Monday, November 15, 2010

The battle against evil

I began reading Eustace Mullins' book The Curse of Canaan the other day, and it finally dawned on me: the movement that many of us are in is really a battle of good versus evil.

We're dealing with people that plan wars for profit by supporting both sides in a conflict.  That manufacture terrorist attacks to sway public opinion.  That steal organs from poor people.  That lie and defraud individuals and nations.  That are involved in Satanic rituals, where raping and murdering children are the norm (I know, gut wrenching stuff).

We could go on and on with historic examples of evil manifesting itself in this world.  Or we could point to more recent examples.  The fact is, on a daily basis, one encounters evidence of the devil's work at play.  Can we sit by and watch this happen?  Or do we take a stand and say enough is enough?  That is a decision each of us has to make.


  1. I too am in the middle of that book. It's Brilliant. And I couldn't agree with him more. Keep are doing a great job!

  2. Ah yes, Eustace Mullins, the final protege of Ezra Pound. I watched some very interesting documentaries on him, especially about Zionism. Will put that down to read as well as others. Enjoy the book.

  3. The man is spot on, and has written some of the most important books of our times. Really hits the nail on the head.

  4. Wow, coincidence. I'm reading it, too.

    I'm on page 102, and I've paused to note that despite the seemingly great gleanings from history, Mullins appears to be unsupportably racist in this book. By his definition, I'm a Shem, one of the good people. And all others are bad, part of the Curse of Canaan?

    I can't support a total condemnation of all Jews, let alone other "dark" races and ethnicities. The criminal Jews, yes, but not each and every Jew (not to mention whether they are Jew by DNA, religion, culture, or choice!) And what about mixes? What about the children of mixed parentage -- are they bad, too, before they even do anything bad?

    Maybe I'll reach a different conclusion about the book when I reach its end.

    But what is your take on all this?

  5. Yeah, I was a put off by his assertions about the "dark" races, ect. I haven't finished the book either, but did find it pretty interesting. Of course, no one can support a total condemnation of all Jews, dark skinned folks and people of mixed races, at least one who thinks rationally. Not sure about the historic aspects of what he was talking about, or if it is some sort of allegory.

    I do think evil manifests itself in this world, and has largely taken over the political, economic, and social institutions of the Western world, if not other parts of the world. When the federal government is involved with and covers up sexual abuse, rape, and murder of children, you know evil has prevailed. And this evil has no particular skin color, ethnicity, ect., at least from the research I've done. It's a sickness of the mind and soul, which can affect anyone who succumbs to it.


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