Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do they care?

The truth is a rare commodity these days, but here is a good example of a woman willing to speak it.  Do you think the people listening actually care or will take the necessary steps to combat the global power elite that has had it's strangle hold on the free people of the world for some time now?  Some are offering interesting solutions, and I plan to have more on this subject in a future post.

What a truly sad state of affairs this country is in.

In case you are reading this blog for the first time, I tend to find interesting information, analysis, books, podcasts, and videos like the one posted above from some of the websites I have linked on the left hand side of the page.  Although I don't endorse all of their perspectives and presentations of information, they do offer unique analysis and opinion that is well-thought and worth considering.  

A coherent perspective?

My grandma always told me when I was a kid that holding in your gases would make you explode.  My grandma is smart, so I listened to her.

I my adulthood, I've come to realize that holding in thoughts can make your head explode, so I'll see if I can straighten some things out that I've been wanting to share and discuss with the world.  I've written about some of these things in the past, but would like to put together a coherent perspective of the times we are living in today and see what my family, friends, and other readers think about it.

There are some very ugly realities that we as human beings have got to confront.  Horrible atrocities have been and are being committed on a daily basis.  These issues are difficult to think about, let alone come to grips with.  I believe that by deliberately ignoring to confront them, or even discuss them, we are not helping the situation, and are in fact complicit in it.  That is why I am writing these words down and offering my opinion on these matters.

It's been about a year since I stumbled upon the ugly reality of 9/11.  After two minutes of re-examining the events that occurred that day, anyone can easily see the fraud and coverup of the "official" 9/11 conspiracy theory.  By "official" 9/11 conspiracy theory, I mean the narrative that supports and refuses to question the explanation offered by the federal government of the United States, which is amplified and promoted by the major media in the United States and around the world.  The conclusions I have drawn from studying this and other historical events have drastically changed my perception of the world we live in, and my place in it.

When analyzing geopolitics today and historically, the role of Zionist or Jewish power, not only in the United States, but in the wider spectrum of international relations, must be addressed.  I don't think it's wrong to raise this issue or discuss it, but others certainly do.  Some even go to extravagant lengths to deny and downplay the reality of Jewish power, which is quite obvious to any rational observer of the geopolitical scene today and throughout history.  (Notice how Foxman never actually addressed any of the facts people raise about this issue?)  Analyzing historical and current events without discussing Jewish power and it's commanding role in the global power elite network is like discussing NFL football without discussing the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons-- two of the best teams this season in their respective leagues.  One has to discuss the major players and influences when analyzing anything in this world, but few want to discuss the facts of Jewish power.  Even if you don't buy into their game plan, which is no doubt unfolding (I wrote about this here, for those interested), you can't ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room called Zionism and accurately understand what is happening in the world today.

There are some people these days who are willing to discuss these matters, quite articulately in fact.  Some folks even have entire books written about the subject from various viewpoints and backgrounds, including Jewish ones.


If you immediately dismiss what I am writing here as anti-Semitic, conspiracy theory, paranoid non-sense, I suggest you stop and ask yourself: Why do I think this?  Why is it virtually impossible to discuss this subject-- Jewish power and it's role in historical and current events?  Why does it seem impossible to question the approved, authorized historical narrative of events even though there are obviously glaring holes and unanswered questions upon further review?  Think about it-- one particular social group, Jews, that seems to have had and continues to have a major influence in Western society-- in the fields of government, business, academia, media, banking, technology (see here for a current list, and here for a broader historical perspective)-- cannot even be mentioned without running the risk of ostracizing oneself from friends, family, and the larger society around us.  Does anyone else think this is a problem?  There are some people out there who do.

Just to clarify things a bit-- I believe it is best to think of the global power elite network that is calling the shots today as consisting of many different players and socioeconomic groupings or interests, including but not limited to certain corporations, secret societies, various criminal networks, and national governments, which are often overlapping and converging in their interactions.  In essence, there is a diverse network of actors competing in the global power elite, with Zionism at the top of this network, infiltrating and dominating the other actors.  The global power elite is a diffuse, permeable network, not necessarily controlled by "the Jews" but influenced largely by a criminal network dominated by those who happen to be Jewish or are assets of the Zionist agenda.

I think it is past time to rationally discuss these issues, and I intend to do so.  That is unless you are OK with things like 9/11 and other major terrorist attacks, endless wars against poor people living in strategically and geopolitically important parts of the world, torture, the evisceration and extreme politicization of the rule of law and many other extremely horrible things.

