Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lesson in ethics

Originally found at Mike Delaney's


  1. It’s not often these ‘superior’ slime balls get caught on camera. Well done my friend.

    Us against ‘them’ - is their philosophy. Idiots, fools and tools the lot of them. They revel in their chosen status. They are merely the whipping hand that their master employs. When the Rothschild eye – like Sauron – moves elsewhere they will reap a whirlwind – a bloody hot one. I almost pity them – almost.

  2. I'm not willing to condemn "the lot of them,' but I do support and understand your sentiment. A very good number of Jews behave the way this fella describes, that's for sure.

    Then again, I think that anyone participating in the criminality we're witnessing, or sitting and watching it silently, whether they're in government, politics, business, or just average people, they are basically endorsing it by default and allowing the type of behavior described above to continue.

  3. I agree John. Maybe I was a little broad with the brushstroke. My use of ‘the lot of them’ was meant to describe those that willing, blindly or silently buy into this supremacist mindset.

    They have not seized power – it was handed to them willingly. By our own silence on their actions we implicitly accept and condone them.


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