Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mike Harari, Mossad, and 9/11

It has long been clear that 9/11 was carried out operationally by the Israeli Mossad.  This devastating false flag terrorist attack was facilitated, assisted and covered-up by a powerful international network of individuals in and out of government that are dedicated to Zionism and the state of Israel.  The attack was successful largely as a result of the false narrative and disinformation (i.e., Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda) immediately put forth by the Zionist-owned Western media.  Facts and information that fail to validate, or attempt to even remotely challenge, the foreign policy objectives of the Zionist-occupied U.S. government rarely see the light of day.  Mainstream American journalists' primary role and duty is to protect and uncritically pass along the viewpoints of American policy makers, in effect giving cover to their criminal behavior, all the while attacking and criticizing others who dare to challenge those in power.  It's not a stretch to characterize mainstream journalism as, in essence, the public relations arm of the criminal elements controlling the government and those that carried out 9/11.

I've been interested in just how 9/11 was pulled off for some time now.  Many 9/11 Truth advocates I talk to argue-- not at all incorrectly-- that since we know the official story is a complete farce, it is vital to open up a new investigation, and hold those responsible for the cover-up accountable.  Also, many 9/11 Truth activists conduct their outreach efforts by pointing out the obvious flaws, inconsistencies, and outright fabrications put forth and uncritically disseminated by the government and mainstream media (and thus, much of society).  I'm not opposed to either of those arguments or efforts.  However, any officially sanctioned investigation-- assuming there will be another official investigation, which doesn't seem likely-- will most assuredly be compromised.  After all, the entire political establishment is complicit in the false flag attack on 9/11, so it will take independent, honest researchers and insiders to get to the bottom of what happened that day.  Basing 9/11 Truth outreach efforts on the many demonstrably false assertions advanced by those in the U.S. government and media is indeed a sound, coherent strategy.  On this blog, I'm more interested in exploring the forces behind 9/11-- the "who," and "why"-- and how the operation was successfully executed.  I'd argue that we will never know all the facts, but we can do our research and make an educated guess by connecting dots, clues, and bits of information together to reach a coherent conclusion.

And that's what we'll try to do today.  Dmitri Khalezov, who I featured in a post a while back, may be a big part in helping us understand exactly what happened on 9/11.


Before we jump into Khalezov's claims, I think it's important to go through the copious amount of information that ties the state of Israel and an international network of Zionists directly to the prosecution and subsequent cover-up of the false flag attack on 9/11.

First off, it's important to understand a bit about how intelligence agencies work, specifically the Israeli Mossad, and how their operations are conducted.  I would highly recommend Victor Ostrovsky's book, By Way of Deception (see here for a good review), that details the inner workings of the Mossad by a former katsa, or an intelligence officer of the Mossad.  The role of sayanim, or Jewish volunteer helpers, is vital in most, if not all, Mossad operations, especially in regards to 9/11.  Sayanim are Jews living in the diaspora (i.e., not Israel) who are called upon to offer their assistance in order to facilitate a covert operation.  These volunteers will not know the nature and details of the covert operation, and may only play a minor role in it's prosecution.  For instance, a Jew living in New York who owns an apartment block may be asked to house a Mossad operative for a period of time necessary to successfully complete an operation.

Jeff Gates, who writes at Criminal State, explains the role of sayanim quite well.  He writes (bold and underlines mine):
Sayanim play a role akin to military reservists who can be activated on short notice to support Israeli operations.  These helpers are shielded from criminal culpability by being told only enough to perform their narrow role.  Because recruiters ensure these volunteers are kept ignorant of the broader goals of an operation, they could easily pass a polygraph test.  Their narrow intent: to respond promptly to requests to assist Israel.  
That assistance could be logistics, medical care or intelligence gathering. 
Gates also describes the role of agents and assets of the Mossad in the previously linked article.  Describing agents, he writes:
Agents are fully conscious of the intended goal of an operation.  Intent is what distinguishes premeditated murder from involuntary manslaughter.  Culpability is gauged by the state of mind.  Agents operate with what the law calls extreme malice and an "evil mind."  Thus the severity of the sanctions for premeditated capital crimes.
He continues by describing assets of this crime network:
Assets are people profiled such that-- within an acceptable range of probabilities-- they can be relied upon to behave consistent with their personality profile.  Assets lack the state of mind required for traditional culpability due to their lack of intent.  Assets contribute to an operation simply by pursuing their subconscious personal needs.  Typically those needs are for recognition, influence, money, sex, drugs or the greatest drug of all: ideology.  
These concepts are crucial to comprehend in understanding how an operation like 9/11 could be carried out in plain sight, yet covered up and spun in a way to give average people the impression that Osama bin Laden and his cohort of Arab terrorists conducted the attack.  And if you take a close look at the individuals in key positions-- both in the U.S. government and private sector-- that facilitated and covered up this false flag attack, you can easily identify sayanim, agents and assets of this criminal gang.  See here for more.

We also know that the state of Israel has a long history of conducting espionage against the U.S., including stealing nuclear weapons technology, military secrets and engaging in blackmail operations against high-profile politicians, including U.S. presidents, and others in positions of power.

Leading up to 9/11, federal agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency, unravelled a sophisticated Israeli espionage ring gathering intelligence on important federal facilities and officials.  We've seen reports alleging that Mossad was "running" or handling the supposed hijackers on 9/11.  A brief excerpt:
British intelligence reported in February 2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran the Arab hijacker cells that were later blamed by the U.S. government's 9/11 Commission for carrying out the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  [...]
A Mossad unit consisting of six Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jews infiltrated "Al Qaeda" cells in Hamburg (the Atta-Mamoun Darkanzali cell), south Florida, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the months before 9/11.  The Mossad not only infiltrated cells but began to run them and give them specific orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board four regularly-scheduled flights originating in Boston, Washington Dulles, and Newark, New Jersey on 9/11.
The Mossad infiltration team comprised six Israelis, compromising two cells of three agents, who all received special training at a Mossad base in the Negev Desert in their future control and handling of the "Al Qaeda" cells. 
5 Israelis were also arrested on 9/11, and later went on a television show in Israel and stated that their purpose that day was to "document the event."

