Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, the irony of Obama and his supporters...

Is this the type of endorsement President Obama and his supporters can point to with pride?  From The Hill newspaper:
President Obama has "learned from experience" that some of the Bush administration's decisions on terrorism issues were necessary, according to former Vice President Cheney.
Among the other points make by former Vice President Cheney regarding the Obama administration's conduct and prosecution of the (phony) "War of Terror":

  • Closing the prison complex at Guantanamo Bay is not only politically unattainable, but logistically impossible given the need to "have some place to put terrorists who are combatants who are bound and determined to try to kill Americans"
  • The efficacy of not only continuing, but vastly expanding, the use of unmanned drones used to kill supposed "terrorists"
  • The noble, pragmatic decision by the Obama administration to not prosecute or even (truly) investigate the illegal conduct of U.S. armed forces and others acting under color of the U.S. government and people for war crimes including torture, murder and other heinous acts

Is it me, or is an endorsement from former Vice President Cheney sort of ironic for President Obama and his supporters, considering the man harshly criticized and campaigned against the sort of policies enacted by the Bush administration?  Glenn Greenwald first pointed me to this story earlier today, and raises some critical points on this subject in his article yesterday.  You can read Cheney's entire interview here.

There are many more examples of leading Right-wing, National Security types of the Bush administration and it's supporters who have lavished praised on President Obama's continuation, and expansion into bipartisan consensus, of the fascist, illegal policies of the previous administration.  This is not news to anyone paying attention.  Obama has proven to be one of the biggest frauds I've ever witnessed in my life (Bill and Hilary Clinton are a close competitor).  Leaving aside the plethora of allegations that have sprung up in the past few years regarding Obama's past, anyone with any sort of intellectual integrity can see this man is a fraud, a puppet (just like Bush) for the Jewish-led global power elite.  

I could sit here and point out the dizzying levels of hypocrisy (see here for a recent particularly egregious example) flowing from virtually every official, spokesperson, or representative in the Obama administration, but that is not my purpose here.  Others out there have done, and continue to do, a great job of exposing and detailing this on a daily basis.  Each day presents more and more evidence, it seems, of Obama's weakness as an individual and (supposed) leader.  Those still blindingly clinging to the belief in the dignity, honesty, or any other positive virtue of the political establishment and political parties-- despite overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence to the contrary-- are not and will not be convinced.