I know it sucks to think about these things, and that is a reason why so few are willing to grasp with these important topics (aside from all the propaganda).  We have let this network start wars by deception, launch terrorist attacks against civilian populations, deploy the most lethal and devastating weapons (including bio-, chemical-, medical-, and nuclear), benefit from them financially and geopolitically, dictate the narrative of these extraordinary crimes and lie straight to our faces about it.  Come on now, folks.  I'm simply sick of it, and I'm only 24.  Do we have to continue to allow this network to commit these crimes against humanity and the free thinking people of the world?  Will we be bullied into silence, complicit in the horrific acts unfolding around us?  I'm not sure about you, but I know where I stand.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recent thoughts

I've been busy the past two weeks, first moving and settling into a new place, and then traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I've been away from my computer for some time now.  For those who read my past post, I survived the TSA and avoided Michael Chertoff's naked-body scanner!  Haha, actually, the TSA folks were quite pleasant at the San Diego airport.  I'm not giving legitimacy to the TSA or Department of Homeland Security (please see this video), but just pointing out that in my experience, most people working at this Orwellian organization are decent folks trying to make a living.  Anyways....

The impetus for me starting this blog was the realization that 9/11 was a massive PSYOP perpetrated by a Zionist criminal network-- the organizing force behind the event needed for the implementation of global fascism.  The evidence and history is available for anyone seeking to understand this phenomenon.  Take a look at some of the websites and blogs on the left hand side of the page here.  If we are ever going to put a halt to the madness happening in this world, we first have to expose the criminals that set up and run the operation.  The fractional reserve banking system, established by Zionist bankers many moons ago, must be exposed and dismantled.  By controlling the monetary system, this network of criminals has been able to not only dominate the entire banking system, but the entire economy, political structure, educational system, and mass media.

What is so striking to me is just how blatant these people are in their criminality.  9/11 must be the starting point for anyone, but in my generation especially.  We know it was the Zionist criminal network that organized and carried out that devastating attack on America and the free people of the world.  Anyone who goes along with the official government story is either a willful accomplice in the murder and mayhem that was justified by that act or is completely ignorant.  What I am saying-- to friends, family and others reading this blog-- is how can anyone with any sort of integrity go along with this and support anyone in any position of power (everyone right now) that has constantly justified our wars of aggression against the innocent people of the Muslim world with this event?  How can you acquiesce and support a system that refuses to address this critical issue?  The problem is, the entire system is complicit, and all need to be purged that support this narrative that has caused so much havoc in our world.

What the Zionist criminal network is counting on is us-- the free people of the world-- to remain silent and intimidated.  They are counting on us to remain ignorant, divided and consumed by their media and portrayal of reality.  What we are witnessing at this juncture in history is the establishment of global fascism, in which entire nation states become the subjects of Zionist banking interests, brainwashed by their propaganda and misinformation.  Modern day slaves, forced to wage war on some of the poorest people on the planet that happen to have been born on land that has tremendous mineral and strategic wealth.  It's playing out in front of our eyes on a day to day basis.  Friends and family, will you go along with this madness, or begin organizing to bring this (former) Republic back to it's rightful owners?  The first step is understanding what we are up against, and who the true criminals are.  9/11 was a smack in the face for everyone.  Can we let this blatantly evil force control our world?  I for one will not go down without a fight.  Let's get informed and bring some real change to this world.  We can and must leave a better world for future generations.  It starts with us.  Anyone with me?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Naked body scanners justified by false narrative

Reading stuff like this really gets me going:
The Transportation Security Administration has opened an investigation targeting John Tyner, the Oceanside man who left Lindbergh Field under duress on Saturday morning after refusing to undertake a full body scan. 
Tyner recorded the half-hour long encounter on his cell phone and later posted it to his personal blog, along with an extensive account of the incident.  The blog went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of readers and thousands of comments.  
Tyner is now subject to an $11,000 fine and civil suit.  Apparently, Tyner was not aware that he is a slave that is to keep his mouth shut while being sexually assaulted and having his naked body scanned.  That is what we do here in America these days.  Silly him.

His first hand account of this ridiculous spectacle is here, and is well worth a read.  Other commentators have some enlightening perspectives about the incident as well.


Tyner's ordeal is just the latest tyrannical episode played out in the former Republic of the United States.  Folks, these machines are absolutely ridiculous, and do nothing to for the "security" of the public.  In fact, these machines are extremely dangerous and harmful, both to those being scanned and the TSA workers operating them.  The American public may finally be fed up with this degrading treatment.  Let's hope so.

Let's also not forget the false narrative used to justify these naked body scanners that is being shoved down our throats by the media and political class.  I've been hearing Jannet Napolitano and the gatekeepers at CNN all day talk about how these naked body scanners are necessary for "national security" and that they are required because of the Christmas day underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah.  However, when you consider the real story of what happened on that Detroit-bound flight, you can smell the bullshit a mile away.  Just listen to what Kurt Haskell, a passenger on the same flight as Abdulmutallah, has to say about how this "terrorist" was escorted on the plane without a passport by, what appears to be, a government agent.  This was not only allowed to happen, but was set up from the beginning for a particular reason.