Without a doubt, we can accurately say that criminal elements of the state of Israel not only had detailed foreknowledge of the pending attacks, but were intimately involved in planning and carrying out the attacks themselves, probably more so than officials of the U.S. government itself (although U.S. officials were involved).

Missing Links from Jew Movies on Vimeo.


And that brings us to Dmitri Khalezov's allegations surrounding the events of 9/11.

First off, here is a brief bio of Khalezov that was posted on Kevin Barrett's blog in his first interview with Khalezov:
Mr. Dimitri A. Khalezov, a former Soviet citizen, a former commissioned officer of the so-called "military unit 46179," otherwise known as "the Special Control Service" of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the USSR.  The Special Control Service, also known as the Soviet atomic (later "nuclear") intelligence was a secret military unit responsible for detecting of nuclear explosions (including underground nuclear tests) of various adversaries of the former USSR as well as responsible for controlling of observance of various international treaties related to nuclear testing and to peaceful nuclear explosions. After September the 11th Khalezov undertook some extensive 9/11 research and proved that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center as well as its building 7 were demolished by three underground thermo-nuclear explosions-- which earned the very name "ground zero" to the demolition site.  Moreover, he testifies that he knew about the in-built so-called "emergency nuclear demolitions scheme" of the Twin Towers as long ago as back in the '80s-- while being a serviceman in the Soviet Special Control Service.  
As you can tell, English is not this man's first language.  Here is the second, longer interview Dmitri did with Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff, chief editor of Veterans Today.

You can also find an interview that George Mapp, Jr. did with Khalezov here for even more information, and Mapp was recently on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio program to discuss these matters as well.  For the purposes of this post, I am mainly using the testimony put forth by Khalezov in his 2 interviews with Kevin Barrett, in which he goes over an enormous amount of information, which I will try to summarize here.

Khalezov retired from the Soviet, and later Russian, army in 1992, and eventually moved to Thailand.  There he met Mike Harari, Mossad agent extraordinaire, who later confessed to Khalezov that he organized the 9/11 attacks.  Apparently, Harari had recently fled the Philippines, and relocated to Thailand.  At first, Harari needed Khalezov's assistance translating Russian weapons-related documents to English.  According to Khalezov, the underlying reason why Harari wanted to meet Khalezov was to inquire about the knowledge he gained in the Soviet army, in particular whether or not he knew (and thus, the Russians knew) about the thermo-nuclear devices placed at the base of the World Trade Center towers in New York City that were to be used in case of an emergency demolition.  Khalezov could in fact verify this information, as he had learned first hand in his time with the Soviet army that the World Trade Center buildings did indeed have thermo-nuclear weapons built in the base of the buildings.  Khalezov claims that the he and the Soviet (later Russian) government knew of this because of the 1976 Treaty Between the USA and USSR on Underground Nuclear Explosions for Peaceable Purposes, which states clearly (bold and underline mine) in Article IV, section (b):
provide to the other Party information and access to sites of explosions and furnish assistance in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Protocol to this Treaty
So, Khalezov is essentially claiming that his special army unit specializing in nuclear weapons knew of the thermo-nuclear devices placed at the base of the World Trade Center towers due to this treaty, i.e., the U.S. had to provide the information (probably covertly) about the nuclear devices built into the World Trade Center towers.  

After Khalezov met Harari in early 2001, they soon developed a close personal friendship.  Khalezov even claims that Harari treated him like a son, as Harari was much older than Khalezov and had very few friends in Thailand.  Prior to the attacks on 9/11, Harari offered Khalezov a TV (since Khalezov didn't own one), informing him something "very interesting" was about to unfold in the coming days, and he needed to see it on TV.  Also, Harari advised Khalezov to ditch his U.S. dollars, telling Khalezov the value of the U.S. dollar was sure to go down in the coming days and weeks.  Furthermore, on the morning of September 12th, 2001, Harari invited Khalezov over to his house for a celebration breakfast-- a celebration breakfast to commemorate Harari's successful false flag operation on 9/11.  Khalezov has explicitly said that Harari admitted to organizing the attacks, hated Americans and was overjoyed the morning following the attacks, as were the other Mossad-connected people Khalezov knew in Bangkok. Harari further informed Khalezov that the Granit missiles on board the Russian Kursk submarine that sunk in August 2000 were stolen (or at least acquired after they were stolen) by the Israeli Mossad, and one of them was launched into the Pentagon on 9/11.

