Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Distortions of history

Historical events are often construed or distorted in a manner that benefits a particular agenda.  No where is this more evident than the history of World War II and the so-called Holocaust of 6 million Jews by the Nazi German army, a myth whose construction has been a major justification for the formation of the illegal and illegitimate state of Israel.  I've written about the so-called Holocaust before, but wanted to make a few additional points in light of some recent information I've discovered.

The Khazar Jews, who were largely behind the Zionist agenda and the formation of the state of Israel, have no actual ties to the land of Palestine, and have used the false narrative of the Holocaust to win international support and recognition for their criminal state of Israel, which was formed on land expropriated from the Christian and Muslim Palestinians who have lived there for centuries.

WWII is an extremely complex subject to tackle, but what is quite clear is that certain aspects of it are emphasized, often to the point of fabrication, and other aspects are completely left out.  I just finished reading James Bacque's Other Losses: The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers And Civilians Under General Eisenhower's Command, which sheds light on a critical period of WWII history, a period that is largely ignored, downplayed or outright attacked as being fictional.  One of the things I've had to do over the past year or so is to completely reconsider everything I've ever learned, take a second look at every particle of information I have ever ingested, as a result of discovering the truth about 9/11, and who the perpetrators actually were.  So I've been trying to do just that, and Bacque's book was an excellent source of highly suppressed information that is extremely important to understand to get a clear picture of the world we are living in.  Right off the bat, I was learning facts that were either too politically incorrect to discuss in my college history classes, or were deliberately suppressed.  In the Foreword, written by Dr. Ernest F. Fischer Jr., we learn:
More than five million German soldiers in the American and French zones were crowded into barbed wire cages, many of them literally shoulder to shoulder.  The ground beneath them soon became a quagmire of filth and disease.  Open to the weather, lacking even primitive sanitary facilities, underfed, the prisoners soon began dying of starvation and disease.  Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French army casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in American camps.  Not since the horrors of the Confederate-administered prison at Andersonville during the American Civil War had such cruelties taken place under American military control.  For more than four decades this unprecedented tragedy lay hidden in Allied archives.  
We have to ask ourselves why this sort of information is suppressed and rarely discussed, especially in places that are ostensibly for higher learning, while we are constantly inundated with stories of Jewish suffering at the hands of the Nazi war machine, even to this day.  Below, Dr. William Pierce offers a candid analysis of the Holocaust myth perpetuated by the Zionist owned media and others incapable or unwilling to engage in critical thinking.

Anthony Lawson made the video posted below, which was almost immediately censored by YouTube, but is now available via VIMEO.  Lawson offers of one of better interpretations of the Holocaust that I've ever come across.  

Anthony Lawson: Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? from Rebel News on Vimeo.

Those of us that are still interested in the truth and understanding how the world really works would be wise to reconsider all the propaganda, lies and distortions, especially the so-called Jewish Holocaust, constantly thrown at us in regards to the horrific event known as WWII, and how these lies continue to have an effect on our world today.  


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