After all, there is a lot of money to be made off the national security state, so why not just stage events to scare the public into accepting more assaults on basic human dignity, while at the same time making a bundle of cash off of it?  Michael Chertoff is a perfect illustration of this.  Here's a man who ran around advocating for these naked body scanners, while his own company profited off of them.  Of course, we're supposed to be good slaves and not bring up these annoying facts.  And on and on it goes.

I'll be getting on a flight next Wednesday, and you can bet your last dollar I will not be going through Chertoff's naked body scanner.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

The battle against evil

I began reading Eustace Mullins' book The Curse of Canaan the other day, and it finally dawned on me: the movement that many of us are in is really a battle of good versus evil.

We're dealing with people that plan wars for profit by supporting both sides in a conflict.  That manufacture terrorist attacks to sway public opinion.  That steal organs from poor people.  That lie and defraud individuals and nations.  That are involved in Satanic rituals, where raping and murdering children are the norm (I know, gut wrenching stuff).

We could go on and on with historic examples of evil manifesting itself in this world.  Or we could point to more recent examples.  The fact is, on a daily basis, one encounters evidence of the devil's work at play.  Can we sit by and watch this happen?  Or do we take a stand and say enough is enough?  That is a decision each of us has to make.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another false narrative

I haven't written much lately, but have kept busy reading other people's great blogs and websites, and have kept up with the news.  There are a couple things I'd like to address in this post, which really go to the heart of why I began this blog.  I simply cannot stand aside and watch this utter ridiculousness happen around me without saying something.  And it seems to get a bit more ridiculous each day...

President Obama recently traveled to India as part of his Asian tour, and his first stop was Mumbai, where he commemorated the 2008 terrorist attacks in which 166 (or 163 according to the New York Times) people were killed.  It has been revealed in numerous publications that David Headley, an American who worked for the DEA as an informant and had ties to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, was the master-mind behind the terrorist attack.  We learn from the New York Times on March 26 of this year that Headley traveled "effortlessly between the United States, Pakistan, and India for nearly seven years, training at a militant camp in Pakistan on five occasions."  On October 16 of this year, the New York Times' headline read: U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attacks.  A brief excerpt: 
An examination of Mr. Headley's movements in the years before the bombing, based on interviews in Washington, Pakistan, India, and Morocco, shows that he had overlapping, even baffling, contacts among seemingly disparate groups-- Pakistani intelligence, terrorists, and American drug investigators.  
The Pakistani government has insisted that its spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, a close partner of the C.I.A., did not know of the attack.  The United States says it has no evidence to counter this, though officials acknowledge that some current or retired ISI officers probably played some role. 
Pretty incredible, huh?  aangirfan has a couple great posts on Headley here and here.

When you take into account the C.I.A's long history of drug running, and their ties to terrorist groups, it all begins to make a lot more sense, especially if you do some critical thinking.  This is what these people do: stage terror attacks, transport and sell drugs to fund their illegal operations, and any other activity that perpetuates the world-wide war industry.

Getting back to President Obama.....

We learn from that, shortly after President Obama's speech commemorating the terrorist attacks in Mumbai that were the result of a US agent, a $4.1 billion trade deal was negotiated that allowed the Indian air force to purchase 10 C-17 military transport planes.  No mention of Headley's role in the Mumbai attack.  No point in mentioning that minor detail.

I guess what I'm getting at is that this is just the latest example of yet another false narrative being created in order to justify and perpetuate the never ending War on Terror.  The people of the world are held hostage by a criminal cabal that commits outrageous crimes and terror attacks in order to justify more war.  President Obama flies to India to perpetuate this narrative, and then signs a deal to sell military equipment to India in an effort to confront and destroy terrorism.  And on and on it goes.....

UPDATE: Related to all this false-flag terrorism, a member of Parliament recently admitted that the British government and Bank of England fund terrorist groups.  At least the guy was honest for once!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A letter to Tom Hayden