Khalezov goes on to explain his knowledge from working in the Soviet army of various false flag-type mini-nuclear explosions that have been conducted in numerous countries over the past 3 decades.  He claims, based on his professional experience and first-hand knowledge through his contacts in the Soviet army, that the following bombings were indeed false-flag attacks that used mini-nuclear devices:
  • 1983- The bombing in Beirut, Lebanon that targeted both U.S. Marine barracks and French military forces was carried out using a mini-nuclear device, killing 299 American and French servicemen
  • 1986- The Chernobyl nuclear "accident" was caused by a mini-nuclear device placed underneath one of the nuclear reactors at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.  
  • 1995- The bomb used in the false-flag attack on Oklahoma City's Alfred P. Murrah Federal Buidling, which killed 168 people, was a mini-nuclear device.  
  • 1996- The Khobar Towers bombing in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, targeting foreign military personnel, including U.S. servicemen, which killed 19 people, was the result of a false flag-type attack using a mini-nuclear device.
  • 1999- The bombing of an apartment block in Volgodonsk, Russia on September 16, 1999, which resulted in the deaths of many innocent civilians, was the result of a mini-nuclear device.  
  • 2001- The destruction of World Trade Center towers 1, 2 and 7 in New York City was the result of nuclear devices placed at the base of the buildings when they were constructed.  Khalezov claims that 150 kilo-ton nuclear devices were placed 77 meters below the surface of the WTC building's foundation.  These nuclear devices were to be used in an emergency situation in order to demolish the buildings.  Khalezov claims his Soviet army unit that specialized in nuclear weapons and explosions learned of these devices as a result of U.S. compliance with the 1976 Treaty Between the USA and USSR on Underground Nuclear Explosions for Peaceable Purposes.  Apparently, this information was not widely publicized or know, outside of those with specialized knowledge of these devices and their functions.
  • 2002- The Bali bombings in 2002 which targeted popular tourist nightclubs were carried out using mini-nuclear devices.  Khalezov later learned that Harari was responsible for organizing and controlling "al-Qaeda" and other Islamic groups for the Mossad in Thailand and Indonesia.
Harari is basing these claims off the knowledge he learned in the Soviet army and his contacts there, specifically how they tracked and investigated nuclear explosions around the world.  That being said, there should be documents proving these allegations, as the army unit he worked for had to have collected seismic tests proving these bombings were indeed nuclear-based.  Obviously, this information has been suppressed for political reasons, and he seems to be the first insider to offer his specialized knowledge on the subject.  Is Khalezov making this up?  Possibly, but he sounds pretty legitimate and convincing in the interviews he did with Kevin Barrett, so I'm not ready to dismiss what he says as others were so quick to.

In a nutshell, this is what Khalezov claims happened on 9/11: the (typically) nuclear tipped Granit missile, stolen from the Russian Kursk submarine, was launched into the Pentagon, which NORAD did in fact detect, but was helpless to stop, as the U.S. government and military simply do not have the technology to intercept and take down a missile as sophisticated as the Granit.  The nuclear device on the Granit that hit the Pentagon either was not functioning, or was taken off prior to its launch, avoiding a nuclear catastrophe.  In all likelihood, the Granit struck sometime around 9:30a.m., this based on Barbara Honegger's research in her Pentagon Attack Papers, and other explosives, which were pre-planted in the Pentagon, went off following the missile strike.  

Imagine, for a moment, being a NORAD commander and having to tell your superiors that a nuclear armed missile was advancing on the Pentagon, and there was nothing you or the U.S. military could do about it.  According to Khalezov, this is exactly what happened on 9/11.  And of course this information is going to be hidden!  As we know, it was an extremely chaotic morning, and the officials responsible for responding to the attack on the U.S. had little time to think through their decisions and actions.  NORAD, the U.S. military and executive branch were informed of the (typically) nuclear tipped Granit missile that struck the Pentagon, and were further informed that the (supposed) planes that struck the World Trade Center buildings may be equipped with nuclear devices as well.  In their haste, it was quickly decided to demolish the World Trade Center towers that were struck, using the underground thermo-nuclear devices in place underneath the buildings, so as to avoid a possible nuclear explosion above ground in New York City.  Khalezov contends that airplanes (especially the supposed 757s) did not in fact strike the World Trade Center towers that morning, and that what passes today as footage of the 9/11 attacks is simply doctored, fabricated footage.  Here is a documentary advancing this theory.  

I'm pretty convinced that something did in fact strike the World Trade Centers on 9/11, but they weren't Boeing 757s.  

Certainly some controversial statements, even in (or perhaps especially in) the 9/11 Truth Movement. This scenario laid out by Khalezov is plausible, however fantastic it may sound.

Khalezov goes on to explain that Mike Harari was the main operative for the Mossad running and organizing "al-Qaeda" and other Islamic "terrorist" groups in Bangkok and the Far East, selling them weapons and planning false flag terrorist attacks.  Harari was later arrested on October 12, 2003 using a false name, Hadji Mohamed Husseini, as the operational leader of the Islamic "terrorist" cell being blamed for the violence, including the Bali bombing in 2002, taking place in the region.  Harari signed confession statements to the Thai authorities taking credit for these attacks, and was then released because of his Mossad and CIA connections, according to Khalezov.  However, Harari confessed to these attacks and being the organizing force behind the "terrorist" cell using his fake spy name, Hadji Mohamed Husseini.  Since Khalezov was so close with Harari, and had been under surveillance by the FBI and Thai authorities who were on to Harari, he was arrested as well, first on August 13, 2003 and again on November 6, 2003.  After his first arrest, Khalezov simply paid a cash bribe to the Thai authorities and he was released.  Following his second arrest in November, he realized that American officials were trying to get him extradited to the U.S. to stand trial, and that Harari was trying to set him up as the fall guy for his criminal activities on the behalf of the Mossad.  This led Khalezov to go public with the information he had learned through Harari, including his organizing the 9/11 false flag attacks and the nuclear devices used to demolish the World Trade Center towers, which would make it impossible for the U.S. to try him in a court of law, as his damning testimony would see the light of day and cause a major problem for U.S. authorities (as well as many others).  

