Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sports equipment confiscated by fascists

Over at WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, I ran into the video posted below.  Mike Rivero makes a good point: were the Nazis this bad?  Did the Nazis confiscate private sporting equipment from the private homes of their citizens?

So this is what America has become.  Gotta love the Good ol' U.S.A.

While the largest corporations, which rob and plunder the American taxpayer, pay virtually no taxes, the U.S. tax payer gets to shovel out their hard earned money to continue funding unending, illegal wars of aggression against the Muslim world, not to mention the rise of the National Security/Surveillance State, as a result of the Zionist false flag attack on 9/11.  And the good people of Delaware get to fund the fascist, totalitarian public officials and state troopers that steal their basketball equipment from their private residence.  


  1. Hey John Friend,...This shit needs to happen a thousand times a day for the next hundred days to get the sheeple up off their arses! What a lying fucking bitch!

    When are we going to start flinging Molotovs at these goons?...


  2. If people can't see the tyranny around them already, they never will.

  3. That's Communitarianism in action, brought to you by the inventors of communism, fascism, evey other fuckingism and the Hegelian Dialectic.

    The 'community' rules regardless of how petty and arbitrary the diktats.

    See and 2020: Our Common Destiny.

  4. Sports is just sports and it's very important that people were given the right to play what sports they want to play in their premise. Confiscating sports equipment in private homes I must say is very inhumane.


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