Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alex Jones, disinfo, and JFK's assasination

When I first discovered that the official story of 9/11 was a complete farce, I quickly stumbled upon the work of radio host Alex Jones, and began listening to his radio programs and frequenting his website, Infowars.com.  I was pulled into Jones, I will admit, but rather quickly discovered new information and bits of history that Jones either fails to address, or outright misleads his audience about.  I began following the work of Daryl Bradford Smith, whose website www.iamthewitness.com is a phenomenal source of information.  Smith has countless podcast interviews with various guests, posts important news articles, and has over 30 books written by authors from a diverse background, which can be downloaded and read by anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Zionist crime network that has wrapped its greedy hands around the throat of America, and much of the world.

Jones resorts to scare tactics, fails to address the real crime network, and largely ignores the issue of Zionism altogether.  His constantly invoked "New World Order" meme is largely meaningless, as he refuses-- willingly, based on my assessment-- to accurately describe the forces behind the push for global tyranny, war, and domination of peoples, natural resources and strategic geopolitical geographies.  While Jones does in fact bring many important truths to light, he misses the bigger picture, and leaves out vital details which are necessary to understand for anyone seeking a deeper comprehension of the problems facing mankind, and the criminal cabal behind them.  Jones' tactics amount to a type of disinformation, or limited hangout, in which crucial details of important historical and current events, and the reality of the global power structure, are ignored, downplayed, or dismissed.

I am certainly no expert on the JFK assassination, however, I have read a good deal about the subject and can state without hesitation that our 35th president was indeed murdered in a sophisticated assassination operation, and that Lee Harvey Oswald was a mere patsy and not the "lone gunmen," which is constantly pounded into the heads of Americans in school, the media and (mainstream) history books.  Michael Collins Piper, whose work I have cited in the past, wrote a provocative book called Final Judgement, alleging that the prime conspirator in the JFK assassination was the Israeli Mossad.

Below is the first part in a video, originally found at Mark Glenn's The Ugly Truth website, which highlights much of what I have written here, and is worth watching.  Needless to say, for those out there seeking a true understanding of the global power structure, and an accurate analysis of important historical and current events, Alex Jones is not the person to turn to.  


  1. Friend, I saw your comment @ truthjihad.blogspot.com asking 'Why the French though? He didn't seem to explain the French connection to 9/11 too well' You are right and the does not know why. Remember Bush calling French Fries Freedom Fries? Anyway Khalisove did not lie about the French and here are the reasons why:
    Must Watch


  2. Thanks for the info. This guy seems credible enough to me, that's for sure. Pretty interesting stuff he has to say. I've heard of him before, but haven't dug too deeply into his claims. The "no planes hit the buildings" theory he presents is pretty interesting. I watched a documentary a while back promoting this theory, and it actually made a lot of sense. I'm trying to listen to all the interviews he's done, and hope to have a post up about it.

    I really want to hear how the French are involved, which is brand new to me. I'll check out your post. Thanks again!


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