Thursday, February 17, 2011

Imagine this...

Originally found at Kenny's Sideshow:

Imagine for a moment the slaves in the South back in the day (many of whom were brought to the Good ol' U.S.A. by the same group who are the prime conspirators behind the false flag attack on 9/11 and the wars in the Middle East) cheering and congratulating their owners while they receive shiny metals and accolades for keeping them in bondage.  That's the spectacle that has become mainstream America.

Chris Hedges has been writing and speaking about a subject that relates to this.  It really explains how so much criminality, lawlessness, and tyranny can manifest itself right out in the open, yet no one seems to care, or even notice.  Even worse, many people seem to enjoy it, mindlessly praising the very people who are committing all the crimes, as evidenced by the video above and in so many other instances.  

Hedges was interviewed on Anti-War Radio the other day, and had this to say:
...we used to have this debate between George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and I think what we've seen is that in essence we've got both.  First we've got Huxley, a society entranced by entertainment and spectacle, captivated by technology, seduced by wasteful consumption, and, in essence, anesthetizing a population as they embrace their own oppression.  Once they were stripped, once credit dried up, once jobs dried up, once those cheap manufactured goods were no long affordable, we get Orwell.  So they're both right. 


  1. “Alright… sit down and shut up”

    That sums it up for me Mr Friend. You are free to do as we tell you. I am so glad that I (for whatever reason) awoke from the soma. I just can’t sympathise with the herd any longer. They embrace their bondage with all their hearts in the hope that some shiny bauble will be dropped into their laps.

    The self appointed having been pissing on the hypnotised and the corrupted for generations telling them it’s raining. Too bad the weatherman’s going to spoil that illusion – won’t they be so happy.

    Wake up and taste the salt folks (grin).

  2. Those people in the video are so sick.

    So terminally sick.

    They adulate a murdering war criminal like Cheney; a murderer of women and children; a murdering war criminal with not only the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim women and children on his hands, but also the blood of thousands of their fellow American citizens on 9/11.

    One of the most vile displays of mindless sycophancy imaginable.

    Hard words maybe, but they do deserve the fate the murdering war criminal Cheney and his fellow traitors and war criminals have planned for them.

  3. "The self appointed having been pissing on the hypnotised and the corrupted for generations telling them it's raining. Too bad the weatherman's going to spoil that illusion-- won't they be so happy."

    Couldn't have said it better myself! So true my friend, so true.

  4. War criminals like Cheney deserve far harsher words, and will get their reward in the pits of hell. Rest assured of that.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I like the use of the Hedges quote. Poignant.

    Sadly, I doubt that Ol' Cheney will get his "in the pits of hell."

    There will be no day of reckoning, there will be no weatherman. There is only the hope that the current system will be derailed by some catastrophic natural disaster or some pandemic virus that sustains itself for long, long periods of time.

    Hopefully, a large ball of mass shoots into our atmosphere and destroys this parasitic race of men.

    After all, the likes of Cheney have been around since the beginning of mankind, and assuming there was a revolution or the like, it would only last until the next wielding of wealth and power to advance a private agenda. It is an inherent flaw in men: destruction of all living organisms and resources in hopes of advancing oneself.

  6. There’s no need to be so bleak UNO student. You are correct in that the likes of Cheney have been around since the dawn of current ‘civilisation’.

    Mankind isn’t the parasite but there are those that have ruled over us through the millennia in much the same way as a parasite would.

    The poet Shelley wrote that freedom comes to man when “the last monarch is strangled with the guts of the last priest”. Succinct don’t you think?

    It is not our task to conquer evil once and for all time - these things are cyclical. We are tasked with fighting in our time. That’s why so many of us are here at this time.

  7. I appreciate your "Hope." Perhaps, it was possible some time ago, but now: nada. Everything you use to inform, persuade, argue is a concept created by and for the status quo. Everything you use is easily controlled, monitored and abused by the elites of the world. Every book will be digitized, every computer will have access only to places that allow you to buy a product. Soon, information will be another department, run straight out of the Pentagon, or a comparable entity. The short lived age of vast flows of information will soon go by the wayside, replaced by a more direct form of propaganda management. Dissent, as weak as it has become already, will literally be no more. The ignorance that exists today is only a seed being planted for the future crop of 100 percent indoctrination. How will you communicate? How will you organize? How will you spread information when every form of communication is tightly controlled, tightly enforced and the numbers of dissidents dwindle year after year? I am not saying stop trying to inform (though I do not agree with our friend Mr. Friend on many subjects), I am simply saying it is a wasted effort. If you want to effect true change, it will take a beyond man-made effect, and I am in no means suggesting divine intervention. It will take the destruction of what has become a PARASITIC species. I have no romantic point here about "our task to conquer evil once and for all time." Have you ever seen a butterfly try to fight its way from a spider's web? That is a valid comparison to goal of "fighting in our time." Just ask those in the civil rights movement. One step forward, a dozen steps backward.

