Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This guy is good

Adrian Salbuchi, of the Second Republic Project, is one of most knowledgeable and analytical geopolitical thinkers I've come across since I began looking closer at how the world really works.  I find his work insightful, enlightening, and encouraging.  He has some excellent interviews with Daryl Bradford Smith at www.iamthewitness.com, and also has a YouTube channel where you can find most of his videos and media appearances.

He was interviewed on RT today, and, as always, had some interesting things to say.  The video is below.


  1. Great video John. Salbuchi is an intelligent and articulate voice against the elites and banksters.

    I did enjoy watching the bubble-head try to understand him. She still firmly believes in the left vs right paradigm, the US reigns supreme and the banksters are just businessmen.

    PS I like the new look of the place (grin)

  2. Excellent video.

    - Aangirfan

  3. Thanks Chucky, I think it looks a lot better, too!!

    Yeah, Salbuchi has a way of explaining things so matter-of-factly, so straightforward that you can't simply dismiss what the man is saying as "conspiracy theories" or unproven conjecture. His Second Republic Project is a good way forward and offers some valuable solutions that we tend not to focus on.

    The woman for RT does seem to be a bit behind in figuring this whole mess out, doesn't she? Maybe they'd give me a shot in her position? Dream job right there!! Lol


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