Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do they care?

The truth is a rare commodity these days, but here is a good example of a woman willing to speak it.  Do you think the people listening actually care or will take the necessary steps to combat the global power elite that has had it's strangle hold on the free people of the world for some time now?  Some are offering interesting solutions, and I plan to have more on this subject in a future post.

What a truly sad state of affairs this country is in.

In case you are reading this blog for the first time, I tend to find interesting information, analysis, books, podcasts, and videos like the one posted above from some of the websites I have linked on the left hand side of the page.  Although I don't endorse all of their perspectives and presentations of information, they do offer unique analysis and opinion that is well-thought and worth considering.  

A coherent perspective?

My grandma always told me when I was a kid that holding in your gases would make you explode.  My grandma is smart, so I listened to her.

I my adulthood, I've come to realize that holding in thoughts can make your head explode, so I'll see if I can straighten some things out that I've been wanting to share and discuss with the world.  I've written about some of these things in the past, but would like to put together a coherent perspective of the times we are living in today and see what my family, friends, and other readers think about it.

There are some very ugly realities that we as human beings have got to confront.  Horrible atrocities have been and are being committed on a daily basis.  These issues are difficult to think about, let alone come to grips with.  I believe that by deliberately ignoring to confront them, or even discuss them, we are not helping the situation, and are in fact complicit in it.  That is why I am writing these words down and offering my opinion on these matters.

It's been about a year since I stumbled upon the ugly reality of 9/11.  After two minutes of re-examining the events that occurred that day, anyone can easily see the fraud and coverup of the "official" 9/11 conspiracy theory.  By "official" 9/11 conspiracy theory, I mean the narrative that supports and refuses to question the explanation offered by the federal government of the United States, which is amplified and promoted by the major media in the United States and around the world.  The conclusions I have drawn from studying this and other historical events have drastically changed my perception of the world we live in, and my place in it.

When analyzing geopolitics today and historically, the role of Zionist or Jewish power, not only in the United States, but in the wider spectrum of international relations, must be addressed.  I don't think it's wrong to raise this issue or discuss it, but others certainly do.  Some even go to extravagant lengths to deny and downplay the reality of Jewish power, which is quite obvious to any rational observer of the geopolitical scene today and throughout history.  (Notice how Foxman never actually addressed any of the facts people raise about this issue?)  Analyzing historical and current events without discussing Jewish power and it's commanding role in the global power elite network is like discussing NFL football without discussing the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons-- two of the best teams this season in their respective leagues.  One has to discuss the major players and influences when analyzing anything in this world, but few want to discuss the facts of Jewish power.  Even if you don't buy into their game plan, which is no doubt unfolding (I wrote about this here, for those interested), you can't ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room called Zionism and accurately understand what is happening in the world today.

There are some people these days who are willing to discuss these matters, quite articulately in fact.  Some folks even have entire books written about the subject from various viewpoints and backgrounds, including Jewish ones.


If you immediately dismiss what I am writing here as anti-Semitic, conspiracy theory, paranoid non-sense, I suggest you stop and ask yourself: Why do I think this?  Why is it virtually impossible to discuss this subject-- Jewish power and it's role in historical and current events?  Why does it seem impossible to question the approved, authorized historical narrative of events even though there are obviously glaring holes and unanswered questions upon further review?  Think about it-- one particular social group, Jews, that seems to have had and continues to have a major influence in Western society-- in the fields of government, business, academia, media, banking, technology (see here for a current list, and here for a broader historical perspective)-- cannot even be mentioned without running the risk of ostracizing oneself from friends, family, and the larger society around us.  Does anyone else think this is a problem?  There are some people out there who do.

Just to clarify things a bit-- I believe it is best to think of the global power elite network that is calling the shots today as consisting of many different players and socioeconomic groupings or interests, including but not limited to certain corporations, secret societies, various criminal networks, and national governments, which are often overlapping and converging in their interactions.  In essence, there is a diverse network of actors competing in the global power elite, with Zionism at the top of this network, infiltrating and dominating the other actors.  The global power elite is a diffuse, permeable network, not necessarily controlled by "the Jews" but influenced largely by a criminal network dominated by those who happen to be Jewish or are assets of the Zionist agenda.