Khalezov eventually began researching the events of 9/11 in more detail in 2006, and published a book in 2007 titled, The Third Truth About 9/11.  He sent this information to U.S. authorities (he doesn't really say who in the interviews), and released it to the public.  Khalezov says this is when the nanothermite theory of the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings was first put forth, as a way to downplay and distract attention away from his nuclear demolition theory.  In essence, according to Khalezov, U.S. authorities, engaged in a sophisticated disinformation campaign, planted the nanothermite theory and allowed it to be exposed and promoted as a way to counteract Khalezov's valid interpretation of the events of 9/11 that he laid out in his book.  This isn't to say those promoting the nanothermite theory of the destruction of the towers are necessarily government operatives involved in a disinformation campaign.  Most, if not all, may genuinely belief in the nanothermite theory for the demolition, and, indeed, nanothermite may have been a factor (but certainly not the only factor) in the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.  


Barbara Honegger, mentioned above, who wrote The Pentagon Attack Papers, was on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio Monday, February 28th, mainly to critique and offer her doubts on Khalezov's testimony and allegations.  I find both Honegger and Khalezov's information credible, and even compatible in many ways.  So it's important to listen carefully to what each of these individuals have to offer.

Towards the end of the interview with Kevin Barrett, Honegger makes a few claims about Khalezov that I don't think reconcile with his testimony and allegations.  The first comment that caught by attention dealt with Khalezov's allegations against Mike Harari, discussed above.  She claims:
Yes, his testimony about Harari is first hand.  And as far as I see it, it's very strange, because he's being very coy in leaving out who it was that Harari and the Mossad, meaning Israel, allegedly, presumably sold this Granit missile to that then hit the Pentagon.
Khalezov only says that Harari told him that the Granit missiles were stolen (or at least acquired) from the Kursk by the Mossad.  Khalezov is simply testifying what he learned from his service in the Russian army, what Mike Harari told him and what he learned in assisting with the defense of Victor Bout: that many (if not all) of the nuclear Granit missiles onboard the Russian Kursk submarine that sank in August 2000 were stolen, and one of them hit the Pentagon on 9/11.  And 9/11 was organized primarily by Mike Harari of the Israeli Mossad.

Here is a short AP report mentioning the Kursk submarine sinking:

This report details (page 4) the typical armaments on board a Russian Kursk submarine:
The Kursk submarine has an armament capacity for 24 ship-to-ship cruise missiles (SN-19-GRANIT- NATO Shipwreck) armed with 760kg main charge conventional explosive but nuclear capable for low yield warheads.  The missiles were housed in individual pressure sealed silos, pitched forward at 40 [degrees] arranged in two rows of twelve, each covered by six hatches on each side of the sail.   
Here is another source regarding Russian Kursk submarines and Granit missiles.  A brief excerpt (bold and underline mine):
...22 Granit guided missiles located beyond the major hull in special containers in the middle part of the submarine.  The Granits have not been affected by the explosion [of the Kursk].  It is easy to get to them even without the necessity of entering the submarine.  
The Granit is the latest, the most classified anti-ship guided missile devised for American aircraft-carriers.  Even its appearance is a deep dark secret, to say nothing of technical parameters.  
According to the Russian military, the range of the Granit is large (over 300 kilometers), the missile is autonomous, and its guidance system includes elements of artificial intelligence.  
Foreign sources say that a Granit en route to its target receives additional information from navigation satellites-- perhaps from spy satellites, and from AWACS-type aircraft.  [...]
The naval aviation command says, "some underwater objects including submarines were detected trying to penetrate the area."  Between last autumn and now Russian ships guarding the Kursk deployed more than 50 depth charges to scare the foreigners away.  All these explosions were registered by the Norwegians.  
There is a legal problem here.  The Kursk sank in international waters, and scaring foreign ships away is expensive and not precisely legitimate.  Moreover, the Western military suspects that some Granits on the Kursk carry nuclear warheads.  Moscow denies it.  A Norwegian naval officer told this correspondent last April that Norwegian divers who had worked on the Kursk carried indicators which signified the presence of nuclear warheads on the submarine.  
Actually, the Granit was designed for a nuclear warhead.
Were the nuclear Granit missiles stolen from the Russian Kursk submarine that sunk in August 2000?  And was one later used to attack the Pentagon?  Khalezov is simply saying that yes, according to Mike Harari, a personal friend and long-time Mossad operative, they were, based on his first-hand knowledge. His story is at least plausible, so it must be considered as a possibility.

Honegger goes on to say:
So it's a very strange thing for him to be saying when he claims to be so close to Mike Harari, a long-time personal friend from the same village in Russia, and all of this.  It seems a very strange thing to do to basically hang his good friend out to dry in this way.  
First off, Khalezov never claims that he and Harari are from the same village in Russia.  He clearly states that he met Harari in Bangkok well after his service in the Soviet military.  He does state that he and Victor Bout are from the same village in Russia though.  Khalezov also says that he and Harari developed a good friendship, which is how Khalezov learned of Harari's involvement in 9/11 after Harari confided in him and told him.  Khalezov is "hanging his good friend out to dry" because he later learned that Harari tried setting him up to take the fall for his criminal conduct in Thailand.

Honegger then makes this statement:
Well, you know he's slitting his own throat doing this in a way because he's admitted on your program, or claimed on your program, that he, Khalezov, worked directly and helped Harari sell arms in Thailand to al-Qaeda, so why should we believe Mr. Khalezov wasn't involved in getting this Granit missile on behave of Mr. Harari to whoever received it and then slammed it into the Pentagon.  I mean he's really opening himself up to be part of this conspiracy that he's allegedly revealing.  
I'd like to know when Khalezov ever made this claim that he "worked directly and helped Harari sell arms in Thailand to al-Qaeda."  He never did.  He developed a friendship with Harari through Mossad-linked people he knew in Bangkok.  Harari was the one who organized and sold arms to al-Qaeda in Thailand at the behest of the Israeli Mossad, not Khalezov.  Harari was originally interested in the information Khalezov had acquired through his work in the Soviet army, in particular, whether Khalezov knew of the nuclear demolitions placed underneath the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.  Khalezov never claimed to help Harari sell weapons to anyone in any of his interviews with Kevin Barrett.  So Honegger simply has her facts wrong here, and needs to apologize, on air, for her ignorant statements.