The other night, I attended an event at a church here in San Diego in which Tom Hayden, a prominent peace activist, gave a lecture titled "Rethinking the Peace Movement in the 21st Century."  After his roughly 35 minute lecture, the audience was allowed to ask questions.  Unfortunately, I was not able to ask him my question or challenge him on some of the assertions he made during his speech.  I've decided to email Mr. Hayden in order to address some of these important issues, and I've decided to post that email here on my blog for the world to see.
Dear Mr. Hayden,
First, I want to thank you for coming down to San Diego to give a lecture on such an important topic as the peace movement in this country.  I hope your journey back to Los Angeles was smooth sailing!  I really appreciate your enthusiasm and efforts to raise awareness of the peace movement, and to galvanize support at a grassroots level to address the sheer destructiveness of the wars our country is currently engaged in.  This "long war", as you described it last night, is truly a travesty, with millions of innocent men, women and children of all nationalities, religions, races, and creeds being murdered, maimed, displaced or otherwise negatively affected by the policies of the United States government and military.  
I wasn't able to ask my question or challenge a few of your assertions following your lecture, and wanted to follow-up with this email in the hopes that my concerns would be addressed.  One topic I found surprisingly lacking in your presentation-- which was briefly addressed by a gentleman in the audience following your lecture-- was the event that precipitated and ignited this disastrous "long war" we find ourselves in today.  That event, of course, was 9/11.  And of course, any individual that has studied that event in any detail knows full well that the official story is not only a blatant lie, but a cover-up of government complicity at the highest levels.  Is this an issue that the peace movement in this country should not be concerned about?
You mentioned in your lecture that civilian deaths are being kept secret and covered up, and that the suffering is far worse than what is being reported in the media.  You argued that any member of government that is keeping these details secret is unworthy of support.  I could not agree more.  Further, you stated that the military policy and tactics of the United States is actually causing terrorism, and is giving justification for individuals to take up arms against the United States.  You asserted that this is treason, another point I cannot agree more with.  That being said, I'd draw on your observations and argue that anyone involved in government that justifies the "long war" based on the 9/11 attacks is not only unworthy of support, but is guilty of treason.  Would you agree with that statement?  
The fact is that both political parties are complicit in this cover-up, and the sheer evilness that it has unleashed.  Is this any political system a member of the peace movement can support?  Ultimately, refusing to address the 9/11 issue is an obfuscation from the real reason why our government so hastily went to war.  In order to establish a lasting peace, truth and justice must be met.  And the attacks of 9/11 are the epitome of deception and injustice.  Any thoughts on my assertions?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

9/11 will not go away...

I'm sort of new to this 9/11 Truth Movement (i.e., anti-Zionist Movement) compared to a lot of people out there, and just recently read this post.  Wow.  What the author, Les Visible, expresses is exactly what I have been trying to put into words since I began this blog.  The post begins:
There is one thing that defines everyone over the course of these early years of this new century.  That thing is the 9/11 attack.  Everyone in government and every field of endeavor the world over is defined by their position on this event.  It is not necessary to know the truth.  It is only necessary to know the extent of the lies in order to define any leader in any position anywhere in the world.  By what they have said and by what they have not said, one can accurately judge who is an enemy of the people's of the world.  One can accurately determine who is a tool of the psychopaths or one of them.  
Think about what you allow yourself to know.  Think about what you pass by; ignore, deny and defend ...that defines you.  It defines the degree of your personal courage, your relationship to the truth, your values, your principles and what you will pass on to your children and everyone you meet.  It tells you in that place where your conscience must once have lived whether you are a hypocrite or a fool or whether something greater still lives within you.  
Precisely.  The 9/11 false flag attack was and remains the defining event of this century.  All that has been wrought in it's aftermath was and continues to be based on a monumental lie.  Although we don't have all the answers as to what really happened that day, many have put together the dots, and the trail leads straight to Israel and her agents of influence that have complete control over the US government.  The official government version of the events is patently absurd, defies the basic laws of science, and is an brazen insult to the intelligence of the people of the world.  The evidence is overwhelming in this case....  

The post continues:
It all comes down to 9/11.  Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie.  Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool.  Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder.  Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test.  
And that about sums it up folks.  So if you want to know why I am so consumed with 9/11, that is why.  Look at what has happened since that attack.  The government, controlled by a criminal Zionist network, has launched an endless war against a faceless enemy that it itself has created and manipulated.  It has completely obliterated the rule of law and Constitutional guarantees, sanctioned and engaged in torture and countless other abuses that have been documented repeatedly.  All the other distractions thrown at the public are a waste of time and, ultimately, an obfuscation from the truth about the events unfolding in our world.  The criminals who are responsible for 9/11 and the events that have developed since do not want people to discuss this subject, and have gone to great lengths to deceive the world about the truth of that day.  Anyone in the public eye that parrots the official 9/11 line is a traitor and unworthy of support, period.

I realize I am one individual in this world, and a lot of the things that are happening are largely out of my hands.  However, we all have to take a stand for what we believe in, and this is my way of doing just that.  I don't want to make out to be some sort of saint or anything.  Everyone makes mistakes, has their flaws, and lets others down at times, including me.  And I will continue to do so; no one can be a perfect individual at all times.  I am quite irresponsible and inconsiderate at times, and have a tendency to be confrontational and, I'll admit, rude, when it comes to discussing the issues I am passionate about.  I also don't express myself very well at times, especially when it comes to the issues I have blogged about and will continue to blog about.  I'm human, and all humans are flawed, in one way or another, after all.  I'll be the first to admit that.