  8. I find it interesting that we seem to look at similar events and foresee completely opposite inferences. Maybe the difference stems from our separate start points. I started out in a society in open rebellion. I knew the state and the media were liars from my earliest days. I have also seen the power of a risen people and that keeps my flame of hope burning.

    For at least the last 150 years the vast majority have had very few sources of information that were not controlled by the elites’ gatekeepers – directly or indirectly. Most ‘informed’ opinion came from the newspapers, then radio until finally the prized hypnotic - television.

    Twice before, in the last 100 years, the populations of the West were completely aware of the banksters and their robber baron buddies. They organised collectively and made advances but in both instances they were brain washed and marched off to global slaughter.

    Voices like those of Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins and others like Archibald Maule Ramsay would never reach an audience outside of the few hundreds of people that could go to hear them speak or the limited book runs from independent publishers. You had to be already aware before you became aware of such opinions.

    The internet has offered a brief window whereby absolutely all controls have seemingly waned. While systems like blogger etc may be tools to identify the potential troublemakers I increasingly find there are more of us as time progresses.

    That this has coincided with the crescendo of a multi-century’s long scheme for the seizure of total global hegemony is not accidental. The window will close as you rightly say. It will be too late as many are now aware of the grey and dark web. Knowledge cannot be unlearned.

    We, as a species, have been herded for so long to the benefit of a tiny group. They could only do so while their control was total. I feel we have sufficient numbers to have reached a critical mass. I find that only such a catastrophic event of ‘nature’ as you mention can stop it.

    I’m not a communist or follower of any other ‘ism’. I’m also not a follower of any Western or Eastern school of theology but I am still aware of our spiritual nature. We can fight Mao’s war of the flea without becoming Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’. They have the guns but we have the numbers. The battle is always fought first in the mind and they have lost control of that battlelfeild.

    PS Hi History’sBBB. Good to see you posting again.

  9. Interesting commentary here, much appreciated.

    UNO Student, I have to disagree with you on some things.

    You claim that the people on earth are parasitic, or have become parasitic, largely destroying the planet and their fellow human beings. I couldn't disagree more, and I'll explain why.

    In my short life span, I've had the chance to travel this country and internationally a few times. I've met people from all over. And, generally speaking, they have all been pleasant, decent people wanting nothing more than to live a happy, comfortable life. They want the best for their children and family. Which I think is true of most people on this planet, more or less. However, people are easily manipulated, propagandized and misled. And that is exactly what has been going on for the last 150 years, at least.

    The parasites are those at the top of the global power elite network, pulling the strings behind the scenes. They have cemented their control through their private banking systems, control of the media and mass communication, and governments. And, to put it bluntly, the very top tier of this global power elite consist of an international network of individuals, corporations, and other groupings dedicated to Zionism.

    So, that is the network that needs to be exposed and challenged. They are the parasites, who have manipulated governments and societies for generations for their own purposes. And that is what I, and others, are trying to do in our own small way. This network really has exposed itself with the false flag attack on 9/11, but has existed for some time now. It's time to put a stop to it, and derail their agenda.

    I do understand your concerns about their total control of information in the future, and the terrible prospect of 100% indoctrination. That's why it's so imperative to speak out right now. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I hope to see you here again soon.

  10. Hiya Chucky,

    I would like to collect every one of those self-satisfied, fat-assed, howling bastard whores in the Cheney audience and drop them in Gaza, or the depleted uranium munitions fire zone in Iraq or Afghanistan, or put them in line of fire from a US drone beside the civilian families our heroes are murdering in Pakistan.

    But that will not happen, huh. Those overfed, low I.Q. p.o.s. asswipes will just keep on supporting their mass murdering psychopath leaders and then get down on their knees on Sundays, like the pack of hypocritical shit sucking mongrels they are. God, I despise them.

    Chucky, I gotta tell you, that video has really shown me what the United States of Israel is.

    They turn my stomach.

    I can remember a time when the deluded world thought America was the most wonderful country on Earth. The world really needs to study the video on this page.


  11. It's pretty sickening, to say the least. The political discourse in this country is so completely backwards. The real criminals get praised, while folks that stand for peace, justice, and decency get ridiculed, laughed, and slandered-- if they're not assaulted and arrested like Ray McGovern.


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