Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simple, and straightforward

Originally found at Daryl Bradford Smith's site,

Let's stop playing games and obfuscating here.  The true criminal network exposed itself for the world to see on 9/11.  It's not about the Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, Muslims, blacks, whites, or Arabs.  It's about the Zionist criminal network.  They've been lurking behind the scenes for years now, and they've been outed for the world to see.


  1. Have you ever read the Martin Luther book the creator of this video cited? If the goal of this posting is to weaken this blog's credibility, then it is doing its job.

  2. The goal of this posting was to show that criminal Zionism is the driving force of world events, or the New World Order as some put it.

  3. I apologize, no, I have not read Martin Luther's book that was cited in the video. Have you? And would you mind explaining how this posting is weakening the credibility of my blog?

  4. Yes, I have read the (most) of the book, after I heard it referenced in the video posted. It is available online, in its entirety. Read the book, and I will not have to tell you why it undermines your effort and credibility. Also, the fact that you have not read one of the books cited shows a inherent flaw in your ongoing (and vague) narrative.

  5. Thanks for your input. I read a lot of stuff, and will check out the book.

    As I mentioned, the reason for posting this video was to demonstrate the simple and straightforward fact that Zionism and the Jewish crime network is the driving force of the global power structure and its efforts to bring about a global tyranny, or New World Order as some put it. As the guy in the video discusses, there are all sorts of patriots and commentators that talk about the New World Order, the Bilderbergs, CIA, corporate power, Free Masons, Illuminati, ect. Focusing on these groups is simply a distraction, an obfuscation from the major crime network, which is centered around Zionism. Although these groups are players in the global crime network, and should be discussed and analyzed, the Zionist-led crime network should be the main focus. I think I've made that clear on this blog, but please let me know if I haven't.

    By the way, I did take a quick look at the book just now. Luther's generalization of Jews is lamentable, and I wouldn't endorse that point of view. There are many Jews that are fighting and exposing this crime network, and have over history, including Jack Bernstein, Israel Shahak, and Benjamin Friedman to name just a few, so generalizing Jews in this manner is not at all what I'm trying to do.

    This is a touchy subject we're dealing with here, that's for sure. But the evidence is overwhelming for a Zionist-led global conspiracy, and history proves this. So I'm going to do what I can to bring some of these facts to light, and offer my opinion on these matters. Once again, thanks for your input and taking the time to read (or watch in this case).

  6. One last thing I was thinking of-- Luther's book is certainly not the topic of this post, and was one source the guy in the video mentioned backing up his argument. So let's not get stuck on that one thing, and focus on the bigger picture and the main thesis of the argument, which I've highlighted in previous comments.


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