With that being said, I'm making a commitment, right now, to continue this struggle until the truth is finally exposed and the real criminals behind the sinister acts of that day are brought to justice.  I will not waiver in this endeavor, and will try my hardest to be rational when explaining my positions and considerate of other points of view.  I believe we all have a moral obligation to take a stand when such injustice and depravity is confronting us on a daily basis.

The sheer evilness and destruction that has been unleashed on society throughout history-- and especially in my lifetime-- has forced me to dig deeper for the truth, and to try my best to first understand what is going on, and second to stand up for what is right.  Coming to terms with the horror that has been forced on humanity is enough to make any individual demoralized and apathetic.  But giving up and giving in is not an option.  We must fight for truth and justice, no matter the circumstances.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Is she serious?

Hillary Clinton cannot be serious, can she?  From today's New York Times:
BANGKOK- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited a former Khmer Rouge torture house in Cambodia on Monday and urged the nation to proceed with trials of the former regime's surviving leaders in order to "confront it's past."  
"Countries that are held prisoner to their past can never break those chains and build the kind of future that their children deserve," she said.  "Although I am well aware the work of the tribunal is painful, it is necessary to ensure a lasting peace."  
I guess this shouldn't surprise anyone, considering Clinton's past statements chastising other countries for not upholding the rule of law-- but never her own.  Amazing considering the US government's dark past with the Khmer Rouge.

This latest episode of stupefying hypocrisy underscores a point that needs to be highlighted again and again for those out there in my generation still clinging to the illusion that our political system has any sort of integrity.  Every single statement uttered by the political class in both political parties regarding this absurd "War on Terrorism" is based on a lie, namely 9/11 being carried out by Osama bin Laden and his cohorts.  Until we address this issue, and understand who the true culprits were, we will continue to live in a world based on a lie.  Uncomfortable realities, indeed.  But ones that must be confronted.  

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The United States of America: Zionist Occupied Territory

One indisputable characteristic of the American political system is it's complete subservience to Israel and Zionist interests.  No matter which political party, virtually all Congress members, and every part of the Executive branch, is beholden to Israel, if not outright controlled by Zionists agents.  Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer have written extensively on this subject, especially on the role of the Israeli lobby and it's influence on the foreign policy of the United States government.  They contend:
"...the thrust of US policy in the region [Middle East] derives almost entirely from domestic politics, and especially activities of the 'Israel Lobby'.  Other special-interests groups have managed to skew foreign policy, but no lobby has managed to divert it as far as what the national interest would suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that US interests and those of the other country- in this case, Israel- are essentially identical."
The most recent example of Zionist control over the US government, highlighted by this post  at, comes from an article written by Nathan Guttman at The Forward, a Jewish newspaper.  Gary Ackerman, a Jewish Democratic Representative from New York, has some interesting- and revealing- things to say about the US Congress:
"I'm not saying that if the Republicans take the House it would be doomsday for Israel, but if they want positive influence on the White House, that's us," said Ackerman, who chairs the subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. 
Ackerman and other Jewish Democrats point to the forceful criticisms they conveyed to the White House when they thought Obama was leaning too hard on Israel.  
"If you need the president, you need us as chairs of the committees," Ackerman said as he listed what he called the "first-class team" of Jewish pro-Israel Democrats who chair key House committees: Berman at Foreign Affairs, Barney Frank at Financial Services, Henry Waxman at the Energy and Commerce committee, Sander Levin at Ways and Means, and Ackerman himself in his role as head of the Middle East subcommittee.  "We are all pro-Israel and we all have major, major, major influence in the executive branch."  
Astonishing statements by a man that is supposed to represent the American people.  This should surprise no one, considering Israeli leaders have even unabashedly made similar remarks. Consider what current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in 2001, while discussing strategies to undermine the Olso Accords with West Bank "settlers" (read colonizers):
"I know what America is," Netanyahu said.  "America is a thing you can move very easily, move in the right direction.  They won't get in the way."
And, indeed, we haven't.  At every turn, the US government bows to the Israelis every demand.  For supposedly being the greatest superpower the world has ever known, the US sure does seem timid in the face of Israeli opposition.  Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, went even further than Netanyahu and directly said, "...don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America."

If you bring up these facts in the United States, you're branded an anti-Semite and immediately discredited.  The funny thing is, these people are so bold they admit they control the US government.  Don't expect anyone in any position of power or influence to discuss this unfortunate situation.

Monday, October 25, 2010

An epiphany

"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."-- Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961
I haven't written for over a week.  I've been pretty confused lately, and unsure as to what I wanted to write about.  Unsure as to what direction I wanted this blog to go.  I'm not a professional writer or researcher, and these subjects I've encountered and learned about since I began seriously looking into 9/11 take some serious reading, re-reading, fact checking, and double-fact checking.  With that being said, I do believe I have some important things to contribute to this debate and movement.  After all, in order to defeat this tyranny that has descended upon our society, we all have to take a stand.  The sooner the better.