I think it is past time to rationally discuss these issues, and I intend to do so.  That is unless you are OK with things like 9/11 and other major terrorist attacks, endless wars against poor people living in strategically and geopolitically important parts of the world, torture, the evisceration and extreme politicization of the rule of law and many other extremely horrible things.

I know it sucks to think about these things, and that is a reason why so few are willing to grasp with these important topics (aside from all the propaganda).  We have let this network start wars by deception, launch terrorist attacks against civilian populations, deploy the most lethal and devastating weapons (including bio-, chemical-, medical-, and nuclear), benefit from them financially and geopolitically, dictate the narrative of these extraordinary crimes and lie straight to our faces about it.  Come on now, folks.  I'm simply sick of it, and I'm only 24.  Do we have to continue to allow this network to commit these crimes against humanity and the free thinking people of the world?  Will we be bullied into silence, complicit in the horrific acts unfolding around us?  I'm not sure about you, but I know where I stand.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recent thoughts

I've been busy the past two weeks, first moving and settling into a new place, and then traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I've been away from my computer for some time now.  For those who read my past post, I survived the TSA and avoided Michael Chertoff's naked-body scanner!  Haha, actually, the TSA folks were quite pleasant at the San Diego airport.  I'm not giving legitimacy to the TSA or Department of Homeland Security (please see this video), but just pointing out that in my experience, most people working at this Orwellian organization are decent folks trying to make a living.  Anyways....

The impetus for me starting this blog was the realization that 9/11 was a massive PSYOP perpetrated by a Zionist criminal network-- the organizing force behind the event needed for the implementation of global fascism.  The evidence and history is available for anyone seeking to understand this phenomenon.  Take a look at some of the websites and blogs on the left hand side of the page here.  If we are ever going to put a halt to the madness happening in this world, we first have to expose the criminals that set up and run the operation.  The fractional reserve banking system, established by Zionist bankers many moons ago, must be exposed and dismantled.  By controlling the monetary system, this network of criminals has been able to not only dominate the entire banking system, but the entire economy, political structure, educational system, and mass media.

What is so striking to me is just how blatant these people are in their criminality.  9/11 must be the starting point for anyone, but in my generation especially.  We know it was the Zionist criminal network that organized and carried out that devastating attack on America and the free people of the world.  Anyone who goes along with the official government story is either a willful accomplice in the murder and mayhem that was justified by that act or is completely ignorant.  What I am saying-- to friends, family and others reading this blog-- is how can anyone with any sort of integrity go along with this and support anyone in any position of power (everyone right now) that has constantly justified our wars of aggression against the innocent people of the Muslim world with this event?  How can you acquiesce and support a system that refuses to address this critical issue?  The problem is, the entire system is complicit, and all need to be purged that support this narrative that has caused so much havoc in our world.

What the Zionist criminal network is counting on is us-- the free people of the world-- to remain silent and intimidated.  They are counting on us to remain ignorant, divided and consumed by their media and portrayal of reality.  What we are witnessing at this juncture in history is the establishment of global fascism, in which entire nation states become the subjects of Zionist banking interests, brainwashed by their propaganda and misinformation.  Modern day slaves, forced to wage war on some of the poorest people on the planet that happen to have been born on land that has tremendous mineral and strategic wealth.  It's playing out in front of our eyes on a day to day basis.  Friends and family, will you go along with this madness, or begin organizing to bring this (former) Republic back to it's rightful owners?  The first step is understanding what we are up against, and who the true criminals are.  9/11 was a smack in the face for everyone.  Can we let this blatantly evil force control our world?  I for one will not go down without a fight.  Let's get informed and bring some real change to this world.  We can and must leave a better world for future generations.  It starts with us.  Anyone with me?