not going to happen. Zionists have owned them since Ike. I agree with your last statement however.

  4. Makow a gatekeeper? I definitely disagree with you there. Listen to some of his interviews over at www.iamthewitness.com or with Kevin Barrett just the other day. There is no possible way you could call him a gatekeeper after hearing what he has to say.

    Anyways, a military coup is certainly not going to happen. As anti-democratic as it is, that is really the only way I can see the Zionist death grip on this country coming to an end. But you're right- the Zionists have control of the military, too.

    I hate to say it, but our prospects aren't looking too good at the moment...

  5. Military coup. That's another idea to keep Americans sitting at their computers and TVs watching the news to see who ELSE is actually DOING something to free our country.

    Fake Left Ralph Nader floats the idea of the super-wealthy doing it for us. Ridiculous.

    Military coup. Ridiculous.

    How about WE DO IT. Before millions of us get bloodied in a rebellion/revolution, why don't millions of us Write-In our votes and Oversee the vote counting?

    When you poo-poo the idea, consider from whom you've learned the automatic rejection of the idea. Also, consider the amount of research you've done on the subject, or lack thereof.

  6. Hey James, I agree with you. And I've not poo-pooed the idea or automatically rejected it either. I think it's a noble effort you're undertaking, so I'm assuming that comment was directed one of the millions of other people that read this blog. Haha


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