What I have noticed, especially lately, is the utter absurdness of our political discourse, and mainstream society in general.  What you see on TV and get in popular culture, basically.  And then, the epiphany I had been waiting for struck me: we are living in a society perfectly described by Aldous Huxley in the quote introducing this post.  We are living in the "final revolution."  

What a scary, depressing thought, huh?

What else can you say?  The evidence is all around us, smacking us in the face on a daily basis.  From the lies about 9/11, to preposterous claims about WMD in Iraq, to "enhanced interrogation", to the upcoming war with Iran, the ridiculous claims being made by the Establishment would be laughable, if they didn't have such dire consequences for humanity.  It's amazing people can't, or won't, see through it all.  The controllers of this country, and much of the world, literally tell us absurd lies, and we go along with it without raising an eyebrow.  How else can you explain the fact that the United States is in the position it is in today?  We are being subjected to a daily barrage of propaganda, and seeing through it and recognizing what it is, while everyone else in the room acquiesces and takes in the BS, is not a comforting feeling.  

That's not to say I don't get distracted, or enjoy mindless, meaningless things in life.  For instance, I love football, and sports in general, really.  I may be one of the most die-hard Nebraska Cornhusker fans out there (we are all die-hard, actually!).  There are things in life, although meaningless in the end, that give us comfort, a sense of who we are, and entertainment.  That doesn't mean I have no responsibility to understand what is happening in the world, or what the government that I pay taxes to does in my name.  Call me crazy, but I simply don't like being lied to.  I don't like watching buildings blow up and being told an airplane made them crash down on each other demolition style.  I don't like being told that torturing someone is really just "enhanced interrogation."  I could go on and on with the utter absurdities being pushed by these people.  I want to know what is really going on in this world, and why.

I was reading Timster's blog the other day, and this post really struck me in relation to all of this.  A brief excerpt:
What I feel as if I am doing more for me than against anything. It's important for me, as I am sure it is you...that as The Who said, "We won't get fooled again". That's a huge thing for me. Not to be fooled. Not to be taken in by someone with a hidden agenda. I HATE liars. And I cannot stand to be manipulated. I think that is at the heart of quite a lot of any type of rebellion. Beyond not agreeing with the PTB and their plans for continuous wars and subjugation of masses of people...I refuse to be in that mass.
Well said.  I will not be fooled again.  Will you?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking an unpopular stand

UPDATED October 19, 2010 10pm PST- See below

As I've mentioned, since coming to the realization that the events of 9/11-- which justified a crime wave unprecedented in history-- as portrayed by the media and political class (and much of society) were obviously false, I've set out on a journey to learn as much as I can about what happened that day, who the real perpetrators were, and what their goals were.  I've discovered much about the world, and the dark forces that control it, on this journey, and have continued to learn each and every day.  I can say without a sliver of a doubt that 9/11 was carried out by Israeli intelligence, aided and abetted by their agents of influence (both Jewish and non-Jewish) involved in the highest levels of the US government, media, and private sector.  Although I wish this information was discussed and debated, I understand it is a taboo subject for most of society.  But in order for this issue to be resolved, some tough questions must be asked of ourselves and of the nature of our political and economic system.

As has been so painfully obvious, our political and economic system is utterly corrupted, devoid of any semblance of truth or justice, skewed in favor of the criminals at the top.  Virtually every single politician lacks integrity, is an outright criminal, fraudster or worse.  Both political parties represent the same interests, only market and promote themselves as polar opposites to an unwitting public.  In every single arena, whether it is the perpetuation of the official falsehood about the attacks of 9/11 or the criminal wars and tyrannical policies initiated by that event to complete sell-outs of campaign promises to corporate interests, the Democrats and Republicans have proven themselves to be total failures to the American people, who continue to be duped.

It is time that Americans-- and people around the world-- start asking themselves deeper questions about the true nature of the global power structure.  How can we have such obvious falsehoods and criminal acts being perpetrated on a daily basis, and no one raises an eyebrow?  Could it be that virtually everything we are told, everything presented to us as the Truth, is a misrepresentation or deception?  We have to wake up to the fact that the global power structure is a criminal enterprise that has taken over this country, and virtually every other country around the world.  Who sits at the top of the global power structure?  Who controls the US government, Congress, media, and large portions of the private sector?  Jewish Zionist interests and organizations, that's who.


I realize how bold of a statement that is to make.  But in an era where politicians run around invoking the falsehoods of 9/11 as a justification for a never-ending war, and go out of their way to praise Israel as America's greatest ally and as the only democracy in the Middle East, the statement previously made may shed some light on understanding this mess our world is in.  When your government commits murder, torture, and countless other barbarous acts, hands away trillions of dollars to criminals, covers up some of the most evil crimes imaginable, the only option left for a sane individual to pursue is to stand up and say, "Not in my name."  If you are under the impression that electing your favorite Democrat or Republican will change the misfortunes of this country and world, you are wrong.  It is time we call these criminals out, and stand up for the truth.