Honegger's snide, arrogant dismissal of Khalezov is rather baffling, considering her background in this movement and professional credentials.  At the very least, she owes Khalezov, a brave man for coming forth with this information, an apology for inaccurately accusing him of things he did not say.  It was simply inexcusable for Barrett to allow these extremely ignorant and arrogant statements put forth by Honegger to go unchallenged.

None of this is to say that Honegger does not have valid criticisms of Khalezov's testimony, or that her work shouldn't be taken seriously.  But she is wrong in her depiction of Khalezov, and is wrong in her quick dismissal of his information.  I see very little of what Khalezov is claiming that could be considered inconsistent with Honegger's allegations of pre-planted bombs inside the Pentagon and her refutation of the official government conspiracy theory that the 757 hit the Pentagon at 9:37a.m.  Honegger argues the Pentagon was attacked much earlier than the official story says, beginning at roughly 9:30a.m.  Maybe it was the Granit missile Khalezov says hit the Pentagon that first struck at 9:30a.m., or even earlier?  Honegger argues that pre-planted internal explosions went off around 9:30a.m., but leaves the possibility open to a missile or plane attack in her Pentagon Attack Papers:
It is important here to note that internal explosion(s) between 9:30 and 9:32a.m. on the first and/or second floors of the west section of the Pentagon are not inconsistent with there possibly having also been a later impact by some airborne object much smaller than a 757/Flight 77-- a piloted plane, unmanned drone, or missile-- into the same or a nearby section of the building.  Indeed, if a heat-seeking missile hit the building following the explosions, the heat from the earlier explosion(s) would have become the target for the missile.  (See below for reports that A-3 Sky Warrior planes were retrofitted shortly before 9/11 to enable them to be remotely controlled, and fitted with missiles.)
Question for Khalezov or anyone with advanced weapons technology knowledge: is the Granit missile a heat-seeking missile, or is the weapon so advanced it does not require heat-seeking technology to perform it's function that day?

Honegger further states:
It is worth noting that the Pentagon's top financial officer leading up to and at the time of the attacks, Dov Zakheim, who also acknowledged the "missing" Trillions, had a company specializing in aircraft remote-control technology.  As some analyses claim a part found in the Pentagon wreckage is the front-hub assembly of the front compressor of a JT8D turbojet engine used in the A-3 Sky Warrior jet fighter, and as Air Force A-3 Sky Warriors-- normally piloted planes-- were reportedly secretly retrofitted into remote-controlled drones and fitted with missiles in a highly-compartmented operation at an airport near Ft. Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport in Colorado in the months before 9/11, the question further arises as to whether Pentagon auditors trying to "follow the money" and their computerized databases were intentionally targeted by inside-the-building explosives on 9/11, with the plane-impacting claim as the preplanned cover story. 
Sounds totally compatible with Khalezov's allegations, right?

Another question for Khalezov and those with knowledge of advanced weapons systems like the one were discussing here:

  • Can Granit missiles be launched from A-3 Sky Warrior fighter jets?  
  • If not, how else could the Granit missile that supposedly struck the Pentagon be launched?  

Khalezov mentions in his interview with Barrett that a submarine could have possibly launched the missile from somewhere in the Atlantic.  
  • Do the Israelis have subs in the Atlantic?  
  • Could a rogue commander in NATO or the U.S. Navy have allowed this Granit missile to be fired into the Pentagon on 9/11?  
  • Do we have any evidence of where the supposed missile was launched from?


  1. Brilliantly researched and well put together. Thanks for the time and efforts

    I am glad you have not dismissed Khalezov's testimony as every bit helps. I've posted quite a few articles about/related to Khalezov since he appeared on the scene, reposted his 26 videos @ all my blogs soon after they were taken down by Youtube. You asked me if you were missing something, the answer that comes to mind is we are all missing lots of things. My comment about the pentagon is here @ Goon Squad. There's a tsunami of questions thrown @ Khalezov by Jim Fetzer

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful and well-written essay! I forwarded your comments to Barbara Honegger, and am awaiting a response. -Kevin Barrett, http://www.truthjihad.com

  3. Thanks Kevin!

    I really think Khalezov is onto something here. His story makes a lot of sense to me, and it is consistent with Barbara's work. It'll be interesting to see what she has to say.

  4. Very detailed and very interesting.

    But, it is possible that disinformation is involved?

    My own belief is that the evidence points to 9 11 being planned by the same sort of people who planned Operation Northwoods and carried out Operation Gladio. Gladio involved people from various security services, belonging to various races and religions. Northwoods was approved by all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    In 1988, says Kevin Barrett's book "Truth Jihad," Barrett hoaxed the French press by posing as a nonexistent Hollywood film director. (Wikipedia)

    - Aangirfan

  5. Thanks for your feedback Aangirfan, I appreciate it.

    I think we're going to have to disagree about who planned 9/11, although elements from the network of folks who planned Operation Northwoods (U.S. military/Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Operation Gladio probably were involved. I think I've offered enough evidence here to persuasively make my point that the prime conspirator behind 9/11 was the Israeli Mossad, and Khalezov certainly backs that up, as do others like Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

    It is possible that disinformation is involved, same as in any case. I think Khalezov is worth considering at the very least.

