Monday, October 11, 2010

An Introduction

About 8 years ago, I was a sophomore in high school taking an Advanced Placement American history course.  Until that point, I was a pretty ignorant person.  I always did extremely well in school, and mostly got all A's, however I was not very aware of the wider world around me and lacked a sense of historical perspective.  This history course was taught by an amazing teacher, Mrs. Carol Hipp, and was truly an eye-opening experience for me.  After taking that class, I became extremely interested in history, politics, economics and other social issues, and actively sought out information, whether it was in newspapers, books, magazines, or any other medium.

A year before taking this course, on September 11, 2001, two airplanes stuck the World Trade Center towers in New York.  As I already mentioned, being completely ignorant of much of the country, its' history and basic geography, not to mention world renowned landmarks (!), I had no idea the significance of this event.  I had no idea what the World Trade Center was, or why anyone would want to fly an airplane into them.

Although my interest in history, politics, and international affairs was sparked relatively early on in my academic career, I never really considered taking a deeper look into what happened on 9/11.  In my second year of college, I do remember watching a movie, Loose Change, at the request of a good friend, which questioned the official government version of what happened on 9/11, and contended that the attack was actually staged and carried out by elements within the Bush administration and US government.  A couple friends and I watched the documentary, and seriously considered whether or not such a tragic, evil act could indeed be carried out by our own government.  It was a terrible thought to come to grips with, and one that completely shattered the illusion of the United States being the greatest, noblest country on the face of the earth.  You know, that American exceptionalism myth that we are all taught as children in school.  Either way, the documentary was interesting, but not something that was going to really settle in for a few more years.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in December 2008 with a degree in International Studies, I moved  on out to San Diego, California, where I currently live.  I made it to San Diego at the end of August 2009, and at this point was beginning to take a closer look at the wars initiated in response to 9/11, and the various policies and laws implemented supposedly to "keep America safe" from terrorism.  After spending months reading Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, and Naomi Klein, watching Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, and taking in as much information as I possibly could to learn more about my country's foreign policy and (illegal) actions overseas and at home, I came to the conclusion that the country I live in and call home just doesn't stack up to the country I learned about growing up as a kid in school and how America was portrayed in popular culture.

Once in San Diego, I began looking for political organizations and groups that would be of interest to me.  I stumbled across a group called San Diegans for 9/11 Truth, and was immediately interested.  After attending my first meeting, I realized just how big of an event 9/11 was, and how the entire event changed the world and the great country I grew up (and continue to grow up) in.  Not only was I convinced that the entire world had been lied to about the actual events of that day, and that there was an active effort to cover-up government wrong-doing, but I came to the realization that the political system of the United States more closely resembled an all out tyranny rather than a constitutional republic.  Thus, the journey began to learn as much as I possibly could about 9/11, what lead up to that event, how it changed the world, who the perpetrators were and what their goal was.  What I have discovered along the way is difficult to come to grips with.

I will be using this blog to discuss some of the discoveries I have made in the past year or so investigating 9/11.  Many of the issues that I will raise here will alienate or even insult many people.  Although I regret this fact, it is not my goal to do so.  It is also not my goal to convince others to believe me and the contentions I will be making.  It is my goal to raise awareness of these uncomfortable issues, and hope that others will do their own research and come to their own conclusions.


  1. Welcome Mr Friend to the fray. I caught your post at Timster’s place. I mourn your loss of innocence as we place much faith in what we have been led to believe by our appointed ‘elders’. The rabbit hole goes much deeper and we all must find our own way there.

    In fact you have been awake longer than I. I have a few grey hairs but the final awakening for me occurred in 2006 with the slaughter in Lebanon. I know first hand revolution, tyranny and war but it took a long time to see the real enemy.

    Keep it up and never give in. My one word of advice is this. Certainly not all jews are evil but behind all evil you’ll find a jew. Remember also the humanity in all of us. History is an illusion that has been woven around us.


    PS I’m not always this serious

  2. Chuckyman- Haha, from what I've read on other people's sites I can tell you're not always this serious! Thanks for the comment and advice.

    I'm telling you, the rabbit hole goes pretty deep-- in fact, it goes all the way to Hell. I'm afraid that the devil and his evil ways are well at work in this world, and the deception that Jesus always talked about in the Bible really makes a lot of sense to me now. I've never been into organized religion, at least in any serious way, but after researching this conspiracy and witnessing the tragic events that have unfolded in my short life thus far, it is clear to me the devil is at work in our world. I'm at the point where I realize that virtually everything I was taught in school and university was a waste of time and distraction from the true nature of the world and what is happening (and has happened) in human history.

    My best friend is Jewish, and I have many Jewish friends from high school. I know all Jews are not evil or even a part of this conspiracy, and I want to make that very clear when I write and discuss these subjects. In fact, the Zionists at the top would have no trouble sacrificing Jewish blood to get their agenda passed. But if you are a rational person that can evaluate the evidence, it is overwhelming that the global power elite is dominated by Jewish/Zionist interests, and is the source of the worlds problems. Until we can confront that fact, our world will be at the mercy of these criminals.

  3. You certainly seem to have your BS detector well calibrated (grin). I’m certainly looking forward to reading your posts


  4. Hey Friend,...Any one that Timster is prepared to support is worth a look at; nice sentiment brother, welcome aboard.


  5. Thanks for the comments and kind words.


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