Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New facts (at least for me) regarding the FALSE FLAG attack on 9/11

Kevin Barrett, author, radio host and founder of Truth Jihad, has an extremely interesting and thought provoking interview with Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, and Dmitri Khalezov, a former Soviet intelligence officer specializing in nuclear technology.  Suffice it to say, Khalezov's testimony will shock even the most knowledgeable 9/11 researchers out there.

The author of the blog Revelations brought to my attention a post that went up yesterday related to Khalezov's assertions and information he shared during the interview above.  Unfortunately, I still haven't had time to go through all of this information, but I do find it credible, and worth looking into.  For now, I'll let my readers take a look at the testimony put forth and draw their own conclusions.

Update: James Laffrey of The Equal Party Blog brought to my attention this article by Scott Creighton at his website, American Everyman, which refutes, challenges, and dismisses Khalezov and Duff's claims in the interview above.  Also worth considering.

Update II:  Kenny's Sideshow has a post from Monday, February 21st related to this that is worth reading as well.  


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  2. ". . . there were emergency nuclear demolition devices in the buildings . . . that brought them down."

    I believe it was Professor Steven Jones of BYU who found evidence of the explosive nano-thermite in the dust the World Trade Center towers were reduced to.

    I'll stick with Professor Jones and nano-thermite used for the controlled demolition of World Trade Center towers 1, 2 and 7.

    What interests me is why they are trying to fly this "emergency nuclear demolition devices" red herring up the flagpole.

    Also, I would give credence to the claims that a micro-nuke was used in the Bali Bombing false flag, but not the WTC false flag.


  3. Wow, this is interesting.

    No, not the video. With Gordon "Disinfo" Duff involved, I'm not going to waste my time watching it.

    What's interesting is two related things:

    1. On the willyloman website, written by a Scott Creighton, the video is persuasively flushed down the toilet. Here's a link:

    Caution: On his site, Scott Creighton suspiciously limits himself to blaming Americans without naming the Rothschild-"Jew" network as the supreme enemy. But on 9/11, he's very persuasive.

    2. Mr. John Friend, I think that you had a link to the Scott Creighton willyloman "American Everyman" website for months -- until today. Right? Did you purposely remove the link to his site? Why?


  4. Thanks for the comments. I am no expert when it comes to explosive demolitions, architecture, or nuclear devices, so I don't really know what to make of Dmitri's claims. It's certainly worth considering, in my opinion, which is why I put it up here on the blog. Even more interesting, Dmitri claims that the French were intimately involved, even more so than the Israelis, which is news to me. I'm still trying to go through the interview, and read what he's written about his claims. Is this a disinfo tactic? Possibly, so it's worth considering with a grain of salt, as all things are.

    James, I read Scott's article just now, and I think he offers an interesting perspective, also worth considering. I have added a link to this post. Thanks!

    I took his website down from the blog list a while back simply because I stopped reading his site back in January. No disrespect to him, I think he's a pretty good writer and offers a unique analysis on many issues that I care about. His characterization of those out here that positively identify a strong Zionist presence in the false flag operation on 9/11 as "Jews did 9/11" is an easy way to avoid addressing the substance of that argument, and is cowardly. There were many Jews in positions of power both in the government, private sector, and media that allowed, facilitated, or covered up 9/11.

  5. It’s interesting for me to see a lot of attention Khalezov has received via Gordon Duff. I think it took guts to examine this issue. I was initially very wary of the whole idea – sort of a tin-foil hat aversion - but I watched the DVD and read his PDF file.

    Technically it is hard to rubbish and he goes into a lot of the terminology and science behind his ideas. He nails down a lot of the loose ends that others leave. His explanation of the attack on the Pentagon using the P-700 (Nato designation SS-N-19) Granit steel bodied supersonic cruise missile makes sense also.

    I’m not trying to win any converts for the guy but I found it compelling. It is worth while downloading the PDF as well as the DVD as there is a lot of supporting files and docs included.

    As I read elsewhere recently "read everything, believe nothing, unless you can prove it to YOURSELF with YOUR OWN research" – Bill Cooper

    Thanks for the link to the revelations page Mr Friend. I haven’t had time to watch those videos yet.

  6. Hey Chucky, I'd agree 100% with what you just said.

    Khalezov offers a lot of info backing up his claims, so I don't think we can just dismiss what he's saying. The guy at Revelations seems to bring this all together, but, like you, I haven't had time to sit down and go through it all, unfortunately.

    James thinks Duff is disinfo, which I don't buy. What do you think?

  7. With all the interest in Khalezov recently I’m watching the DVD again (grin).

    James has good instincts John. I like Gordon Duff’s articles and he comes across well both in his writing and in his interviews. Duff is also an ex-spook who hangs about with other ex-spooks and many of his sources are more ex-spooks.

    I don’t think he is completely disinfo but I always keep that in mind when I take onboard what he says. Nothing is ever what it seems with those types and he could very well be a back-channel for some of the infighting that goes on behind the scenes.

    I used to post the odd comment over at his site but that section is now swimming in Hasbara types and wannabes. I think my earlier quote from Bill Cooper really sums it up best. I’m also now reading his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’. Kenny had it linked in a post on Khalezov. How’s that for synchronicity (grin).


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