  6. Thanks to John for pointing out misstatements in the interview I recently did with Kevin, and I'm glad for the opportunity to correct them. I meant to say that Khalezov and Bout were from the same village in Russia, not Harari and Bout. As for the others, I wasn’t so much making claims as trying to grasp the logical nexus and draw inferences, with the time pressure from the program resulting in missing some of the steps. You’re right, Khalezov hasn't claimed/acknowledged working with/helping Harari sell arms to Al Qaeda in Thailand, but that’s the inference from this nexus: Mossad/Harari (Khalezov learned) organized/controlled Al Qaeda and other Islamic groups in Thailand and Indonesia, even being arrested for and confessing under the alias Dr. Husseini to having been the Bali bombing leader; Khalezov was so close to Harari he was arrested as well; the inference, Khalesov was arrested for helping/working with Harari on the operations selling arms to Al Qaeda and other Islamic groups, most likely in Thailand where he’s located. Khalezov, in the 911-truth.net interview, said he himself was wanted by the U.S. in connection with both 9/11 and the Bali bombing, which he says involved a mini-nuclear weapon.
    But here’s the nexus that matters (assuming any of it is true): Harari told Khalezov that Granit missile(s) were stolen/acquired from the Kursk by the Mossad; Harari is the Mossad; therefore Harari had actual or effective control of the Granit missile(s). Harari said he/Mossad organized 9/11 and that one of those missiles hit the Pentagon on 9/11; therefore Harari/Mossad/Israel attacked Pentagon on 9/11. If they didn’t physically control the missile on 9/11, it’s only because Harari chose/set up a front to do so. Any middle man – ‘Al Qaeda’, Victor Bout, or the local milkman – is just a cutout for Harari/Mossad. Given Khalezov was so close to Harari to be called to his ‘victory’ celebration right after 9/11, the logical inference is that Khalezov is also Mossad, or was. You don’t just ‘make friends’ with the operational head of the Mossad, and a mere translator isn’t invited to the most important and sensitive celebration of his life. The real question is why would the Mossad/Israel want it to be known or believed that they attacked their “No. 1 ally” on Sept. 11? Khalezov hasn’t been stopped from getting out this message, and they could stop it if they wanted.
    Continued in Part 2, in next posted comment

  7. Part 2
    Now for whether any of Khalezov’s, and via him Harari’s alleged, claims make sense or ring true. First, assuming the Granit's on the Kursk carried nuclear warheads, of which there’s some evidence from the Norwegian divers, how likely is it that even one, let alone more than one, were removed from the sunken Kursk by anyone other than the Russian authorities? Next to zero. Per the July-Aug. 2001 Moskovskie Novosti, even a single Granit warhead with its radar and data exchange frequencies and protocols falling into Western hands was seen as “catastrophic” by Russian admirals as it would mean that "they would have to abandon the whole idea of destroying enemy aircraft carriers," which is why they guarded it with their Northern Fleet and surveillance and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) ships 24/7 and set off depth charges to keep non-Russian subs away. Still, let’s assume Khalezov is correct that the only way to acquire a nuclear-active Granit is from an on duty submarine, that one hit the Pentagon on 9/11, and that it came from the Kursk. If so, there are only two possibilities: No Granit was stolen from the Kursk and the Russians controlled it, or it was stolen and some other state or non-state actor controlled it. The former cannot be true. Sending a Granit into the Pentagon would be like Russia mailing its top national security secret into Rumsfeld’s ‘in box’. Let’s assume, then, that the Mossad somehow got its hands on a Granit. It’s an anti-SHIP weapon, and though Khalezov states that it can hit ground targets, why wouldn’t the Mossad keep its new crown jewel to reverse engineer, and use a missile specifically designed for land targets instead?
    And Khalezov’s rationale for hitting the Pentagon with a Granit with an intentionally disabled nuclear warhead also appears to fall apart on close inspection. He says that Harari told the Bush/Cheney chain of command that thermonuclear bombs were also on the planes then embedded in the WTC towers and that they had to be brought down to prevent a nuclear detonation from taking out New York. But physically bringing the towers down, which was due to controlled demolition at least in their superstructures where the planes were embedded, wouldn’t do anything to disable an nuclear warhead; the Russian Navy even said the Granit’s on the sunken Kursk weren’t affected by the massive onboard explosion (Moskovskie Novosti, July-Aug. 2001). And even if physically bringing down a tower did disable a nuclear warhead embedded within it, what was the rationale for also bringing down WTC 7, as there was no plane with a warhead in it needing to be disabled there? And if Khalezov is correct that pre-buried thermonuclear bombs in the deep
    sub-basement were part of bringing down the towers, doing so would require SETTING OFF nuclear explosions, when the purported rationale was to avoid them.
    According to a close associate of Thierry Meyssan’s to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Meyssan was commissioned by “Russian intelligence” to write his early book proposing that a missile hit the Pentagon, and that he was told Russian satellite photos showed it was launched from a ship in the Atlantic, but that he couldn’t reveal how he knew. One has to wonder if the source was Khalezov, directly or indirectly through one of his active duty contacts still inside his former Russian Army Special Control Service nuclear intelligence unit. And if so, why does Khalezov say or imply he doesn’t know where or how the missile was launched?

  8. the mwo is already here. it was decided in advance that ' mossad' or the zionists would take the rap. there is one world government, it's called rothschild, evil zionists will be replaced by peace loving jews in the 'new israel' rothschild banks will continue, if they get away with 911

  9. Barbara-

    I don't think you're 2nd comment was published.

    You say:
    "Given Khalezov was so close to Harari to be called to his ‘victory’ celebration right after 9/11, the logical inference is that Khalezov is also Mossad, or was."

    I have a lot of questions about Khalezov, too. Is the man Jewish? How do we know he doesn't have intelligence ties? How did he just happen to meet Mossad-connected people in Bangkok, who later introduced him to Mike Harari? I'm open to the idea that Khalezov may have ties to Mossad, but have not inferred it.