UPDATE: A reader brought to my attention that the YouTube video I originally posted of Adrian Salbuchi discussing the role of Zionism in the power elite network was flawed.  The video is broken into 3 separate parts, and the original video I posted was missing about 4 minutes from the second video.  I have edited this post to include the full version of the 2nd video of Mr. Salbuchi's discussion of Zionism.

In the last 4 minutes of the second video, which was originally missing when I first posted this commentary, Mr. Salbuchi has some interesting things to say.  He discusses how an extremely powerful, well organized, but numerically small, minority group (Jews) can come to dominate and discriminate against the larger majority population (non-Jews), and the inherent risks associated with that phenomenon.  He also discusses how, officially, the world-wide Jewish population accounts for only 0.2% of the entire global population, and relates this fact to the Holocaust, and whether this historical event has been misrepresented for political purposes (to benefit Jews and the state of Israel).  Interesting perspective to consider and research indeed.

Thanks again to A. Celt for the tip.  Much appreciated.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The true perpetrators of 9/11 are the very group you cannot criticize

Since finally coming to grips with the magnitude of 9/11, and understanding that the government and media's version of that event is a complete farce and insult to my intelligence, I have been on a quest to discover the truth of what happened that day and why.  I know a lot of people will have problems even admitting the fact that the official story, as outlined in the 9/11 Commission Report, is an elaborately concocted deception, a psychological operation, a fairy tale that is not bound by fact, logic, or basic science, and, to be quite honest, those people are not living in the real world.  If an individual can watch a video like this or this, and not see with their own eyes that the buildings were blown up, then I simply do not know what to say.  There is absolutely no possible way that a plane crashing into a building can make that building blow up and fall down in a demolition-style manner, no matter what your favorite politician, media figure, or professor tells you.  To underscore this point even further, keep in mind that three World Trade Center buildings were brought down on 9/11, even though only two planes crashed into two separate buildings.  The infamous North and South towers that everyone knows about and were so visible in the media were brought down early that morning, but World Trade Center Building 7 mysteriously collapsed at 5:20pm.  The point is, it is quite obvious to anyone that has seen how those buildings collapsed  that they were blown up demolition-style.

A lot of people tell me that 9/11 could never have been a staged operation.  That governments cannot keep secrets and are inherently incompetent; that if it was indeed an inside job, someone would have spilled the beans by now.  The fact is, governments are quite adept at keeping secrets, especially ones relating to "National Security."  For instance, the Manhattan Project, which was a covert project initiated in 1939 to study atomic energy and its effects and to develop an atomic bomb, was kept secret from the American people until the Hiroshima nightmare in 1945.  The problem with this argument, aside from being extremely naive, is that there are numerous individuals that have come forward with overwhelming evidence of 9/11 being an inside job.  So, the question is, if 9/11 was indeed an inside job and the official government and media depiction of the event is so obviously false, who could have pulled it off?

When investigating any crime, a good detective always asks him or herself, "Who benefits?"  The old Latin phrase Cui Bono comes to mind.  Whoever benefits from a crime is a likely suspect.  We must ask ourselves this question in regards to the events of 9/11.  How have the Arabs and other Muslims fared since the 9/11 attacks?   How have the American people been getting along since that fateful date?  What is clear is that the overwhelming benefactor from this event is Israel and the military-industrial-surveillance complex that has exploded thanks to this false-flag event, which has been used to launch illegal wars of aggression and completely erase the rule of law and Constitution.

The purpose of this post is not to go over all of the evidence of 9/11 being a staged operation.  Anyone who has any intellectual integrity and has done 2 minutes of basic research will no doubt come to the conclusion that 9/11 was not the work of Osama bin Laden and his cohorts.  After looking into this event for the past year or so, there is no doubt in my mind that 9/11 was the work of the Israeli Mossad, who clearly had key operatives in the US government, media, and private sector which allowed the operation to be pulled off and covered-up.  Dual-Israeli and Jewish Americans occupied strategic positions in the Bush administration, particularly in the Department of Defense.  Dan Eden wrote a great article titled "Dual Citizenship-- Loyalty to Whom?", and makes a crucial point about the nature of dual-citizenship:
Since citizenship carries with it a responsibility to be exclusively loyal to one country, the whole concept of dual citizenship and nationality raises questions about which of the dual citizenships have priority. This is extremely important when the two countries have opposing interests. It can be a deadly problem when a dual citizen is in a high position within our American government.
Can one imagine a Japanese citizen serving in the Pentagon during WWII? Or how about a citizen of the Soviet Union holding a cabinet position in the White House during the Cold War? 
Today's conflicts are centered in the Middle East. America needs to balance foreign policies towards oil producing Arab nations with our goal being peace and stability in the region. This places a burden on our government to be even-handed in our dealings with the Arab world and Israel. While the Iraq War was waged on lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction and revenge for 911, the real reason has emerged as a well designed global plan to improve the power and leverage of Israel. 
 A small sampling of the key Israeli-dual citizens or Jewish members of the Bush administration include:

