Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking an unpopular stand

UPDATED October 19, 2010 10pm PST- See below

As I've mentioned, since coming to the realization that the events of 9/11-- which justified a crime wave unprecedented in history-- as portrayed by the media and political class (and much of society) were obviously false, I've set out on a journey to learn as much as I can about what happened that day, who the real perpetrators were, and what their goals were.  I've discovered much about the world, and the dark forces that control it, on this journey, and have continued to learn each and every day.  I can say without a sliver of a doubt that 9/11 was carried out by Israeli intelligence, aided and abetted by their agents of influence (both Jewish and non-Jewish) involved in the highest levels of the US government, media, and private sector.  Although I wish this information was discussed and debated, I understand it is a taboo subject for most of society.  But in order for this issue to be resolved, some tough questions must be asked of ourselves and of the nature of our political and economic system.

As has been so painfully obvious, our political and economic system is utterly corrupted, devoid of any semblance of truth or justice, skewed in favor of the criminals at the top.  Virtually every single politician lacks integrity, is an outright criminal, fraudster or worse.  Both political parties represent the same interests, only market and promote themselves as polar opposites to an unwitting public.  In every single arena, whether it is the perpetuation of the official falsehood about the attacks of 9/11 or the criminal wars and tyrannical policies initiated by that event to complete sell-outs of campaign promises to corporate interests, the Democrats and Republicans have proven themselves to be total failures to the American people, who continue to be duped.

It is time that Americans-- and people around the world-- start asking themselves deeper questions about the true nature of the global power structure.  How can we have such obvious falsehoods and criminal acts being perpetrated on a daily basis, and no one raises an eyebrow?  Could it be that virtually everything we are told, everything presented to us as the Truth, is a misrepresentation or deception?  We have to wake up to the fact that the global power structure is a criminal enterprise that has taken over this country, and virtually every other country around the world.  Who sits at the top of the global power structure?  Who controls the US government, Congress, media, and large portions of the private sector?  Jewish Zionist interests and organizations, that's who.


I realize how bold of a statement that is to make.  But in an era where politicians run around invoking the falsehoods of 9/11 as a justification for a never-ending war, and go out of their way to praise Israel as America's greatest ally and as the only democracy in the Middle East, the statement previously made may shed some light on understanding this mess our world is in.  When your government commits murder, torture, and countless other barbarous acts, hands away trillions of dollars to criminals, covers up some of the most evil crimes imaginable, the only option left for a sane individual to pursue is to stand up and say, "Not in my name."  If you are under the impression that electing your favorite Democrat or Republican will change the misfortunes of this country and world, you are wrong.  It is time we call these criminals out, and stand up for the truth.

UPDATE: A reader brought to my attention that the YouTube video I originally posted of Adrian Salbuchi discussing the role of Zionism in the power elite network was flawed.  The video is broken into 3 separate parts, and the original video I posted was missing about 4 minutes from the second video.  I have edited this post to include the full version of the 2nd video of Mr. Salbuchi's discussion of Zionism.

In the last 4 minutes of the second video, which was originally missing when I first posted this commentary, Mr. Salbuchi has some interesting things to say.  He discusses how an extremely powerful, well organized, but numerically small, minority group (Jews) can come to dominate and discriminate against the larger majority population (non-Jews), and the inherent risks associated with that phenomenon.  He also discusses how, officially, the world-wide Jewish population accounts for only 0.2% of the entire global population, and relates this fact to the Holocaust, and whether this historical event has been misrepresented for political purposes (to benefit Jews and the state of Israel).  Interesting perspective to consider and research indeed.

Thanks again to A. Celt for the tip.  Much appreciated.


  1. I love Salbuchi! He's so dead-on, and yet polite about it.

  2. Yeah, I think he is a great source to point people towards to learn about this entire mess we're in. The key is not to alienate people with this information so that they run from it, but to be rational and point to facts. Salbuchi does a great job of that. It's hard not to get frustrated with all the blatant criminal acts being committed, but explaining this grand conspiracy to people in a rational way is key. Something I definitely have to work on and am trying to work on with this blog!!

  3. Hi John,

    Linked here by Chuckyman. Enjoyed reading your thought provoking posts.

    We live in a world of lies, would be my summation of all I have learned over the past number of years since waking up via becoming aware of WTC Building 7, which may yet prove to be the psychopaths' Achilles heel.

    Watched the 3 Salbuchi vids on Zionism. He is very clear on the problem, but whoever copied and posted them at that particular YouTube channel cut 4min 15sec off the end of the second vid.

    Went to Mr Salbuchi's website and sourced his YouTube channel where his uncut 10min 18sec original of vid 2 is posted.

    Interesting to see what is contained in the 4.15 end segment that "whoever" cut out of the copy posted at the o1OpTiMuS1o channel.

    Here is the link to the original, undoctored second vid if you are interested...

    Looking forward to reading more of your well reasoned and incisive posts.



  4. A. Celt- Wow, thanks. I was wondering why the 2nd video was shorter. I am updating this post to reflect this and will add a brief commentary. Thanks! I appreciate it!

  5. Hi John,

    Thanks also to you for reacquainting me with Adrian Salbuchi. I had come across his work some years ago but as there is so much to research I had not revisited his website until reading your essay.

    You may be interested in this:

    In the comments section of the original second video on Mr Salbuchi's YouTube channel a viewer asks him a question. I will post Mr Salbuchi's reply below.

    "criticNWO - Correct. Europeans are intruders in the Middle East. 90% of the Israeli Elite are Ashkenazim. The Ashkenazim descend from the Khazars, a nomad Central Asiatic tribe that converted en masse to Judaism in 740AD. They have NOTHING to do with the Hebrews. They have NO Semitic blood. They have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to claim Palestine. Send me an E-mail to and I can send you my report on this. Regards / Adrian"

    So John, upon reading that I immediately sent a request to Mr Salbuchi at the above email address asking whether I might also have a copy of his report "Through The Looking Glass"; he sent it to me that same day.

    I thoroughly recommend it to you. It is brilliant.

    I will also post this comment over at Chucky's. I believe the more people who acquaint themselves with Mr Salbuchi, the better.



  6. I completely agree. Thanks for the information. I just emailed Mr. Salbuchi and will have more to say on this subject in upcoming posts. What is so hard to overcome is that this information completely devastates one's worldview, and is almost impossible for people to take in, analyze, and understand. I definitely do not have all the answers and am no expert in this field, but I do have an open mind and am willing to hear all sides. Mr. Salbuchi presents this information in such a rational, level-headed way. If a person cannot at least acknowledge the facts he talks about, we are wasting our time trying to reach out to them anyways. Thanks again.

  7. It all started for me years ago stumbling upon a YouTube vid of the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 . . . "Building 7? What Building 7? WTF??"

    John, I've been researching it now for years and am still coming out of the mental fog of the lifetime of filthy Big Lies they have inflicted on us all via their Television/Hollywood Movie Propaganda Dept., total control of the media/book publishing industries, outright ownership of every single one of "our" traitor politicians and their political partys, etc etc.



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