    "You don’t just ‘make friends’ with the operational head of the Mossad, and a mere translator isn’t invited to the most important and sensitive celebration of his life."

    Khalezov described how he became friends with Harari at length in the interviews, and how he was invited for the breakfast celebration. Khalezov clearly states that he met Harari through Mossad-connected people he met in Bangkok. So, how did Harari just happen to meet Mossad-connected people in Bangkok, and how does he know they are Mossad? These guys normally don't just come out and say, "Hi, I'm with the Israeli Mossad." That is a question that needs to be answered.

    Khalezov also states that he thinks Harari's main reason for wanting to meet him was because of his knowledge and experience in the Soviet nuclear unit during his Army days. Harari wanted to know if Khalezov (and thus, the Russian government) knew about the thero-nuclear devices at the base of the World Trade Center. He was invited for the celebration breakfast because he and Harari had become good friends over the course of the past 6 or 7 months. So Khalezov was more than a mere translator, he was the man's best friend from the sounds of it. Harari was old, didn't know too many people in Bangkok, and confided in Khalezov after they got to know each other.

    "The real question is why would the Mossad/Israel want it to be known or believed that they attacked their “No. 1 ally” on Sept. 11? "

    First off, the Mossad and Israel do not want it to be known or believe that they attacked their ally on Sept. 11. Who in the 9/11 Truth movement, except a few exceptions including Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Daryl Bradford Smith, Gordon Duff, the 9/11 Missing Links guys and some other anti-Zionists exposing these criminals, is actually saying that the Mossad was the prime conspirator behind the false flag attacks on 9/11? No one. Every single San Diegans for 9/11 Truth meeting I've been to, including your speech in January, talks about the usual scapegoats: Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and others in the Bush administration. No one is saying who really did it (Mossad and Israel), or explaining the international crime network (International Zionism) involved in it's implementation, in the 9/11 Truth Movement. That is what I'm trying to do.

    They could take Khalezov out if they wanted, so I don't really have an explanation for that one. The guy was in the Soviet army, and it's not as if these criminal Zionists have absolute control over ever last faction of every military around the world. Maybe Khalezov has people looking out for him? Maybe he knows how to watch out for himself?

    But the fact remains-- his explanation for what really happened on 9/11 is plausible and actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. It's a pretty elaborate story, so I just don't see a Russian man just making it up, especially because Khalezov thoroughly answered all of Kevin's questions.

  10. ok, we have a confession from harrari via Dimitri.
    we have dancing israei documentarians and a van with a mural of the 'event' driving around the event

    i'd say these guys wanted to get caught

    usa can accept 'mossad did it' they cannot accept 'the hidden hand from London' did it. Myths of 'attack, hijackers, and planes and or missiles' must be maintained. what if there was no 'attack'? just bombs going off. people can 't accept that.

  11. 911 was done by Tavistock, CNN, BBC, CFR, CIA, Rand , Mitre, FBI, Rothschild banks, MI6, and obviously mossad. Dimitri, VT, Bollyn, Griffin and anyone promoting planes, hijackers, or even the notion that we were 'attacked' is disinfo.
    September Clues is at least on the right track- the one truth is media hoax. If the planes were real they wouldn't need actors. There will never be 911 'truth'

  12. When Dimitri released his videos last spring he contacted SimonShack and Andrew Johnston (and Dr.Judy Wood) and in spite of his good manners he was brushed off. So VT promotes him, why? Mossad and Zionists have been designated by the perps to to take the rap. I expect- at least two decades of investigations, trials, appeals, re trials, mistrials, delays, prison suicides, confessions, recants, fake executions, diplomatic immunity, and ultimately fake justice and fake truth.

    'clearly 911 was perpetrated by rogue elements within the Mossad'

  13. Got questions? Why not address them directly to Khalezov?

    Here's his email:


    Use his PGP encryption key found here

    Or call: +6685-1230760 or +662-776039451 (both are mobile phone numbers in Bangkok, Thailand)

  14. Anonymous 5:37-

    People promoting planes, hijackers or the notion we were "attacked" is disinfo? Please explain yourself if you want to be taken seriously here.

    How could anyone claim the U.S. was not attacked on 9/11?

  15. Anonymous 6:00-

    "Mossad and Zionists have been designated by the perps to to take the rap."

    Where is the evidence for that statement? As I noted in addressing Barbara Honegger's response, no one, not even in the 9/11 Truth movement, is saying that Israel, the Mossad, and international Zionism was the architect of the false flag 9/11 attacks. The only people that are-- Bollyn, Daryl Bradford Smith, Sabrosky, Jeff Gates at Criminal State, and a few others-- rarely get any mention in the 9/11 Truth Movement, let alone mainstream society. International Zionism is never discussed as the prime conspirator for the evils of the world, at least not often enough. The fear of being labeled an anti-Semite is a big reason why, in my opinion. That's simply nonsense though, a way to avoid addressing these issues.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. W-

    I just emailed Khalezov, hopefully he replies to address some of the questions raised here and in the post. Thanks for the info.