  • Michael Chertoff
  • Paul Wolfowitz
  • Douglas Feith
  • Dov Zakheim
  • I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby
  • Elliot Abrams
  • Marc Grossman
Many people have written about this phenomenon, and have connected the 9/11 crime trail straight to the state of Israel and their Jewish agents in the US.  I don't want to take credit for their excellent research and bravery for coming out with these facts.  So, I will point my readers to this article and this video, the best sources of information in my opinion proving the 9/11 conspiracy pointing straight to Israel.  The evidence is overwhelming.

I will have much more to say on this subject, and the Zionist influence in America and around the world, in future posts.  I just wanted to get this off my chest and into the public domain, as a starting point.  It's a difficult subject to breach, but one that needs to be explored, talked about, and, ultimately, solved.  I have come to a point where I can no longer sit by and listen to the falsehoods being spouted by political officials, media pundits, and others.  What we have been told about the greatest crime in my lifetime is an utterly absurd, evil lie.  Silence is complicity!!!  Don't be fooled by these criminals!!!  

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Monday, October 11, 2010

An Introduction

About 8 years ago, I was a sophomore in high school taking an Advanced Placement American history course.  Until that point, I was a pretty ignorant person.  I always did extremely well in school, and mostly got all A's, however I was not very aware of the wider world around me and lacked a sense of historical perspective.  This history course was taught by an amazing teacher, Mrs. Carol Hipp, and was truly an eye-opening experience for me.  After taking that class, I became extremely interested in history, politics, economics and other social issues, and actively sought out information, whether it was in newspapers, books, magazines, or any other medium.

A year before taking this course, on September 11, 2001, two airplanes stuck the World Trade Center towers in New York.  As I already mentioned, being completely ignorant of much of the country, its' history and basic geography, not to mention world renowned landmarks (!), I had no idea the significance of this event.  I had no idea what the World Trade Center was, or why anyone would want to fly an airplane into them.

Although my interest in history, politics, and international affairs was sparked relatively early on in my academic career, I never really considered taking a deeper look into what happened on 9/11.  In my second year of college, I do remember watching a movie, Loose Change, at the request of a good friend, which questioned the official government version of what happened on 9/11, and contended that the attack was actually staged and carried out by elements within the Bush administration and US government.  A couple friends and I watched the documentary, and seriously considered whether or not such a tragic, evil act could indeed be carried out by our own government.  It was a terrible thought to come to grips with, and one that completely shattered the illusion of the United States being the greatest, noblest country on the face of the earth.  You know, that American exceptionalism myth that we are all taught as children in school.  Either way, the documentary was interesting, but not something that was going to really settle in for a few more years.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in December 2008 with a degree in International Studies, I moved  on out to San Diego, California, where I currently live.  I made it to San Diego at the end of August 2009, and at this point was beginning to take a closer look at the wars initiated in response to 9/11, and the various policies and laws implemented supposedly to "keep America safe" from terrorism.  After spending months reading Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, and Naomi Klein, watching Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, and taking in as much information as I possibly could to learn more about my country's foreign policy and (illegal) actions overseas and at home, I came to the conclusion that the country I live in and call home just doesn't stack up to the country I learned about growing up as a kid in school and how America was portrayed in popular culture.

Once in San Diego, I began looking for political organizations and groups that would be of interest to me.  I stumbled across a group called San Diegans for 9/11 Truth, and was immediately interested.  After attending my first meeting, I realized just how big of an event 9/11 was, and how the entire event changed the world and the great country I grew up (and continue to grow up) in.  Not only was I convinced that the entire world had been lied to about the actual events of that day, and that there was an active effort to cover-up government wrong-doing, but I came to the realization that the political system of the United States more closely resembled an all out tyranny rather than a constitutional republic.  Thus, the journey began to learn as much as I possibly could about 9/11, what lead up to that event, how it changed the world, who the perpetrators were and what their goal was.  What I have discovered along the way is difficult to come to grips with.

I will be using this blog to discuss some of the discoveries I have made in the past year or so investigating 9/11.  Many of the issues that I will raise here will alienate or even insult many people.  Although I regret this fact, it is not my goal to do so.  It is also not my goal to convince others to believe me and the contentions I will be making.  It is my goal to raise awareness of these uncomfortable issues, and hope that others will do their own research and come to their own conclusions.