Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm not too concerned with the whole, "Is Obama really an American" issue, which is being hyped and drug out in the Zionist owned main stream media, making it a particularly suspicious topic.  Why are they pushing this issue so much?  Just to distract the masses, pitting those who dislike Obama against those who support him?  Why don't we talk about his actual policies, which are arguably more tyrannical and authoritarian than even our previous president?  From the get go, I thought Obama was a major fraud, and he has proven himself to be, at least for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  He's utterly failed the most important litmus test for any public official (they all do), which tells you all you need to know about this man.

Interesting videos nonetheless.


  1. Whether it is a Mormon Zionist, or a Catholic Zionist, or an evangelical Zionist, or a Luthren Zionist. Be he/she red purple or blue. Or a Zionist from Timbuktu or bumf*k Eygpt. A republican should happy enough that they are all serving the same master, I don't know what their beef is, they are dumber than nails.

  2. I hear you Genie. Some people I know are so caught up by this whole issue, when we have way bigger problems to deal with. Everything about Obama's past seems suspect to me, but let's be serious- he is a Zionist puppet who is more than likely blackmailed for his past, including his homosexual activities.

  3. "including his homosexual activities"

    whoops! Now you have surprised me! But again...does it matter? hehe, all the elite are pervs anyhow!

  4. Hey John Friend:

    I think the whole birth certificate issue is a distraction.

    Why has it come back to the forefront at this time?

    One reason is the expansion of the wars.

    From Libya and gunning for Syria.
    It also keeps the radiation poisoning of the planet off the msm, and off the front page of the print press.

    So, it is a very , very useful distraction

  5. See here Genie:

    I've noticed they are just rolling out the distractions here in the US: Obama's birth certificate, Trump, the royal wedding, the NFL lockout. There's already so many mindless distractions out there, but they are really ramping it up, while they continue to expand the wars, bailout Wall St, and cover for Israeli aggression and criminality.

    Just another day in America.

  6. Why is no normal person writing in and saying they tried looking at the long-form birth certificate and found the same layers -- or not?

    Some days ago, I had the intention of not getting into this latest round of distraction -- whether it has truth in it or not. My own tentative opinion is that I doubt Stanley Ann Dunham at 18 years old flew to Kenya just to give birth and then flew back to Hawaii.

    But John, and John's readers, I ask you why you haven't reported your own attempt at checking the file in Adobe software?

    I decided to do it. I downloaded what is a pdf offered by the White House website. And I don't have Adobe Illustrator, but I have PhotoShop, and I know pretty well how to use it. I opened the file, and I found no way to expose any layers that might be there. I will say that the certificate does look suspicious, with white blocks behind some words, and the second "1" in "1961" looks like it's from a different machine.

    Now, disinfo agent Alex Jones might say (or maybe he already has; I won't be visiting his site to check) that the White House replaced the layered file with a flattened file. They "must have" done it before I got my copy. Convenient.

    (My own strong guess is that the distraction is partly to avoid any evidence of Obama jewness from rising. I think he's a jew from his mother's side. I'm considering posting an article on it.)

    But the issue at hand is why people who post articles in support of the birther claim don't try the file check themselves and report their result. And why don't any readers, especially those we've come to like because of the content of their comments, report their own check of the birth-certificate file?

  7. Hey James, sounds like you didn't read what I wrote, I specifically said this:

    "I'm not too concerned with the whole, "Is Obama really an American" issue, which is being hyped and drug out in the Zionist owned main stream media, making it a particularly suspicious topic."

    I don't give a fuck if Obama is really a citizen, it's the policies and agenda he has set that worries me. And I think the folks that have commented here would agree. So who is being the distraction? Hmmmmm....

  8. Oh, John, please. Sorry that I salted a nerve.

    Why not answer my question? Maybe your answer is that you don't know how to use PhotoShop or Illustrator well enough. Fine.

    I was hoping somebody would point us to links I don't know about.

    And really, you don't "give a fuck if Obama is really a citizen"? You don't care at all if the president is not a citizen? I hope you were writing from emotion and not intelligence.

    I suggest that we don't like the way the "birther" issue has been handled, and it's surely used as a distraction. But the question of any president being an actual born-in-USA constitutional president must be of some interest.

    Why the snide suggestion that I'm being a distraction? Sheesh. My website, my photos, my output, my openness, my accuracy -- it's all verifiable evidence that I'm doing the most truthtelling with least "distraction" from The Goal of anybody I'm aware of on the web. I don't encourage people to waste their valuable time reading and watching known disinfo agents.

    Constructive criticism. Now that's something I welcome.


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