  18. EVERYONE agrees that the Pentagon was hit by a missile, except the US military. There is only one country on earth capable of a missile hit on the Pentagon
    -USA. If anyone was allowed to do it, it’s an ‘arms length’ false flag. Either way
    It’s not an attack, it’s the ‘theatre of war’.
    Evidence that mossad is set to take the rap? Harari’s confession.
    Dimitri’s job is to divert attention from direct energy weapons and no plane theory
    -his ‘foreign missile’ theory continues the ‘we were attacked’ myth, necessary to justify US war on terrorism. basically it’s already one world government- the Committee of 300. If America was not attacked (it attacked itself), and it’s all a media
    Hoax, the legal liabilities are massive because all these wars are ILLEGAL

  19. Very interesting interview conducted by Jim Fetzer on a perspective that may align with what Khalezov is saying:


  20. Most interesting!

    - Aangirfan

  21. I think a lot of things would fall into place if we realise that the Vatican runs the USA, Europe and Israel (a Crusader state - there are hardly any Semite Jews there). Even Indonesia is run by the Vatican. I suggest that the "Jewish" bankers like JP Morgan and Rothchilds are in fact Knights Templars working on a plan suggested by Ignatius Loyola (Jesuit founder) in order to reconquer the "Holy" Land from the Muslims.

    In regards to the 911 planes I think it is odd that bits and pieces of the planes, flaps, lights, panels, windows, the engines etc, didn't get knocked off on impact and fall/flutter to the ground when the planes hit the buildings.

    Even the wing tips supposedly cut through great lengths and faces of 3" steel that made up the columns btw the windows. This would back up what Dimitri said about the plane videos being faked. I don't recall any witnesses talking about how they watched the planes fly into the towers.

  22. So let me see if I got this correct.

    An ex Mossad agent was bragging about the 9/11 attack to a retired russian speical operation soldier?

    Seriously? Did you read what you just said?

    First off if an Ex Mossad agent said anything that was truthful at all about any Mossad operations he would be dead in a second and since he is still alive he is lieing.

    Second why would a Mossad agent tell a russian agent anything consider Israel and russia are not friendly at all and in fact dislike each other alot.

    None of this makes any sense. Non. Please use logic when coming up with theories.

  23. Once again an Anonymous commenter leaving ignorant, rather incoherent messages about subjects and points of contention that I've already addressed, in detail, in previous comments.

    "First off if an Ex Mossad agent said anything that was truthful at all about any Mossad operations he would be dead in a second and since he is still alive he is lieing."

    Oh really? How about Victor Ostrovsky? Or Mordechai Vanunu? Yes, both were persecuted, and Vanunu was jailed for a long time, but neither were killed for their revelations.

    There is plenty of logic presented in this blog post. Maybe you need to go back and re-read it?

  24. Joe

    First, an interesting article and discussion. Thanks and well done.

    Vanunu, as far as I'm aware, was never was a Mossad agent. Ostrovsky's books are indeed an amazing resource - but they should not, IMO, be taken entirely at face value. At the very least Ostrovsky is, on occasion, economical with the truth. That may be for his own safety; I don't know.

    I think Barbara gave you the reason why this story has popped up (without spelling it out). Disinfo is often about weakening the case for the most important truths. The charming folk playing these deadly games are well aware there's a 9-11 Truth Movement - and that some of its membership believes Israel was primarily responsible. They have taken some trouble to try to discredit that view, which in my opinion (and apparently in yours) is essentially the correct analysis of who was behind 9/11.

    I suspect Khalezov/Bout are about tainting the "Israel did it" hypothesis by association with an implausible dead-end theory about what actually happened on 9/11. He's also part of the push to discredit the Architects for 9/11 Truth and other highly credible people in the 9/11 truth movement who, in nanothermite, stumbled across a "loaded gun" (to quote Niels Harrit). Their disinfo tries to kill two birds with one stone - or that's the goal. They are, to repeat, (1) weaken support for the scientifically rigorous 9/11 truth movement, while (2) associating the "Israel did it" theory with distracting nonsense for which there is no solid scientific evidence.

    Incidentally, your list of "Israel did 9/11" spokespersons, IMO, contains a few people who are almost certainly Mossad types too - and who have also been positioned on that particular base within the intellectual terrain to discredit it.

    Chris Bollyn is one of them. It's not that he writes 100% rubbish, but everything he claims needs checking because he is, at least in my opinion, not in the least trustworthy. Gordon Duff, who turned up on the scene more recently, is (also in my opinion) in the same category.

  25. Hey Syd, thanks for the comment.

    My impression of Khalezov is that he was being honest about what he knew. I don't think he has the entire story, but the idea of mini nucs or some other advanced weapon (Judy Wood's theory about Directed Energy Weapons come to mind) being used to demolish the towers makes a lot of sense to me and is worth exploring. Jim Fetzer has raised a number of issues with Khalezov's story relating to mini nucs. I don't think Khalezov has it 100% right by any means, but I think we should seriously consider his information.

    IMO, the A & E for 9/11 Truth crowd is controlled opposition who will never actually go after the perps (Israel and Zionist Jews in government and media largely), and will continue to push for a new investigation, which we know is a waste of time. It is up to independent researchers to figure this stuff out. Check out my post on the Vancouver Hearings taking place this June. Now that is a real investigation. Wanna bet if any A & E 9/11 Truth people show up? I doubt any will, but who knows?

    BTW- their focus on nanothermite is absurd. Nanothermite was not the primary cause of the destruction of the towers.

    A lot of people say Bollyn and Duff are disinfo. I don't follow Bollyn as much as I used to, but he definitely offers a TON of valuable information in figuring this crime out, especially as it relates to Israel. He was reporting on that angle from the very beginning. Duff, eh, I don't know what to think. He does offer some interesting insights and opinions, but he is a terrible writer and a major bully when he disagrees with anyone. I read his stuff, but always with a grain of salt. VT is an excellent source of info though, that's for sure.

  26. I believe there is ample evidence to conclude that nano-thermite technology was used to "bring down" the WTC North and South Towers and Building 7 - not any type of nuclear device.

    Additionally, I believe that the Oklahoma City Bombing was NOT the result of any type of nuclear device; again, with ample evidence available to support my position.


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